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Best Ways To Cook Your Eggs Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Best Ways To Cook Your Eggs Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Eggs are a nutritious and delicious food full of protein and other nutrients that should be a part of everyone’s diet as long as you like them or are not allergic to eggs. There is one day every year when eggs are celebrated, which is World Egg Day, as the establishment of the day took place in Vienna in 1996. That is because nutritionists and dietitians all agreed that there has to be a day to bring out awareness of how nutritious eggs happen to be since there have been many myths about how they are not suitable for you. World Egg Day is celebrated on the second Friday of October, which brings it to October 14th this year. So let’s have some fun and go over how you should cook your eggs based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Fry The Eggs

Aries, you are bold, and you would go for anything delicious and add some hot spice to whatever you cook because of your fiery nature. Therefore, you would fry your eggs and add plenty of butter. All you care about is the taste, and not worry about the effects of all of that butter.

You will keep frying it until it shows signs that the stove is burning them. And you will either put some hot spice on the fried egg, take Tobasco sauce, pour some on your plate, and dip your slices of egg into it. It is safe to say that you love your eggs fried and hot.

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Taurus – Gourmet Scrambled Eggs

Taurus, you need routine and stability, and you are also sensual, so you want to enjoy delicious food and anything that appears and feels good. So, for example, it would not be a surprise that you would enjoy having a breakfast of scrambled eggs, but it has to be gourmet to satisfy you truly.

Therefore, you will not only use a simple recipe of milk and some spices for the scrambled eggs. You will add other delicious ingredients such as meats, parmesan cheese, and other spices that make this breakfast a gourmet breakfast.

Gemini – Eggs In A Basket

Gemini, you are versatile and curious. And that is why you would want to try a less conventional egg recipe, which is why the best way to prepare eggs is to include bread. That is why the eggs in a basket breakfast is the best one for you.

You take an egg and a piece of bread, cut a hole in the middle of the bread, and put it in the pan all buttered up. Then crack the egg, let the yolk and whites fall into the hole, and cook it sunny-side-up inside the bread; you can have so much fun with this. But, of course, Gemini’s curious side would be piqued by this.

Cancer – Over Easy

Cancer, you are the one who sticks to anything familiar, and you are also the one who is happy as long as you are with your family and at home. Therefore, you will stick to a familiar and comfortable egg preparation, which is the over-easy egg.

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You know that the whites will be firm, the yolks will be soft, and you can enjoy it with your home fries, toast, and coffee. Additionally, it is quick and easy to prepare for the family, which is another bonus to you.

Leo – Omelet

Leo, you love anything warm, fun, and exciting. And that is why your favorite egg preparation is the omelet. That is because you can design your omelet the way you choose, as many of them are composed of vegetables and cheeses.

But you can also add meats of your choice. And since you like to show off, you would show off your omelet because of all the fun and tasty ingredients you added. You would be the one to do a TikTok video of making an intriguing omelet for that reason.

Virgo – Poached

Virgo, you are analytical and very detail-oriented. You know that you have a perfectionist-like personality, so the egg preparation that fits you is the poached egg. It is not easy, to say the least, to make a poached egg, but you want to challenge yourself to make it perfect.

And when the poached egg turns out perfect in every form, you are proud of yourself. However, there are times when the poached egg becomes disastrous, and you are not very happy with yourself. But that doesn’t deter you from making more poached eggs.

Libra – Over Medium

Libra, you are the one that is needing balance and harmony, and you also struggle with decisiveness. Therefore, the best egg dish for you is over-medium eggs. That way, you do not need to decide whether you want your eggs over-easy or over-hard, and you also don’t need a fancy egg dish since you are not keen on leaving your comfort zone.

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Therefore, if you have over-medium eggs in the morning, tea, and a scone, that makes an excellent breakfast for you.

Scorpio – Deviled Eggs

Scorpio, you are mysterious, intriguing, passionate, and intense. So naturally, it is not a surprise that you would choose deviled eggs for egg dishes. These eggs have a mixture of hot mustard and hot mayonnaise that serve as the yolk in the hardened white part.

Then you top it with spicy paprika, which makes this a sinful egg. If anyone loves the deviled egg, it will be Scorpio because it represents everything that pertains to the sign.

Sagittarius – Sunny-Side-Up

Sagittarius, you are optimistic and like the sun shining, which is why the type of egg dish you want would have to match your traits. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with the sunny-side-up egg. You crack the egg into the frying pan and allow the egg yolk to stay in its place, shining like the sun as the rest of the egg whites fry up.

Therefore, when you think of a sunny-side-up egg dish along with home fries, bacon, sausage, and fruit. That is a bright and hearty breakfast, which also matches the Sagittarian traits.

Capricorn – Over-Hard or Hard Boiled

Capricorn, you are diligent, earnest, and a very goal-oriented person. You are not the one that doesn’t give out warmth, but that does not mean you don’t care. However, you do have a perfectionist nature, similar to Virgo. The hard-boiled egg or the over-hard is your most proper egg preparation.

You need to have your yolk hardened to your liking, and you are not keen on any part of the yolk to be soft. The best breakfast for you is a hard-boiled egg or over-hard eggs with some fruit and toast, which kicks off your hectic day.

Aquarius – Frittata

Aquarius, you are the one that does your thing while the rest of the world does theirs, as you will not conform. Therefore, it would not be a surprise that the egg preparation that is perfect for you is the frittata.

Frittatas are similar to omelets as the dish consists of fried eggs and other ingredients such as meats, cheeses, and even leftovers from dinner. The eggs fold over the ingredients, as it is similar to an omelet but a little more unique.

Pisces – Scrambled or Soft-Boiled

Pisces, you are sweet and soft and very artsy and dreamy. Therefore, one ideal egg preparation type for Pisces is the soft-boiled egg because it matches their delicate nature. However, scrambled eggs are another egg preparation that matches the sign.

Even though scrambled eggs are not made with soft yolk per se, the dish can represent the boundaries that Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, lacks. You place the scrambled eggs onto the plate, and then they sprawl across it, which means a lack of boundaries.


Regardless of how you like your eggs prepared, even if it does not match your zodiac sign, you will want to prepare them in any way you wish on World Egg Day, which is on the second Friday in October. This year, it falls on October 14th, and unless you genuinely do not like eggs or have an allergy or sensitivity to them, celebrate the day by enjoying the best egg dish for you. Eggs are an excellent protein to keep in your diet, and the purpose of that day is to bring out nutritional awareness and dispel the myths about eggs.

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