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Higher Chakras Series Soul Star Chakra

Higher Chakras Series: Exploring the Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra can reveal things you may have never even imagined before. The Soul Star Chakra is the first of the “Higher Chakras,” which are found outside the physical body but within the aura.  For this reason, the “Higher Chakras” are sometimes called the “Transpersonal Chakras.” The best way to understand the auric region is to think of it as an extension of a person’s energy field that extends beyond the confines of their physical body, i.e. outside their skin, but still very much part of their being and connected to all of the main chakras in the body.

The aura, containing the Soul Star Chakra and other Higher Chakras, is sometimes called the “energy body,” “etheric body,” or “auric field.” The Higher Chakras are a fascinating topic that is certain to draw you in and captivate your imagination. You would do well to learn all you can about the Higher Chakras because they can give you extraordinary power and vision. Let’s dive deeper into the Soul Star Chakra specifically while also exploring more about the Higher Chakras in general.

Where Is the Soul Star Chakra?

The Soul Star Chakra is considered the seat of your soul, and in most people, it is located about six above the crown of the head. However, it can also be found much higher in some people, as high as 12-24 inches above the crown, especially in people who have an unusually strong aura. The Soul Star Chakra is the eighth chakra in a “12 Chakra System,” or alternately, the “13 Chakra System,” if you include the Earth Star Chakra located in the aura six inches below the feet.

Why Is the Soul Star Chakra & Other Higher Chakras So Important?

The Soul Star Chakra is associated with the first point of enlightenment and ascension. It is also the point at which Divine Love can first enter the body and be distributed throughout all the chakras. It should also be mentioned that the Higher Chakras, including the Soul Star Chakra, exist at higher energy frequencies than the seven main body chakras: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

At the most basic level, you can receive two immediate benefits when you successfully access the white ray energy of your Soul Star Chakra. First, activating your Soul Star Chakra will help keep your Crown Chakra open at all times. While your Root Chakra keeps you connected to the Earth, your Crown Chakra keeps you connected to the entire universe. Second, if you successfully activate and balance your Soul Star Chakra, this will automatically restore and rebalance your seven main body chakras. With an activated and well balanced Soul Star Chakra, you can go through life with more peace of mind and feeling more contented.
Moving on to the more advanced benefits of the Soul Star Chakra, and the other Higher Chakras, activating your Soul Star Chakra can expand your mind and take you to whole new dimensions you may have never experienced before or even imagined. If you learn how to awaken, energize, and fine-tune the high energy frequencies within your Higher Chakras, they can serve as conduits to the higher realms of transcendental knowledge and experience. If you become very advanced at interacting with your Soul Star Chakra, your conscious mind will become aware of and integrated with your soul. At this point, you will be able to access the karmic memories of past lives and future lives. Linear time will become circular. It’s a higher state that most people never reach.

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Tell Me More About Higher Chakras

The Higher Chakras can give you insight that goes well beyond what we normally experience with our five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching — and likely beyond what you may have gained spiritually or through regular meditation. Some people talk about the Soul Star Chakra and other Higher Chakras as “gates” or “gateways” to a higher being, higher self, or higher purpose. You may hear psychics and other mediums talking about “activating the gates” to achieve a certain purpose. They are usually referring to the Higher Chakras in this context and the Soul Star Chakra is the first of the Higher Chakras. It is also most closely associated with your Crown Chakra.

If you are an astronomy fan, or perhaps just enjoy science fiction, it can be instructive to think of your Higher Chakras as “wormholes” into the ethereal world and the 4th and 5th dimensions. In fact, the Soul Star Chakra is sometimes referred to as the “4th Dimensional Chakra.” This is why the Soul Star Chakra, and other Higher Chakras, are so valued by psychics, clairvoyants, prophets, telepaths, and those offering tarot readings. Not all mediums purposefully use the Higher Chakras but many of the more talented ones do and many do without actually referring to Higher Chakras.

Have You Accessed Your Soul Star Chakra By Accident?

Here’s something you may find really intriguing. Sometimes, people access their Soul Star Chakra by accident. They may have dreams about their past lives or see things in their future. Some people are said to have a well defined “intuition” about certain things. This may come directly from their Soul Star Chakra without them even knowing it! People are also known to have accidentally accessed their Soul Star Chakra when they are put under extreme pressure and needing to make a split-second decision. At that moment, they may let go of their ego-driven thoughts and their Soul Star Chakra takes over. This can also occur when someone “loses themselves” while deep in thought contemplating an issue, praying, listening to a good piece of music, or going on a long stroll through nature.

Just like we can breathe and circulate our blood without really thinking about how we’re doing it, or purposefully doing so, humans can sometimes access their Higher Chakras without even trying. However, with guidance from a psychic or another medium, and a bit of education on your own, you can gain much more from your Soul Star Chakra and other Higher Chakras. It’s similar to how a person might be able to dance a few cool moves after they hear some snappy music without any instruction. However, with some dancing lessons, they can learn to Rumba and Tango in style. With a psychic or other medium’s guidance, you can learn to Cha Cha Cha with your Higher Chakras!

Give Yourself a Good Chakra Foundation First

This is a simple point but a very important one. If you have never worked with your chakras before, it is probably best that you start with the Seven Major Chakras within your physical body first. This is because you’ll be more familiar with the positive earthly experiences you experience. The Higher Chakras will take you to another dimension and it can be shocking to your system if you don’t have the chakras within your physical body grounded first. Some people might describe this as “crawling before you can walk” but a better description might be “walking before you can fly!”

How Do Psychics Use the Soul Star Chakra?

Truly gifted psychics often use the Soul Star Chakra, and other Higher Chakras, as a powerful tool in their important work. The Soul Star Chakra gives access to the Akashic Records, the knowledge of all the energy in the universe. They may offer soul readings, Akashic records readings, and angel readings. They may help someone communicate with their guardian angel, spirit guide, one of their ancestors, or a family member who has passed. Some psychics may not refer specifically to the Soul Star Chakra or the Higher Chakras. Instead, they may simply call this type of reading, “channeling.”

Some psychics, empaths, and spiritual healers use the Soul Star Chakra to help others release negative energy accumulated from the world and organize their energy so it can be more easily managed. Some psychics offer Akashic healing sessions or mending of the karmic past. This can all be done through the Soul Star Chakra and the other Higher Chakras

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Final Thoughts

If you are new to the concept of Higher Chakras, and the Soul Star Chakra specifically, it is best to try not to force things to happen. You’ll do better if you just open yourself up to the possibilities and allow things to flow naturally and freely. A psychic or another medium can help you become more receptive to your Soul Star Chakra. They can also help you achieve faster and more profound benefits in your Soul Star Chakra journey.

You can try initially accessing your Soul Star Chakra by holding certain crystals (look for “Soul Star Chakra crystals” or “Soul Star Chakra stones”), like Kyanite and Selenite, in your hands or about six inches above your head while meditating. However, some people may find accessing their Soul Star Chakra difficult, especially the first time. If this happens to you, consider seeking the help of a psychic medium or intuitive coach, at least to get you started.

Finally, don’t ignore your Soul Star Chakra. Don’t say for example, “I’ll get to that one later!” A Soul Star Chakra lying dormant means your soul can never reach past your ego. The best of the best come with you to learn how to access your Higher Chakras!

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