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Why You Want These Spiritual Protection Houseplants In Your Home

Having houseplants in your home has many benefits, as they help you breathe the air better, boost your mental health, bring life to your home, and make the air cleaner. However, there are some plants that you will want to keep in your home because several of them are known to have spiritual protection properties. In honor of International Plant Appreciation Day, on April 13th, I will reveal several of the best houseplants that you will want to have in your home that will improve the Feng Shui in your home (or your office), protect your area spiritually and can even aid your manifestation efforts. Let’s go over that.

Houseplants Offering Spiritual Protection Offer so Many Benefits

You already know that houseplants are known to cleanse the energy in your home as they breathe in the carbon dioxide you breathe out and provide the oxygen you need. They are excellent at removing other toxins in your home to help purify the air. Those toxins in your home or office can also add negative energy to the environment, negatively affecting your mental health. That is one of the reasons that having houseplants in your home or office can positively impact your mental health, as it can help promote your well-being and feelings of happiness.

However, there are many beliefs that many houseplants have spiritually protective properties according to some cultures and spiritual traditions. Many rituals incorporate houseplants to help cleanse energy spaces and your aura or energy fields. There are also beliefs that many houseplants can help bring in good fortune, which is why some can aid your manifestation efforts.

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If you feel that things in your life are stagnant or you feel burdened emotionally, even if nothing indeed burdens you, you may be dealing with a lot of negative energy that you could be absorbing. You will want to shield yourself by envisioning a protective bubble surrounding you each morning before starting your day. However, you will want to add some houseplants that have spiritual properties to offer protection, positivity, and good fortune. Let’s start reviewing some of these plants you want in your home or office.

The Snake Plant

If you have a phobia of snakes, don’t get scared of the name of this plant, or if you have a Mother-in-law who has been unkind to you, again, do not shun this plant away since it is also known as the Mother-in-law’s Tongue. This plant is excellent if you are looking for hardcore spiritual protection because it can absorb toxins and negative energy in your space and promote positivity around you. Even though the names of this plant are less than appealing to many, you will want to talk yourself out of allowing those names to stop you from getting this spiritually protective plant. If you want to make the most of it, place it in entrances or areas where negative energy will likely build.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is known to have a gel that promotes physical healing to your skin, but it is also believed to have spiritually protective properties, so you will want to keep some Aloe vera plants in your home or office. It is another excellent plant that can help absorb the negative energies in your environment, as you can keep it anywhere you like, especially if it is an area where stress or negativity can build.

If you, for example, become stressed at work and dislike sitting in your work cubicle, you can place an Aloe Vera plant on your desk, which will help absorb a lot of the negative energy that comes from the stress that affects you. You may find that you are less stressed and may even handle tricky situations with more of a zen approach by keeping the plant by you.

The Money Tree

The plant Pachira Aquatica, also known as the Money Tree, is a houseplant that anyone would want to have if they are working on manifesting financial abundance, whether they are starting a business or manifesting a work promotion.

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If you have been struggling financially or unable to find a job, the Money Tree is an excellent addition to your home (or office if you want to manifest a promotion). Not only does it help bring in positive energy, but it can also help bring financial abundance into your life. However, remember that the Money Tree is a manifestation tool. It will not do anything if you don’t take the action needed to manifest more money into your life. You have to work with the energy it is providing you.


Rosemary has fragrant leaves, and it is known to have a lot of spiritual significance because it has been known to protect negative energy. You can place a pot of rosemary at the entrance to your door so it can repel negative energies that others may bring into your home.

Or, if you happen to be at a place where there is a lot of negativity and stress and you want to keep your home free of that, a post of rosemary will help keep all of that at bay You can also keep rosemary plants at work if you find there is a lot of negative energy that can add more stress to you. It can keep all of that at bay, too. Therefore, you will feel lighter at work or in any area where you face a lot of stress if you keep rosemary near you.



You may know that sage is a plant that you burn, so you can smudge in corners of areas to remove negative or stagnant energy to purify the space. Those conducting rituals and ceremonies have burned sage for this reason for centuries, and it is still practiced today. However, if you don’t like to burn dried sage to smudge areas because the smoke gets to you too much, you don’t need to do that either. There are other methods to purify spaces.

However, you can always keep a pot of sage in your home or workspace, as that alone can provide spiritual protection and create a serene atmosphere without burning anything. It has a minty mixed with earthy fragrance, and if you like the aroma, that is the plant to keep around because it will keep you protected. Be sure not to overwater the plant because it can rot quickly.

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Lavender is known for its calming properties, and it is always recommended that those who struggle with insomnia or anxiety use products with lavender. There are lavender soaps and washes that you can use in the shower before heading to bed to keep you calm, so you have a much better chance of falling asleep quickly. There are lavender teas that are calming. If you can get a lavender plant to keep in your bedroom, that will help you even more.

Not only does it help calm you, but it can promote clarity, which happens when you are calm. It is a plant to keep by you when you are sleeping, as it can help you sleep peacefully and keep negative dreams away. It is essential to ensure that your lavender plant is exposed to sunlight, so you will want to keep it by your window so it can last for a while.


Another cleansing plant is Juniper, as it has protective and purifying properties. It is known to keep negative energy at bay and bring serene energies. You can keep that plant in your home or workspace to keep the energies pure and positive. However, you want to ensure that you care well for the plant as you need to place it near the sun, so keep it by the window.

You will also need to ensure it is placed in well-draining soil, but you will not want to water it too much as the plant can be prone to root rot. In fact, this plant does well in dry surroundings, so you will want to keep it away from moisture to ensure it lasts.


Basil is not only an incredible culinary addition but a plant you want because it can also provide you with spiritual protection, and it is known to purify the environment. It can help keep negative energies at bay as it promotes positivity. Basil has a spicy fragrance; if you like that, it is a plant to keep near you to help keep your environment pure and positive.

Remember that this fast-growing plant requires a lot of sun and water, but again, do not overwater it, as root rot can happen. However, it is low-maintenance, which is why Basil is also a popular plant.

Several other houseplants can offer you spiritual protection while purifying your space. Still, those listed above are extremely potent, so you will want to grab one as long as you like the fragrance and are prepared to care for it. In honor of International Plant Appreciation Day on April 13th, getting a houseplant is great. If you grab one that offers spiritual protection, that is even better. Any houseplant can provide you with a clean space and some benefits, but not all are as potent in giving you spiritual protection as the ones listed above.

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