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The Best Plant for Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology helps us understand our personality through the signs of the Zodiac. And each sign connects with the world in certain ways. Most of the Zodiac signs have animal correspondences, such as the ram for Aries or the bull for Taurus. Similarly, certain plants match well with each sign. This article will identify plants to consider buying for your Sun sign, or the Sun sign of someone you know, who needs a plant.

Aries – Cacti

This sign is probably the reason plastic plants exist. Seriously, Aries was made for fake plants because they will not die of neglect. But if you, as an Aries, feel the desire to get a plant, then the cactus is probably your best bet. It needs minimal watering and can survive in the harshest of conditions. If not a cactus, then get some flowering weeds; they will be hard to kill and will look pretty.

Taurus – Vegetable Plants

Taurus is the sign of plants, especially crops. If the plant can feed you, then it is a good candidate for a Taurus. Vegetable and fruit plants are especially good for this sign. Berry bushes, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, and on and on will make a Taurus happy. Just make sure to pick some that will grow well in the region where you live.

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Gemini – Ponytail Palm

Gemini’s can make excellent plant caretakers since science backs up the fact that plants do better with audio stimulation. Talking to them helps them grow and flourish. While any plant will do for a Gemini, a larger plant, which can handle a lot more conversation would probably be best. Consider getting a leafy indoor palm plant like a Chinese Fan Palm or Ponytail Palm.

Cancer – Orchid

Cancers can grow any plant into its best and most beautiful version. They especially love rescuing the leftover plants at any store. However, if you want to get a plant that truly exemplifies their sign, then you should get an orchid. They require special care and attention that a Cancer will provide in a loving way.

Leo – Bird of Paradise

Leos have big personalities and will appreciate a plant that has bright colors and a striking appearance, so the brightest, biggest, and boldest flowers will suit them and their home, inside or out. One of the most stunning flowers for a Leo is the South African Bird of Paradise. Put it in his or her garden or landscape and they will smile every time they see it, and when someone tells them how beautiful it is.

Virgo – Aloe Vera 

Virgo is the sign associated with health and healing, so herbs are the perfect plants for this sign, as are any plants with medicinal properties, like an aloe vera. You could consider getting mint, thyme, mustard, chamomile, lavender, yarrow, and rosemary. Many of them have beautiful blooms. A Virgo would love an herb garden out back and an aloe vera inside.

Libra – Roses

Libra, ruled by Venus, will appreciate fragrant and beautiful flowers. They do not need to be as special or hard to attend to as orchids, but they should be pretty. If you want to go down the fragrant and beautiful path, then get them some roses, peonies, lilies, freesia, gardenia, lavender, hyacinth, or lilac. They will appreciate the blend of eye-catching color and strong floral scents.

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Scorpio – Venus Fly Trap

Scorpio is the sign that rules death and rebirth, the cycle of life, so what better plant to own than a Venus Fly Trap. While it is the most famously known carnivorous plant; it is not the only one. You could also get the Scorpio in your life a pitcher plant, butterwort, sundew, or bladderwort. All of them consume bugs with their unsuspecting dangerousness, just like a Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Hooker’s Lips

Sagittarius is the world traveler of the Zodiac, so this is a sign that will appreciate an exotic plant, something from somewhere else. So, whether you get a Chinese Fan Palm or South African Bird of Paradise or Hooker’s Lips from Costa Rica, just be sure that it is from some part of the world where the Sagittarius has been and loved, or not been and would love to go.

Capricorn – Bonsai Tree

Capricorn is the sign that opposes Cancer, so they know how to take care of a plant, but will prefer something on the hardier side, something that needs special tending, and has a beauty they can shape in a way they would appreciate. Therefore, the bonsai tree is ideal for this sign. They live long lives and can be tended as a form of meditation. After a hard day at work, coming home and relaxing into some work on a bonsai tree would be great for a Capricorn.

Aquarius – Butterfly Bush

Aquarius is the odd, black llama of the Zodiac, so there’s a chance any plant will suit them, from the plastic ones you could get for an Aries to the most delicate orchid you would get for Cancer. However, Aquarius rules community and socializing, so getting plants that attract butterflies or hummingbirds would be much appreciated by this sign. There are numerous flowering bushes that can attract these animals, but the obvious one is a butterfly bush.

Pisces – Trumpet Vine

Pisces is another sign that really can vary when it comes to plants. Pond ones are great for them, and so are vines. In the pond category, emergent plants like the pink sensation lily, pickerelweed, or arrowhead make great choices. If you opt for a vine, then consider ivy, creeping fig, or trumpet vine. The Pisces individual will enjoy plants that float or climb, undulating with the water or up a structure.

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