July 16, 2024
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Synastry and Compatibility

Synastry: A Guide to Horoscope Compatibility

There is a lot of information that can be learned about someone simply by looking at their birth chart. In an immediate sense, you can see the positions of all the planetary bodies at the moment of their birth, their star sign, the stage of the lunar cycle, and much more. When you take all of this into consideration, you can come to understand their destiny and place in this universe.

In this article, we’re going to be focusing on one aspect of a birth chart: synastry. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with this word, we’ll explore it’s meaning in a moment, suffice to say that synastry is the study of birth chart interaction as a way of determining the compatibility level of two people. We’ll also be exploring some of the various factors we must take into consideration when using synastry.

What is Synastry?

Synastry is a word that means slightly different things to different people. In simple terms, it’s the study of birth charts and horoscopes as a means of determining the compatibility level of two people. Typically, this compatibility is considered in romantic terms, but it can also be for friendship, family, and perhaps even as colleagues.

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Synastry is not a simple process as there are a wide range of variables that one has to take into consideration before determining whether two people are astrologically compatible or not. However, with some practice, patience, and determination, you can soon learn to understand synastry. Many astrologists can use synastry simply by looking at two birth charts, but it’s important to understand that they didn’t reach this level overnight.

Variables of Synastry

So, what are some of the variables that we have to consider when using synastry? If we assume that we’re comparing two people in order to determine their romantic compatibility, there are certain planets that we must consider over others. For example, Venus is the planet that essentially guides romantic love. However, we also have to take into consideration Mercury and Jupiter.

Even once we’ve established the positions of these planets and how they interact with one another, we still have other variables to explore. One major variable within synastry is the ascendant. This is the location of other signs at the moment of your birth, specifically the sign which would be seen on the horizon. Whether or not this aligns with your partners sign can be an important part of synastry and therefore compatibility. Finally, we also need to consider general zodiac sign compatibility.


As we already mentioned, Venus is responsible for guiding and influence love. In ancient cultures, such as Rome and Greece (where she was known as Aphrodite), Venus was the Goddess of Love, known for her beauty and her ability to lure men away, causing them to act irrationally and impulsively. We’ve all found ourselves attracted to people without really understanding why. Similarly, we’ve met people who have everything we could ever ask for in a partner, and yet we feel nothing.

In order to understand the impact of Venus, we must compare the signs it interacts with. Venus, similarly to the sun or moon, is seen as entering a different sign roughly once a month (although this can vary). For example, On July 24th, 1981, Venus entered Virgo while on August 1st, 1993, Virgo entered Cancer.

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The location of Venus at the moment of your birth reflects how you handle romantic situations and how this compares to your partner can indicate compatibility. It is also indicative of other aspects that are important in romantic relationships. For example, the Venus trine Venus synastry (which is when Venus is within the first third of the horoscope in relation to your birth sign) can indicate instant infatuation and feelings of warmth and comfort when around your compatible partner.

Other Planets

However, when it comes to exploring the various aspects in synastry, we can’t consider just one variable. Venus may be the planet most associated with love, but it’s not alone. Jupiter and Mercury can both be useful indicators of compatibility, depending on their positions. For example, if Jupiter in your birth chart is located next to the personal planet or Ascendant (something we’ll discuss in a moment) of your partner’s birth chart, then that indicates the potential for a truly special romantic bond and relationship.

Similarly, when considering synastry and relationship astrology, you should look for similar patterns with Mercury. It’s important that you don’t view these factors as being essential to any relationship. Just because neither Mercury nor Jupiter connect with your partner’s birth chart, doesn’t mean that there aren’t other signs of compatibility. Let’s look at the ascendant and the role it plays in synastry.


You’re probably curious as to what the ascendant is. It references a specific point on the zodiac sign wheel, typically at the moment of birth. In this case, it refers to the sign that is rising over the horizon at the moment of birth. So, if you have a Leo ascendant, it means that Leo was the sign on the Eastern horizon.

How you and your partner’s ascendant connect and interact (if at all) is a major part of synastry. For example, if you were born in New York, US, on August 1st, 1993, at around 6pm then you would have a Leo ascendant. If your partner’s star sign is Leo or they also have a Leo ascendant, then this can indicate compatibility.

Zodiac Compatibility

When considering all the different factors that play a role within synastry, it’s important not to forget about zodiac compatibility. When you ignore factors such as planetary positions and interactions, the ascendant, and others, you can spend some time focusing on the compatibility of the zodiac signs themselves.

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You wouldn’t want to use this on its own in order to determine romantic compatibility, but it can be a good indicator of when a couple are completely incompatible. To give you some examples: Aries is incompatible with Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra while Taurus is incompatible with Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio. This is definitely a factor that should never be ignored when exploring synastry.

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