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The magical use of color

The Magical Use of Color

Color is of primary importance in magical work and is one of the most profound ways to direct energy toward the manifestation of our desires.

Colors are keys which immediately tune us in to various forces of the Cosmos. Indeed, colors are these forces, manifesting in a vibrational form which we register through the eyes; yet these forces also manifest as symbols, sounds, smells, tastes, concepts, awarenesses and feelings. We can experience these primordial threads of force by way of many avenues, but color is one of the most direct.

Faces of the Godhead

The association of certain colors with particular Gods, planets, symbols or plants is not accidental, arbitrary or culturally constructed. These systems of color attribution are based upon correspondences which are real in a primordial, essential sense. Colors reflect the nature of actual aspects of the Universe and of the Soul of a human being.

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Colors are living keys to the fundamental energy centers of the Cosmos, as well as to the fundamental energy centers of the body. Each of these energy centers in the body governs some of our vital organs, and color therefore may be used to stimulate or activate physical processes.

When we look at a given color, whether we realize it or not, we activate and enliven a correlating force within our own psyches, and we set off chains of activity on subtle planes. Colors, especially when consciously meditated upon, can induce states of being immediately that might take hours of deliberate effort to build up through words or emotional appeal. We have many phrases that indicate our subconscious awareness of these attributions, such as “I was feeling blue” or “I got so mad I saw red”. Each color is like a portal to a certain dimension, with its own emotional and energetic climate.

This is a fact well-known by advertising agents and PR experts, who know which colors attract, excite, soothe, enrage, uplift, inspire, aggravate and repel. Similarly architects and designers know what color paint should cover the walls of a given institution; baby blue, for instance, is often painted in prisons in an attempt to maintain calm and quell violence.

Speaking in Color

Magicians take these subconscious associations a step further by consciously developing these relationships more fully through meditation. Color Scales are tuning-in devices which involve visualizing each color in conjunction with its corresponding philosophical concept, attributes and musical note.

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The vibration Red, for instance, is favorable to the functions of self-consciousness— that is, of the ordinary waking consciousness and the rational mind. It is associated with fire and heat.

The yellow ray, on the other hand, induces states of mind and body conducive to superconscious activity— that is, the Higher Self and the spiritual dimensions of thought. It is associated with air and light.

The blue vibration makes easier the use of subconscious powers. It is associated with water and cold.

Red is associated with the musical note C. If one wished to build the association, one would flood the mind with red so that it filled the inner eye, and then hum or strike the note ‘C’. While an instrument may be used at first, eventually one is able to hum the note accurately without aid of an instrument. In fact, wherever one encounters the color Red, on some level he will also subtly ‘hear’ the note C in his mind.

It may seem a matter of small importance to imagine and color and hum a sound, but these simple practices have far-reaching consequences, and one who masters these matters becomes the depository of tremendous cosmic force. To build up this skill is to begin to the be able to think in the symbolic language that the Universe itself thinks in.

When you can think in the language of the Universe, you can receive more of the thought vibrations that it is continually broadcasting to you. Colors and tones carry messages, and when you learn this language, you will begin to register more and more of what these messages are saying.

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When you use the correlations of color and sound you also set in motion powerful cosmic activities. Again, these are not “merely” colors but actual living forces of vibration which are active in many octaves of the unseen. Magicians and manifestors use color to quickly and powerfully invoke the forces most relevant to their aims. When the association has taken root in the subconscious mind, one can quickly summon a quality like “strength”, “devotion”, “abundance”, “enlightenment”, “nurturance”, “stability”, etc simply by envisioning the color, without need of a long, carefully written prayer. One may color his visualizations with the appropriate tones so that certain essential qualities are “written in” to the visualization without having to be specified.

Healing Vibrations

Colors may also be invoked in this way in normal, ordinary life. If we are in a dangerous situation, such as heavy traffic or on a dark street late at night, we may summon the protective energy of purple and infuse it into our aura, surrounding ourselves with the protective forcefield. If we need courage before a public speaking event, or energy before an athletic event, we may surround ourselves with a vital red orb.

The power of color forms the foundation of crystal healing therapies. Crystal healing works by shining reflected rays of light off of a colored crystal into the subtle body or aura of the patient.

The aura is a system of magnetic stresses which is the framework into which each cell of the physical body is built. It is the etheric body or “spirit” of a cell that exercises the well-known selective power of cell metabolism— not, as modern medicine would claim, the physical cell itself.

Light, whether visible or invisible, is a potent physical therapeutic agent, for the magnetic field of the aura responds to the transmission of the rays. Colored light can achieve remarkable effects, however the source of the coloration is of the greatest importance. It is of little effect to pass white light through a blue glass, for this is not blue light but light that is stained blue.

The best way to obtain a colored ray is by reflected light. White light reflected from a crystal which is naturally blue will be an active ray of blue energy. When sunlight is concentrated through a crystal, especially a powerful gemstone like a ruby, one can achieve most amazing changes in the energetic matrix of the human body.

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