June 22, 2024
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Unifying Physical and Non Physical Bodies

Unifying Physical and Non Physical Bodies

You are more than your physical body. You can and do exist in energy systems that are not limited to time/space. At the highest level of reality, your true nature is non-physical.

At the ultimate level, you share a common origin with every other being, animate and inanimate. You are a direct emanation of the One Mind of pure Awareness—a spark of the indivisible Light of Consciousness.

This One Mind has two essential qualities:

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  • It is conscious and self-aware
  • It is creative

Because you are a direct projection of this unconditioned, infinite Being, you are imbued with the same qualities, even while you are a physical and the limited being. You are self-aware, and you can create with this awareness.

This creative consciousness is the primary sacred privilege of your journey upon this planet, for you alone are responsible for how you choose to focus your conscious awareness, and energy follows your attention. Whatever you focus upon, you create more of.

Focusing Your Power

Your consciousness can and does operate simultaneously in multiple levels of awareness. It may be directed toward the past, the present, or the future. It can be directed outward to the fascinating sensations of sounds, smells, sights, tastes and tactical experiences like hot and cold, hunger and thirst, pain and pleasure. All of these experiences shape your individuated awareness. Repeated exposure to specific experiences and teachings lead to conditioned patterns of thinking and relating, and through language you have adopted ways of defining and conceiving of these experiences.

But you may also direct your focus inward. In so doing, you rejoin the Awareness at the root of your being. You can unify your physical and non-physical bodies through self-awareness, stepping back into your eternal aspect of Awareness that resides in a place beyond language.

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As a child, you were more connected with this state of consciousness. Children are more “in the present moment”, unconcerned with what will come later or what has happened before. They do not have preconceptions, biases or judgments about the objects and people in their surroundings, and so can experience the moment more genuinely and more fully. While adults refract and compartmentalize, children are focused across multiple levels of awareness upon the same point.

Some call this pure awareness the state of “I AM”. Any words that one adds to these are limitations of of that which is limitless. This Awareness witnesses all the thoughts, feelings, sensations and events of your life as temporary arisings in awareness.

Thoughts as large as “I will marry this person” and thoughts as small as “What a lovely flower” are arisings in awareness. Sensations as overwhelming as the pain of a broken limb and as subtle as the wind upon your cheek are arisings in awareness. All the events, great and small, that you call “your life” are to this eternal awareness as waves are to water. They are temporary patterns dancing across the screen of an eternal consciousness.

The Kingdom Within

Most of us have become conditioned to identify with the temporary patterns, and utterly disregard the awareness which is the truth of who we are. The state of simply being in the present moment feels all too ordinary, and even boring; we would never think that it is a portal to the infinite and eternal!

Addicted to arisings in awareness like thought, feeling and physical sensations, we cannot even bring our attention to feel the subtle state of simply being. The mind, like a wild animal confined in a cage, thrashes about, looking for something to devour.

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We have been conditioned to believe that any force which has the power of omniscience must be separate from ourselves. We revere and worship the Source entity as something other than what we are, for it is omnipotent and omniscient, and we, in our identification with the physical world, feel limited in power and perception.

Yet we are only limited because we choose of our own free will to place limitations upon our consciousness. Each one of the five physical senses limits consciousness into that experience. If we would shift our identification away from the physical world and practice seeing through the eyes of pure awareness, we would find our access to the limitless power of which all things are made, and to the limitless awareness which sees all.

Pure Awareness is indeed omnipresent, for the One Mind is indivisible. It is complete and utter unity which projects itself at multiple levels in multiple states of being. All sensations, thoughts, feelings and experiences of all beings are only arisings in the awareness of the One Being. It is only the outward attention given to these patterns of Awareness arising that lead to the illusion of separation. All beings are One being; all beings share one consciousness, and that consciousness is self-aware.

The key to accessing this Power That Creates Worlds, then, is simply resuming our participation in self-awareness. As we sit in the present moment, the energy which is self-awareness begins to seep through from the human soul and merge with the dense energy of the human body.

As we reconnect to the state of pure awareness, moving back into identification with the eternal All-That-Is through the state of self-awareness, we gain access to the repository of knowledge which has been gleaned by the One Being through its experiences as the myriad beings of all creation throughout time. Here, in this present moment, lie the answers to all our deepest questions. Here, in awareness of the truth of now, lies the truth of all time, seen through any and every eye, heard through any and every ear. Guidance for this moment and for any moment is always here.

The journey to awakening need not be a lengthy one. In the blink of an eye, you can remember who you really are— beyond the story of this current life time. You can awaken to what the soul has never forgotten— namely: “I AM”.

Awareness. Being. Omnipresent. Omniscient. Omnipotent. The sea of infinite intelligence, creativity, potential. In the pure state, indivisible. In the manifest state, as arisings in awareness apparently separate, like a screen and the objects that appear upon it.

Can you sense the frequency of your awareness? As you sit, can you sense the field of awareness that surrounds your body? What does this awareness feel like?

Compare this sense of awareness to the feeling of an emotion. Can you feel the frequency of an emotion? Is one denser? Is one heavier?

Compare the sense of awareness to a physical sensation. The sensation also has a frequency in your field. Can you feel the frequency of sensation, and the frequency of emotion, and the frequency of awareness? Practice feeling into all the levels of all that you are.

There is always more of you to find.

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