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What Kind Of Thanksgiving Feast You Will Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Kind Of Thanksgiving Feast You Will Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As the holiday season approaches, you will be getting ready to slim down your wallets and fatten up otherwise. November is the time to spend a lot of money on holiday gifts, and it is also the time to spend money on Thanksgiving feasts, especially if you are the one who will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

And since Thanksgiving is the time to enjoy a feast a month before Christmas, you have two feasts within a four-week period to enjoy. That is most definitely a lot of food! So, what will you have for Thanksgiving dinner? Better yet, what type of feast will you have based on your zodiac sign? Let’s talk about that!

Aries – A Dish With A  Lot Of Ham

Aries, you are full of energy, and you have a competitive side to you. You also have a hearty appetite, so you will ensure you do not go hungry during Thanksgiving. However, what you will put on your plate is a lot of ham, and you will also be the one to ensure that you add plenty of ham to the table for the guests to enjoy.

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You will also be the one to encourage others at the feast to eat plenty of ham. The reason is that you want to see it win over the traditional turkey.

Taurus – Any Dish With Plenty Of Gravy

Taurus is the one that loves plenty of comforts and is the sensual one. So naturally, therefore, Taurus loves and appreciates good food. And when it comes to Thanksgiving, anything goes. However, the one thing that must be done is to drown the food in gravy because it is too delicious.

It goes best with mashed potatoes and turkey and with anything else. And if you happen to be hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, you will ensure that your guests have more than enough gravy to cover their dishes. That is what makes it tastes extra good!

Gemini – Lots Of Corn

Gemini, you are versatile, and you also like variety. So when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, you will not only grab a variety of foods consisting of turkey, ham, and mashed potatoes and add gravity to it, but you will also grab a lot of corn. You may take corn on the cob or a scoop of kernels.

However, there are other reasons that you will want to add a lot of corn to your Thanksgiving preparation list. You will use the corn also to make pudding and to bake bread as you can appreciate its versatility.

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Cancer – Plenty Of Stuffing

Cancer, you are the one that wants to bring comfort to everyone, and family is critical to you. So you will likely be the one who will invite guests to your Thanksgiving dinner. One of the biggest comfort Thanksgiving food is stuffing, which is why you will not only make plenty of stuffing for your friends and family to enjoy, but you will take heaps of spoonfuls of it and cover your plate with it. You can never go wrong with stuffing, as it tastes delicious with gravy and turkey.

Leo – Turkey Dish

Leo, you love to be the center of the spotlight, and you appreciate the turkey on Thanksgiving for that reason. Whenever anyone thinks of Thanksgiving, they first think of the turkey. Not only do you identify with this scenario, but you will be the one to host one of the best turkey dinners during the holiday and show off different turkey dishes that you can make.

It would not be surprising if you were the one to host a Thanksgiving meal or to contribute to one that someone invites you to by getting the largest turkey in the supermarket. That will get others to notice you well!

Virgo – Greens

Virgo, you are incredibly health-conscious. Therefore, when you think of Thanksgiving dinners, you will focus on how high in fat and caloric value they are, and that is why you will be the one to ensure that you add greens to the dishes.

You will not only be the one to take a lot of mixed greens and fill your plate up with it and eat fewer of the other foods, but you will convince those around you to fill up on their vegetables. You are only looking out for their well-being.

Libra –  Macaroni And Cheese

Libra, you are the one that loves to be social and loves to please who you are with, and that is why your favorite Thanksgiving feast part is the macaroni and cheese. That is because who does not like macaroni and cheese, and you know it is a hit?

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Therefore, if you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you will immediately offer everyone heaps of macaroni and cheese on their turkey-filled plate. You know they will love you for it. If you are invited to someone’s Thanksgiving dinner, that is one dish you will bring.

Scorpio – Cranberry Sauce

Scorpio, you are intense and mysterious. And the taste of cranberry sauce has a tart and intense flavor. Many people may pass on the cranberry sauce for that reason. However, not you. You will cover your Thanksgiving meal with heaps of cranberry sauce. And those sitting around you will wonder why you love it so much.

You also wonder why they think your loving cranberry sauce is a head-scratcher. But you concern yourself with what others think. You are only concerned about what you do! You will also not allow others to judge you.

Sagittarius – Pecan Pie

Sagittarius, you are the one who is optimistic and always looking forward to a great time. Sure, you enjoy a large Thanksgiving dish consisting of ham, turkey, and anything else on the side with a lot of gravy. However, when it is time for dessert, you truly look for pecan pie.

You will happily cut slices of the pie for everyone and add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. And you will find a lot of enjoyment in the dessert part of the feast because that is your highlight.

Capricorn – Mashed Potatoes With Plenty Of Flavor

Capricorn, you are the hard worker of the zodiac, and you also want to ensure that you impress others with your work. That is why your Thanksgiving contribution to the feast will be those mashed potatoes with plenty of flavors such as garlic, butter, and other spices.

First, you will work very hard in the kitchen to boil raw potatoes, which become cooked and soft to mash up. Then you will add the flavors to it and ensure that you make the perfect mashed potatoes for everyone to enjoy, whether you host the Thanksgiving feast or are a guest bringing the dish.

Aquarius – Corny Green Bean Casserole

Aquarius, you do your thing and want others to notice you because you make it known that you do not wish to conform. That is why you will not be so into turkey, stuffing, and other typical Thanksgiving dishes. Instead, you will make a corny green bean casserole because it stands out on the table.

You can crush some crackers and fry up onions, which will become the topping to the green bean casserole that you also dress with cheese. If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, unless a guest brings turkey, you will not offer it, as the casserole is what you would offer instead. Or, you would get this as a dish if a guest invited you.

Pisces – Apple Pie

Pisces, you are the one that is artsy and loves the sweetness that comes with creativity and imagination. You will be the one to want to finish up your Thanksgiving plate quickly so you can get to your beloved apple pie. That is the part of the feast you look forward to having.

And you would also be the one to drizzle caramel sauce onto the apple pie, add some vanilla ice cream, and top it with chocolate sauce. How could you go wrong with that? Therefore, the dessert part of the feast is what you relate to the most.


After reading this article, I bet you are hungry, as so many delicious choices are listed. You may want to try a little of everything regardless of your zodiac sign. Or, maybe you are not really into the spirit, and you are one of those individuals that want to skip the turkey entirely and order your favorite pizza or Chinese food takeout instead. Have a great holiday regardless of how you celebrate Thanksgiving and what you plan to eat during the feast!

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