July 15, 2024
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Calling our Warrior Spirit

Calling Our Warrior Spirit

We are all born with a warrior spirit, but it is crucial for wounded healers to re-activate their warrior nature after years of lying dormant in a trauma-induced state of consciousness.

In my Book the Path of a Wounded Healer, I describe the numerology of a wounded healer, the necessary and gallant challenges, lessons, and blessings this journey offers, and my own experiences used to overcome the dark night of the soul.

The aftermath of our healing process requires us to summon our warrior energy to re-surface so we can balance out the essence of our soul. 

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Triple 5 Influence

With the triple 5 influence this month, we will most definitely benefit from stepping into our warrior archetype. The 555 portal opens a vortex of light and this is our gateway into higher dimensions and a higher level of understanding. The 555 portal brings major changes, deep powerful transformation, and new ways of living, being, doing, and relating to the world around us.

But the change is coming from within which means we have the power to transform even more if we are conscious about the things happening on the inside of us as well as and outside. 

If we carry resistance to change and transformation, our warrior spirit can help us face and overcome these hurdles. It is vital to break free from any resistance to adaptation at this point in our spiritual journey because we are being asked to launch forward in every area of our lives.

Our Inner Warrior

Most of us have been taught that our inner warrior is a menace to society and our attempts to honor our fighting spirit is often cut short with harsh judgment and repercussions.  When we don’t have the opportunity to express our warrior energy or allow ourselves a safe place to practice being our own hero, we remain underdeveloped, immature, and can easily become self-destructive.  

When our warrior spirit turns self-destructive, we find ourselves angry at the injustice caused by the outside world. This results in holding onto resentments, spontaneous bursts of anger or rage, complaining, judging, filing lawsuits, and even seeking revenge. 

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Because we are at war with ourselves, we don’t often see how we continuously attract situations into our life that keep us a victim of circumstances.

We HAVE to fight because our inner child is still demanding justice from a previous defeated battle that happened long ago somewhere in our past.  

Sometimes we are not aware of the situations we create in our lives that allow us the opportunity to empower ourselves at the price of causing harm to others.  

Until we are willing to own and take responsibility for our energy, we cannot possibly step into the path of the honorable warrior.

We were all incarnated with a warrior spirit…. not to fight self-imposed battles but to protect ourselves.

The true warrior is the master of truth and of oneself.

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The accomplished warrior sees his enemies coming with eyes closed and heart wide open.

Authentic Warrior

In this way, the battle is already won before the first blow can strike.

An authentic warrior does not allow the demons of another to rule the weather of his thoughts or emotions but rather becomes a vessel for divine waters which acts as a mirror to reflect and blind the danger back to his enemies.

He or she knows the threat is just misused energy and energy can be transmuted.

The enemy always casts out what they fear the most assuming their fears are the strongest weapons of choice, but a spiritual warrior deflects these arrows with a shield of peace and humor.

The warrior carries a light heart knowing that nothing can penetrate his/her energy field because the universe entrusted him/ her with the courage to bless these obstacles by becoming a teacher to diffuse gravity.

So, how do we get in touch with our authentic power after it has been taken or given away? Our power isn’t always altered through a physical attack …

We lose our power every time we don’t speak our truth, defend our ideas and dreams. We lessen our warrior energy when we procrastinate, stop pursuing our life purpose, and allow fear of the outside world to become stronger than our courage to forge forward.

The first thing we need to do is …

STOP Running

STOP running. When I was younger, I used several forms of distractions to avoid my feelings of powerlessness but when I was ready and knew it was time to find my warrior spirit, I took a Woman’s self-defense and empowerment program.

It helped me work through my childhood trauma on a cellular level. I was so impressed with the results, that I continued onto the intermediate courses; multiple assailants and weapons, and finally the instructor’s course… With the help of two other friends and instructors, we started our own self-defense and empowerment program. I do want to acknowledge that women are not the only victims of sexual/ physical abuse and I honor both men & women wounded healers.

It was through this process that I first learned about my warrior spirit. Although, like all aspects of our nature, it took time and experience to acquire the wisdom to master this exceptional quality.

I had to learn that an honorable warrior does not seek to strike and fight to become empowered but rather seeks inner empowerment to avoid outside conflict.

An honorable warrior is not only strong physically but, on all levels, equally.

I had to learn situational awareness which requires me to be in the present moment. I learned to open up my back nerve endings to feel and see what was behind me. I also opened my wing chakras leading to my higher heart which leads to greater awareness. 

Once The warrior spirit is unleashed, it is a dynamic force to be reckoned with. It is similar to letting the genie out of the bottle. Once it is free, it resists going back into the bottle or simply put, being confined.

Learning to channel this strong masculine energy is vital to our spiritual growth. 

At first, harnessing this energy can feel awkward as the learning Pendulum often swings off-center but don’t be afraid … instead honor it by finding healthy ways to release this dynamic force. 

There are many levels of spiritual disciplines to encourage our warrior nature to join forces with our soul.  I will describe the 3 major constructive ways to channel our inner hero.

1st Way

Our warrior spirit is a creative energy and needs physical release

Our power of choice and responsibility is to find constructive ways to unleash this force, or it will turn inward and become destructive. 

The basic way to release this energy is through vigorous competitive sports. I started playing doubles beach volleyball, but tennis, football, baseball, racquetball, and bowling are equally effective. 

2nd Way

Secondary ways of releasing this energy are through target practice, throwing darts, fencing, martial arts, singing, dancing, running, archery, cleaning, building, gardening, drumming, and hiking.

3rd Way

Advanced ways to release this energy is through service – healing, writing, channeling, fire breathing, yoga, tai ji, and chanting.

Liberation is for the Asking

The subtitle for The Path of a Wounded Healer is Liberation is for the asking. 

What this means is that for us to be free from our human limitations and isolation, we have to ask.

We can give ourselves permission to integrate our warrior spirit by Inviting the Jaguar/hawk/wolf or dragon medicine to be our ally and ask them to show us how to manage our power.

The warrior spirit is reborn through the process of seeking help and it gains strength and momentum from the light and help of others.

The true warrior has perfect vision both inside and out.

Inviting our warrior nature into our lives is part of a soul retrieval process for those of us that have completely lost the will to survive. When this happens, addiction, depression, and darkness have smothered the flame of our souls.

I believe that as long we are alive, there is always hope.

Fighting for one’s life is the most sacred battle our inner warrior will ever encounter and endure. 

I offer a mentorship program that walks individuals through their soul life agreement, contract, or sacred treaty. We nurture the fulfillment gained by honoring the warrior’s path. Including healing the inner child, breaking free of generational beliefs and patterns, and embracing our soul life purpose.  If this speaks to you, contact me through my website

Have a Blessed week. Namaste’

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