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Best State for You

Are You Living in the Best State for You?

Have you ever noticed that when you are on vacation or traveling in a particular state, you feel more relaxed, creative, and energetic? Perhaps there is calmness or inexplicable happiness surrounding you. You may feel as one with the natural environment, while in other places no matter how many good times you had you are relieved to return home. Another indication of a good state for you is to notice if problems occur while you are there. I have a friend who goes on vacation to the same state each year. She has been injured playing golf and taken to the hospital, fallen off curbs, and has broken bones. Additionally, the weather is usually bad for most of her holiday. These are simple clues to help you determine that this particular state is not conducive to your energy/frequency, and ultimately your well-being.

State Sun Signs

As an astrologer, I have rarely met anyone who takes state sun signs into account. Knowing what sun sign an individual state is can help improve your choice of where to live and how you feel. In many cases moving to a state that is in harmony with your sign dramatically helps. However, you need to do some research before moving. Some people move to another state but it is in the same sign they just left. Also, they may move to a state that squares or opposes their sun sign and this would create more obstacles and challenges for them to overcome than their original state.

When moving to another state, your chart changes; planets that were restrictive or causing too much conflict may move into another house in the chart, easing the area of life that was causing anxiety or worry. An ascendant may be changed a few degrees or move into a totally different sign which allows the person to handle situations in a more calm, logical, or creative manner than before. There are so many possibilities and I have seen dramatic differences in my clients’ lives. I know it makes a difference!

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The easiest way for people to know if they are living in the best state for them is to live in a state that has your sun sign. Being a Gemini, it was no surprise that when I vacationed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I always had a wonderful time. When one is in harmony with nature and the vibrational patterns in the environment around you, you are on the right path in your journey. This leads to happiness, joy, and contentment. One day in the future, I may even move to South Carolina because I feel great and at home when I am there.

If you are planning to move and do not think you would like the states listed in your sun sign, you may always pick a trine or sextile state. I’ve included a chart below; if you are a water sign, say a Scorpio, your trine states would be in Cancer or Pisces. In turn, if you are a Pisces, your trine signs would be Cancer and Scorpio. Trine signs are the same element as your sun sign. You would also get along very well with these particular zodiac sun signs. Squares are three signs from your sun sign in either direction, and oppositions are the signs exactly opposite, 6 signs away or 180 degrees from your sign. It would be best to stay away from making these particular states your home. An alphabetical listing of the states and their sun signs is listed below.


(Signs that are 180 degrees apart or six signs apart)

These signs oppose each other. Meaning they are opposite each other – usually, there is an attraction for a short period of time, and then the differences surface and there will be less attraction afterward.  With time, you will find that life isn’t going your way; you may feel as if you are experiencing bad luck.  It’s the “why me” scenario.  Opposite signs are next to each other in the chart, Aries opposes Libra, and so on.



(Signs that are 120 degrees apart or four signs apart)

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Trines are the best aspect you can have. They are your same element, i.e., Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. Whichever element your sun sign inhabits.  Trines make your life easy.  Depending upon where it falls in your chart or which planets are involved, many wonderful opportunities and prospects will come your way in almost any area of life.  Whatever gifts the universe present to you during this time will be in your best interest, so you may as well just take them and enjoy.



(Signs that are 90 degrees apart and three signs apart)

If it can be avoided you should never move to a state that would be in conflict with your natal sun. These aspects are called squares or oppositions. Squares are listed in each column, i.e., Aries squares Cancer, Cancer squares Libra, Libra squares Capricorn, etc. The other columns read the same. Squares cause frustration and aggravation. It’s like hitting your head against a brick wall over and over again.  It is not conducive to peace of mind, harmony, love, good relationships with colleagues, neighbors, etc., and it may be very hard to find or keep a good job in a state that squares you.



(Signs that are 60 degrees apart or every other sign)

Every other sign is a sextile.  Aries to Gemini, Gemini to Leo, Leo to Libra, and so forth.  Each column sextiles the next sign.  Aries starts the positive polarity signs and Taurus starts the negative polarity signs.  So, all positive signs sextile each other, as do the negative signs. Sextiles bring you many opportunities but you have to grab them or they pass you buy and may not be repeated.  They bring very good energy and are very helpful in acclimating to your new surroundings.



(Your sun sign)

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Conjunctions are the best aspect for living in a state.  Your energy and the environment will be the same. You will feel comfortable within your own sun sign’s depth and vitality. It will strengthen you and give you a much better understanding of yourself by watching your life unfold in a state bearing your sun sign.

States & Their Sun Signs

Alabama – SagittariusAlaska – Capricorn
Arizona – AquariusArkansas – Gemini
California – VirgoColorado – Leo
Connecticut – CapricornDelaware – Sagittarius
District of Columbia – TaurusFlorida – Pisces
Georgia – CapricornHawaii – Leo
Idaho – CancerIllinois – Sagittarius
Indiana – SagittariusIowa – Capricorn
Kansas – AquariusKentucky – Gemini
Louisiana – TaurusMaine – Pisces
Maryland – TaurusMassachusetts – Aquarius
Michigan – AquariusMinnesota – Taurus
Mississippi – SagittariusMissouri – Leo
Montana – ScorpioNebraska – Pisces
Nevada – ScorpioNew Hampshire – Cancer
New Jersey – SagittariusNew Mexico – Capricorn
New York – LeoNorth Carolina – Scorpio
North Dakota – ScorpioOhio – Pisces
Oklahoma – ScorpioOregon – Aquarius
Pennsylvania – SagittariusRhode Island – Gemini
South Carolina – GeminiSouth Dakota – Scorpio
Tennessee – GeminiTexas – Capricorn
Utah – CapricornVermont – Pisces
Virginia – CancerWashington – Scorpio
West Virginia – GeminiWisconsin – Gemini
Wyoming – Cancer 
There are no Aries or Libra states, so choose sextiles and trines for your best state.

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