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What Does Each Zodiac Sign Need From Their Partners

What Does Each Zodiac Sign Need from Their Partners?

Have you been with a partner that you could not make happy no matter what you tried? Or, were you with a partner who did what they could to make you happy, and no matter what they did, they couldn’t do so? Remember, if they did their best, that does not mean they were neglecting your wants and needs purposely. They did not know how to fulfill them. The same would go for you if you were with a partner that could not meet your needs.

Everyone has different wants and needs and must have a partner to meet those particular needs. Your zodiac sign is indicative of those needs. Let’s now take a closer look at that and learn about what each zodiac sign needs from its partners.

Aries – You Need a Partner Who Has Many Interests, Energy, and One That Can Challenge You

Aries, you are bold and fiery as it is, and you will not do well with a partner who has few interests and does not enjoy being active. The right partner for you enjoys being active as you are full of energy. You also want to have a partner who likes to challenge you to try new and exciting things. A bonus for you would be a partner who enjoys playing sports with you, such as a game of squash or tennis.

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To sum up, you need a partner that keeps you on your feet and stimulates you physically. Otherwise, the relationship will not work.

Taurus – An Easygoing Partner

Taurus, you know that you have a stubborn streak and must do comfortable things to you. That is why the perfect partner for you is easygoing, calm, and someone who does not fly off the handle quickly. They will not have a problem making compromises to meet your needs. If your partner insists on doing things their way, which does not align with what you want, then the relationship will not work.

On the flip side, you will need to be open to compromising with your partner, too, no matter how easygoing they are. If they don’t feel you are not meeting their needs, they won’t stick around.

Gemini – Someone Who Loves to Learn

Gemini, intellectual stimulation is essential for you. That is why you need a partner who can provide you with intellectual stimulation and keep learning new things. In other words, you want to find a partner that has a hunger for learning and has plenty of curiosity. A partner that enjoys playing trivia games, reading, and watching informative documentaries will fulfill your needs.

You also want to have a partner with plenty of interests, and that does not want to stagnate because the last thing you want, and need is to experience boredom and a lack of stimulation with your partner.

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Cancer – Someone with Empathy

Everyone needs a partner with empathy. However, for you, Cancer, empathy is the most important thing you look for in a partner. That is because you are the most compassionate and maternal sign of the zodiac. If you find yourself giving your time and energy to a mate who doesn’t show you the compassion, kindness, sensitivity, and empathy you need, you will grow resentful.

You need a partner who would care for you when you are sick the same way you would care for them if they were sick. You need a partner who listens to you if you are having a difficult day the same way you provide comfort to them if they are struggling.

Leo – You Need Someone Sure of Themselves

Leo, you are confident, and you cannot be with a partner who is not sure of themselves. Your mate cannot question their worth and prove their worth to you and others. You want a partner who wants to share the spotlight with you. That is because you respect someone who has confidence, bold, and has high self-esteem.

If you end up with a partner who is afraid to show who they are or needs constant outside approval, you will grow bored with them quickly. You will also have a hard time respecting them, and you cannot be in a relationship with someone like that.

Virgo – You Need a Meticulous, Hard-Working, and Reliable Partner

Virgo, you are clean, organized, conscientious, dependable, and hard-working. You expect your partner to have the same traits. You need to be with someone who cleans up after themselves and values their health and hard work the same way you do. You need someone who is reliable and sticks to their word.

You cannot be with a purposely lazy, unclean partner who doesn’t follow through on what they say. If you are finding yourself having to pick up their dirty socks on the floor all of the time while they sit around and eat junk food all day, you will want to let them go.

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Libra – You Need a Partner Who Will Be There for You No Matter What

Libra, relationships are significant to you, and you need to be with someone who gives and takes. Most relationships thrive on that, but since balance is essential to you, you expect that more than ever from your partner. You are the one who is there for others, especially your partner, no matter what. You expect that your partner is the one you can count on too when you have a hard time.

If you find that you are putting more effort into the relationship and not getting the same support from your partner that you give to them, you won’t stick with them. Having a partner that you can count on is the most important thing to you in a relationship.

Scorpio – Trust Is the Most Important Thing to You

Scorpio, you are the most intense and mysterious sign of the zodiac. You also do not open up to anyone easily until you know for a fact you can trust them. Trust is an essential foundation for any relationship to work. However, you feel the effects of betrayal and lies the same way that an open wound does. You will not open up your vulnerable and authentic side to someone you do not trust, and if you cannot trust your partner, then there is no relationship.

Along with trust, you need a partner who will be patient with you as you need time to loosen up with them. If you know you can trust your mate, then you will show the hidden parts of you to them more willingly.

Sagittarius – You Need Someone Who Is Open to New Adventures

Sagittarius, you are the one who is least likely to settle down in a relationship. However, that does not mean you won’t. That only means you need to have a partner who shares the same love for adventure, travel, and trying new things. You need a mate who shares the same level of enthusiasm as you do. If you meet that dream partner, you will have so much fun together.

If you stick to a partner who only wants to stay home and is fearful of experiencing new adventures, you will lose interest in them quickly. Staying home and missing out on fun is something you do not want to do.

Capricorn – A Motivated Partner Is Who You Need

Capricorn, you are hard-working, and you are the most ambitious sign of the zodiac. Goal setting is essential to you, and you want to be with a partner who has their ambitions and goals they want to meet. You will feel you can relate to a partner who desires to improve themselves and attain goals. In addition to that, you will respect them.

If your partner has no desire to strive to meet their potential and has no goals, you cannot stick with them. You do not care if your partner wants to strive to have their own business. You only want your mate to have a desire to better themselves in some way. A lack of motivation on your partner’s part is a turn-off.

Aquarius – Intelligence Is Key

Aquarius, you have the reputation of wanting to stay alone and not wanting to be in any relationship because you value your independence and freedom too much. However, that is not true as you can get lonely. However, you value intelligence, and you must have a partner with brains.

Like Gemini, you need to be able to relate to your partner on an intellectual level. You must have a partner who can stimulate you intellectually and who can think outside of the box. You do not want to be in a relationship with someone who has the herd mentality either. Therefore, a smart and nonconforming partner is the right one for you.

Pisces – You Need an Emotionally Supportive Partner, Full of Inspiration,

Pisces, creativity, and art are both something you love, and you also love to use your imagination. You need to have a partner who will not only encourage you to be your creative self, but you need one that you find to be encouraging. Your ideal partner will inspire you to be who you are and help you share your unique side of your personality.

In addition to that, since you are a water sign, you also need someone who will value your emotions and someone who won’t be afraid to show their emotional side to you. The bottom line is that you need a partner who you not only find as a source of inspiration but one that will support you emotionally.

Do you find yourself disagreeing with this as you have different expectations when it comes to a partner? For instance, if you are a Virgo, and you find that you are less concerned about your partner’s organizational skills and cleanliness, but you want one interested in giving you cuddles – then look at your moon sign. Your moon sign may be in Cancer if that is the case. Perhaps your rising sign may be in Cancer or Pisces as well.

If you are a Cancer but have a deep love for traveling and want to have a partner with the same interest, perhaps your moon sign is in Sagittarius or Aries. Your moon sign may reveal more of what you need in your partner than your sun sign. Or you may find yourself wanting a combination of a few things listed in a partner. That means the combination of your sun, moon, and rising sign influence determines what you are looking for in a relationship.

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