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What Is Each Zodiac Sign’s Favorite School Subject

What Is Each Zodiac Sign’s Favorite School Subject?

What goes through your mind when you think about your days at school when you were a kid? Either school was a good experience, or it was a terrible experience. However, even if you did not like school, chances are you had a subject that you liked, or you had a subject that you found easy. Maybe there was a subject where you excelled and got A’s often. If you didn’t at all, then I am sorry to hear that. Even if you didn’t like any subject, indeed there must have been one where you did well. Maybe the best school subject for you goes hand in hand with your zodiac sign. Which subject is the ideal one for your zodiac sign? Let’s find out!

Aries – Phys Ed

Aries, you are active and competitive. Therefore, it is not a stretch to know that phys ed was likely the best school subject for you. You enjoyed being physically active, and your competitive nature was why you enjoyed participating in the sports. As a result, you likely got high marks in phys ed, and you were probably the reason your teams always or often won whether you competed against the other class team or other schools. In addition, you likely were the one to look forward to track and field each year as well, or other sporting school events that took place.

Taurus – History

Taurus, when it comes to physical activity, you are the opposite of Aries. So, it would not be a stretch to assume that phys ed was likely your least favorite school subject. However, you tend to like anything slow-paced and stable, and you tend to think about the past. That is why your best school subject would have been history. Historical events over the millennia would have fascinated you to no end, and that is why you enjoyed it. You would have likely read history books for hours each night as well, and chances are you did very well in the subject too.

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Gemini – Language Studies

Gemini, communication is your forte and always was, and always will be, which is why language studies were the school subject where you excelled. It may have been English studies, or you may do well when studying other languages such as French, German, and Spanish. You likely won spelling bees and other spelling contests, writing assignments, and you did well translating Shakespearean plays. The chances are that your classmates came to you for help when it came to writing essays and helping them with preparing for English or language tests.

Cancer – English Studies

Cancer, you and Gemini have something in common: having a love for language studies. However, you would have done better in English studies rather than other subjects involving foreign languages. That is because you have a love for studying literature, and you were the type to read novels at home, curled up comfortably. That is something you likely did when you were very young, and you took your love for reading and used it well for the English studies school subject. You would have also done well with essay writing and your writing assignments.

Leo – Any Art Subject

Leo, you are creative, and you love to show that off, which is why any art course would have been ideal for you. Either you enjoyed the main art subject and did very well with drawing and painting. Perhaps you also did well in drama class or music class. Maybe you found a liking to playing your clarinet well and showed off your musical talent in music class. It would have been assumed that any Leo would have done the best in drama, but really, Leo would have done well in any art-related class.

Virgo – Math And/Or Science

Virgo, your analytical nature would have pointed you to be excellent in any science or math-related school subject. Even if neither of those subjects was your favorite per se, you likely did quite well with them. That is because your problem-solving skills helped you solve math equations and other science-related problems. You may have liked those subjects anyway because solving those problems that others would find complex gave you the time and energy you needed to sit there and figure out the equations. You enjoy analyzing things, and there is a lot to analyze when it comes to math and science.

Libra – Art

Libra, you are very much into the arts. Therefore, it is not at all a surprise that art would have been your best school subject. You have a knack for beauty and creativity, and therefore, you would have had plenty of fun with drawing and painting. Chances are you created some impressive masterpieces when you were in school. In addition, since you are the type to enjoy being with others, you likely did quite well when it came to art projects that required collaboration. That made you incredibly enthusiastic.

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Scorpio – Math And/Or Science

Scorpio, your intense intuitive nature would be the reason that you would not have been fond of art or language-based classes. Like Virgo, you have an analytical side, but it is more intuitive, and that is why the courses you would have liked would have been math or science, or both. In addition, you have excellent problem-solving skills as you are the one who does very well with delving into anything cryptic or mysterious. Therefore, a complex math or physics equation would have kept you very busy and intrigued, and you would have figured it out easily. Science is filled with mystery, which is another reason you would have liked that course.

Sagittarius – Geography

Sagittarius, you are the one who enjoys adventure and traveling, and most school subjects would bore you, except for geography. Particularly world geography would have been the subject that would have been the most appealing to you. You would have learned about nature and the unique aspects of every area of the world, and you would have aced any geography course because of your imagination bringing you to the days when you’d be traveling to those places.

Capricorn, you have always been ambitious and business-oriented. In elementary school, you would have done well with math, especially since the topic of money was often used in mathematical problems. However, in high school, you would have gravitated towards any course that has to do with finances. Perhaps accounting or business-related courses would have been your cup of tea considering your motivation for acing those courses would have had to do everything with money. Perhaps some math you would have liked too, but high school math is not comparable to elementary school math which is why your focus changed.

Aquarius – Computer Science or Chemistry

Aquarius, you are known for your intelligence and progressive ways of thinking and doing things. Therefore, math and science classes in elementary school would have been the preferred courses as those subjects required you to solve problems and use a progressive way of thinking. However, once you got to high school, more subjects branched out in those areas, and computer science and chemistry would have been the right ones for you. Both require you to problem-solve and think progressively, which is why those would have been your ideal school subjects. 

Pisces – Art

Pisces, you have a strong appreciation of the arts, and you always did like Leo and Libra. That is why art would have been the perfect subject for you. You enjoyed crafting, drawing, and painting in particular, and you would have also enjoyed language studies and music for the art factor in those subjects. And you likely created many fascinating and eye-catching masterpieces, but unlike Libra, you preferred to work on solo art projects instead of collaborating. You only did so if you didn’t have an option.

If you are reading the best subject associated with your sign and could not disagree more, you need to remember one thing. Your sun sign only makes a fraction of your horoscope. Your favorite or best school subject may have shown through your Moon or rising sign or dominant planets in your chart. If you were one of those individuals that clearly disliked school and did not like any subject, you are not alone with that either. At the same time, certain conflicting aspects in your natal chart would have indicated that as well. However, I am sure many of you would have resonated with this one way or another. Even if you did not care for school, you likely had one subject you enjoyed.

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