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How a Pisces Girl in her 30s Perceives the Men of the Zodiac

How a Pisces Girl in Her 30s Perceives the Men of the Zodiac

Each woman and each sign will have various impressions about a man. How a Gemini feels about a man is not the same way that Scorpio does. This is how a thirty-something girl, of a water element and of the sign of Pisces relates to the male signs. Depending on your own sign, and your personal birth chart, you may feel much differently about the male zodiac type. Let’s see how a Pisces girl in her 30s perceives the men of the zodiac…

Possibilities of Commitment

Living in the dream world of the Pisces, it became clear to me early on in my dating life that Taurus men would always give me a second chance. They weren’t in a rush to make me disappear, and I could tell commitment was their thing. I rarely met a Taurus that I didn’t see again, at least for a second encounter. Sometimes they fell too hard and I had to untangle myself from them. They would tell me I was their whole world, and a Pisces, with her Venus in Aquarius, a man could never be my whole world. My first serious boyfriend was a Taurus, and he was talking about marriage very early on.

Capricorn men were supposed to be good, but I rarely met any and didn’t know for certain what to think of them as mates. I had known that they were usually more on the vanilla side but knew that they were capable of long-term relationships and marriage.

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Air Signs Can Be Too Cool for Water Signs

With my Venus in Aquarius, I was attracted to air signs, but we never seem to get it right. I am a sensitive and emotional Pisces girl, I was smart enough, interesting enough, but emotionally, I was too much for Mr. Cool, Aquarius. All the Aquarius boys that I met were so charming. We’d hooked up, but it never went beyond that, ever. Not one Aquarius man ever wined and dined me.

Gemini guys and I could be good friends, but there was never any sexual chemistry. There was never a chance of making it work romantically. They did not have patience for emotions, and they were far too anxious for very patient me. It was too much, and I always felt like I could not trust the sign male or female.

I found Libra men way too wishy-washy and impossible to read. You could never know what they were thinking, and it had to go at their pace, which was always too slow for me. Libra men to me were known as “the Peter Pan of the zodiac”, as you are usually facing a too-cool-for-school man that does not want to grow up. Commitment scares him greatly, but it is the one thing he needs the most in his life. Libra needs to find control somehow, and they need to be with someone who brings out their greatest potential.

Water Puts out Fire

Sagittarius men turned me off from the get, and it wasn’t just because my difficult father was one, I simply did not connect with too many of the Sagittarius traits. If I heard a guy was a Sagittarius, it almost instantly turned me off. I flirted with one in Australia, we won ten games of beer pong together and it was my birthday. He was going to a different club that night but told me to come. When I showed up later at the bar he had already moved onto the next girl. That’s what I’ve learned from Sagittarius, if you don’t join their flight, they will just simply schedule a new one with someone else.

Aries men seemed like the dream match, but I could never find any, just like Scorpio men. We were supposed to be so great together, but I hadn’t met one, let alone been with one. I wasn’t attracting my attraction. Female wise those were two of my greatest attractions signs in my life, and I thought this would mean something, but the universe never kept Aries or Scorpio men on my path.

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And the other ones?

Leo men are great when they are into you, but when they aren’t it’s no fun.  A Leo man has lost his love for me a few times. Pisces is too dramatic for dramatic Leo who wants no extra drama but their own. When you date a Leo, you can feel when they have fallen out of love with you, and no matter which way you slice, that really kills. I broke up with myself dating a Leo, I was out of my league, but I knew that I was.

And I knew he found me attractive because he told me all the time, but I was questionable. I became too complicated for my Leo man. Other Leo men proved to be romantic at times by lending me books and not making it about sex at the start, but they could not fake the sex without real love, and things fell out fast. Leo has to genuinely be interested in you in order to be with you. Love is one of their greatest passions and they certainly can not fake it.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Pisces men were a crab shoot. I met one who said, “I just have a lot of love to give”, and I could identify with him and his good heart, but of course he lived out of town. That was always the case. Finding a solid Pisces guy wasn’t easy. At the location that I volunteered at, there was a really, cute, nice, charming Pisces man. We always booked shifts together and flirted, until one day, it was actually happening. We were at his apartment about to hook up when he would not let me kiss him because he thinks it’s too emotional.

I tried to see past it, but I just couldn’t, that wasn’t me, I couldn’t hook up without feelings. Instead, he drove me home and told me that I deserved better. I know a lot of other Pisces men who knock up women that they end up with but don’t truly love. After that usually comes cheating.

Cancer men can give you their heart, but something about them and their negative core, it is simply too sad for me. There was a downwards aura like I knew they could never look at me and tell me that I look beautiful even if I tried so hard, and really did. They were too wimpy for me, and while I care about their troubles, I was human too and I could only stay down in the crappy layers for too long. Either you can follow the Cancer into his complicated shell or you can step out and seek brighter light.  

To conclude

The uncertainty would determine what partner I would end up with, but I certainly going to keep this documentation as a map because as I always say an Astrological Relationship Pattern will always help you walk towards the light of love.

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