June 16, 2024
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What Sign is Your Pet?

Did you know that your pets have an astrology chart as well? While it’s very unlikely that you have your pets exact time of birth, that doesn’t mean you can’t figure out for yourself what your furry friend’s sun, moon and rising is. So long as you have a general guestimate of when your pets birthday is, you can suss out the rest of their chart with some accuracy.


Determining the Sun Sign

This is the easiest part of the puzzle to put together. The sun stays in a single sign for about 30 days, so as long as you have a good guesstimate for your pets birthdate, then it should be pretty easy to figure this one out. If you know your pets exact birth date then you’ll know for certain what their sun sign is!

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If you’re working with an estimated birth date and find that it lands somewhere near the 20th of the month then you are going to have to scroll down and read the descriptions for both sun signs to determine which fits your pet better since that means they were born on or near the day when the sun moves from one sign to another.

Determining the Moon Sign

Moon signs are a bit trickier since the moon changes signs about every 2.5 days. Of course, if you have an exact birth date then you should be able to determine for certain which sign your pet’s moon is in. For most we’ll need to do some detective work.

Pull up your estimated birth chart for your pet here

Check out which moon signs are within a few days of your pets birth date and then scroll down to read about those signs. Remember that the moon sign is the perspective and emotional baseline for your pet and choose the one that makes the most sense.

Determining the Rising Sign

Most birth certificates don’t have the exact time of birth but rising signs are determined from that exact time, and since rising signs change every 2ish hours this is where you’ll have to do the most analyzing. Read all the descriptions below, paying close attention to the physical attributes listed in order to determine what your pet’s rising sign may be.

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These pets remain wild and rambunctious even in old age. They love to run and play games and love rough housing. They aren’t always the most cuddly, but they’ll surprise you with bursts of

affection (on their terms). These pets tend to have a long thin body, a big skull and a tendency to boink themselves on the head.


They lounge in the sun, live for food, and spend a lot of time grooming… which admittedly sounds like a lot of pets. One way to determine if your pet is a Taurus or simply a gloriously spoiled house pet is their willingness to move. Taurus will hold their ground because this earth sign does not like to be rushed! These pets tend to have long fur and a luxurious coat, as well as a love of the sun spot in the house and a good nap in it.


These are talkers, so whether it’s meows, barks or chirps your Gemini pet has something to say! These pets are prone to bouts of the zoomies and need a lot of stimulation throughout the day–if not satiated your Gemini pets will certainly cause a bit of chaos around the house to keep things interesting. These pets tend to have small features, small bones, are quick on their feet and have a multicolored coat.


They are true homebodies, so they’re not a fan of long walks or any adventure that takes them away from the home for too long. These are the types of pets that know when you’re pregnant before you do and take on the role of nurse. They become very attached to their favorite caregiver and will often sleep by their head. These ones tend to have big eyes and a prominent chin. They tend to be big cuddlers and have a high level of emotional attachment to their caregivers.


You can spot a Leo pet instantly because they are not afraid to be seen and ask for attention. These pets are only ever at arm’s reach away from you and they are not afraid of strangers. In fact, the more people around to love on them, the better! These pets are the kings and queens of the castle and no human can convince them otherwise! Cats that are particularly leonine tend to have a Leo rising.

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Virgo pets are meticulous and detail oriented. If they have a favorite toy, they will remember and often refuse to play with other toys (so you might want to stock up on that favorite one). They are also known to groom themselves more often than other pets and require things like a litter box, food trays and beds to be in pristine condition… they’ll let you know if you aren’t keeping it up to their standards. These pets tend to have a sweet angelic face (I know, all of them have angelic faces) and red/orange or blonde/yellow coats.


You’ll recognize a Libra pet by their social nature. Libra love being in a big family and even get along well with other pets, usually. These ones will often believe that they are the head of the household, so expect them to greet you at the door and sleep by your feet. They’re not always long haired or feathered, but there will be something soft, striking and symmetrical about their appearance.


These pets are possessive, that is if you’re their chosen companion. You’ll find that these pets are always near, but just far enough away to seem aloof. They are not particularly affectionate, unless it is on their terms. If your Scorpio sits in your lap you better not move! They either have a

black/dark brown or a red/orange coat. They also have very strong boundaries and the claws to assert them.


These pets tend to be big with strong and long legs. You’ll want to keep an eye on your Sagittarius because they love to adventure, so you’ll know you’ve got this kind of pet on your hands if you constantly need to guard open doors and gates. These pets are very playful, but not as high maintenance as their Gemini counterparts–these pets are very easy going.


This is your classic guard pet, they take their job as your protector very seriously. There is a stern quality to their face and/or gait. They also tend to have shorter coats or feathers and a generally boney body. They also may have really great teeth, or quite the opposite. These pets are often annoyed by puppies, kittens and even human babies.


You can find these pets on the tallest object in the room, your classic top of the fridge cat might be an Aquarius sun, moon or rising! They aren’t big on cuddling and will squirm or fight their way out of a big hug. What they lack in cuddle-ability they make up for in weird antics. These pets have strange likes and dislikes and will always keep you entertained.


These ones tend to have a dreamy, otherworldly quality. They are more sensitive than their peers, so a loud noise like a plate dropping or a motorcycle zooming by might frighten them enough to spend the rest of the day hiding under a piece of furniture. They might enjoy being wrapped up like a burrito or even cuddling under the covers with you! These pets also tend to have very big, wise eyes.

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