June 23, 2024
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Why the Tower in a Tarot Reading May be the Best Card to Get

People fear several tarot cards will appear in a reading, and the Tower is one of them. That is because the Tower tarot card is often seen as a card of destruction and chaos. It is used on most decks, especially the Rider-Waite, and depicts lightning striking a tall tower, with people falling from its height. This image may initially evoke fear and apprehension. However, in the world of tarot, the Tower card carries a more profound meaning.

In a reading, the Tower card signifies sudden and unexpected change. It represents the breaking down of old structures and beliefs that no longer serve you. While this may seem alarming, it is essential to understand that the destruction brought about by the Tower is necessary. That is because it represents what no longer serves you will go for the sake of your growth and transformation.

Therefore, instead of thinking that the Tower is the worst card to get, you need to change your perspective. The Tower tarot card is the best way to get a reading. Let’s discuss why that is the case. 

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The Tower Is About Awakening and Awareness

The Tower card is a wake-up call, shaking you out of complacency and forcing you to confront the truth. It brings to light the aspects of your life that do not align with your highest good. The Tower card helps you better understand yourself and the world by shattering illusions and false beliefs. 

Let’s review an example of a situation where you need a wake-up call to force you to look within. Your diet is poor. You constantly go for fast or convenience foods because you don’t have time to cook. Your busy schedule with work and other responsibilities is the reason. However, your check-up with your doctor is coming up. You have no reason to believe there will be a problem with your health because you don’t feel any differently. 

When you go for your check-up, your doctor checks your blood pressure, which is exceptionally high. Your doctor warns you that if you don’t change your diet, you could have consequences. You are shocked because you do not feel any differently. 

But when your doctor asks you about your diet, you tell him, and he scolds you. He also recommends you speak to a nutritionist who can help you plan healthy meals amidst your busy schedule. Therefore, if you do a tarot reading about your check-up, and the Tower appears, that is why. It tells you you will have a wake-up call to confront your truth and change.  

Liberation and Freedom From Toxic Relationships and Situations

The Tower card represents liberation from oppressive situations or relationships. It signifies breaking free from self-imposed limitations, allowing you to embrace your potential. The Tower card destroys what no longer works and clears the path for new opportunities. Therefore, you can get freedom from the constraints that hold you back. Toxic relationships or situations are what the Tower can get you away from. 

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For example, you have been at a toxic workplace but believe you cannot leave. Perhaps you have too many responsibilities, such as childcare or elder care at home. Therefore, you don’t think leaving is possible because work allows you to take time off if necessary. Sometimes, you must pick up your kids from school or take your aging parents to the doctor during work. 

However, other than that, your boss treats you unfairly. You don’t make much money for how hard you work, and you are unhappy. Therefore, you feel trapped until your boss does something so terrible to you that you can’t justify staying. That is the Tower moment that forces you to leave and look for work. You land an excellent work-from-home position that allows you the flexibility you need. 

The Tower Can Represent Transformation and Growth

The Tower card is a potent symbol of transformation. Just as a forest fire clears the land for new growth, the Tower’s destruction paves the way for personal development. By breaking old patterns and beliefs, you can rebuild yourself more robust and wiser than before. The Tower can be similar to the Death card, another tarot card that others fear in that way. 

The Tower can be a blessing in disguise in this regard. It can represent the loss of something that forces you to grow. An example is when you run a business and offer cheap services. You are not charging what you are worth, so that is why your clients tend to take advantage of you. You are beginning to see that your competition is in a better place than you, even though they charge more. 

You begin to wonder why you are not charging what you are worth for your services. It boils down to a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. You know that you need to work on that. You bravely tell your existing clients that you must charge more for your services to keep up with inflation. However, some of your clients ghost and disrespect you, and you lose what little business you had. 

Since you have little income right now, you rely on savings to work on your self-esteem. That leads to your transformation, which helps you confidently charge what you are worth and find higher-quality clients. 

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The Tower is About Honesty and Authenticity

The Tower card demands honesty and authenticity. It encourages you to be true to yourself and live in alignment with your values. The Tower card helps you embrace your true identity and express yourself authentically by dismantling the facades you have created. 

The Tower makes you question whether society’s expectations influence you. If you do not feel aligned with society’s wants, the Tower will cause you to go against them authentically. For example, you have no desire to settle down and marry with a family. However, your parents are pushing you to meet a partner and settle down to marry. 

They are even setting up blind dates for you and have called a matchmaker. Society values families over those who remain single and childless by choice. However, after being miserable and imbalanced after a few dates, your parents set up, you crack. You make it clear to them that you are not interested in settling down and getting married. Your authentic side shows when you clearly state that you want to stay single. 

The Tower Brings Release and Healing

The Tower card releases pent-up emotions and stagnant energy. It acts as a catalyst for healing, allowing you to let go of emotional baggage and past traumas. The destruction caused by the Tower card provides an opportunity for emotional release and creates space for healing.

Let’s go over an example. You want to evolve and recover from any issues causing you to self-sabotage. You go for a tarot reading, asking what to expect as you work on yourself. 

The Tower comes up, which signifies that you will uncover unpleasant and triggering traumatic memories as you work on yourself. However, as painful as it may be, you will learn to release it, and it will free you. It is also a sign that you will want to work with a professional who can help you navigate it. 

The Tower Brings Clarity and Revelation

The Tower card brings clarity and revelation. It strips away the layers of confusion and delusion, allowing you to see the truth. You gain new insights and perspectives through the destruction and chaos that can lead to profound personal growth and understanding. 

Sometimes, when you have a profound revelation, nothing external per se causes it. You may have a revelation on your own based on you listening to your intuition. It may be more like an ah-ha moment after thinking about something. For example, you have friends who seldom want to see you. And when they do ask to see you, they usually ask you for a favor. 

However, you are aware that they get together often. You may have thought of that as they are closer to one another than they are to you. But your intuition has told you to be careful with them, even though you ignored it. You were happy when they asked to see you even though you knew you would have to put yourself out. 

But one day, you decided to consider these friends and how seldom they ask you to hang out. Then it hits you. They only call to see you if they need something from you. Otherwise, they don’t care. Your revelation at that moment is that these “friends” are using you for their benefit when they need something. 

Therefore, after this revelation, you decide to cut ties. You also reflect and see why they took advantage of you. You have another revelation that you may be a people-pleaser. Therefore, in the future, you will have boundaries to set and begin to attract those who value you. 

The Tower Reminds You That You Have Resilience and Strength

The Tower card teaches resilience and inner strength. It reminds us that we have the power to rebuild our lives even after the most significant challenges and setbacks. The Tower’s destruction may be intense, but facing adversity is the path to discovering our true strength and resilience.

You may initially get scared when something destructive happens, such as suddenly losing a job. However, you find it within to rebuild yourself by looking for a job again. You may become despondent if you keep looking and nothing shows up. 

But you also know you must not give up. You keep finding it within to keep searching. Eventually, you will find a much better job. And if you had given up, it would not have happened. 

Key Takeaways

While the Tower tarot card may initially appear unsettling, it carries a powerful message of growth, transformation, and liberation. Its presence in a reading indicates that change is necessary for your personal evolution. 

It also reminds you that you have the strength to rebuild your life. Embracing the lessons of the Tower card can lead to profound growth and a deeper understanding of yourself. You will also gain a more profound knowledge of the world surrounding you. 

Life is unpredictable, and it is often painful. You may crumble at first when chaos and destruction happen. However, the freedom and liberation you experience after going through the pain are priceless. 

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