July 23, 2024
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Women of the Air Element

Meet the Women of the Air Element!

The air element is one of the four elements in astrological studies. It concerns people born under three zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Women born under these signs are deemed intellectual, philosophical, and smart. They have the innate quality of critical thinking and abstract reasoning. Let us look at what the women of Air Element have to offer.

The Air Element

Air element presence can be found in other zodiac signs, and it has a fundamental value in astrology. Air element women flourish in communication and managerial skills. With their clear perception and keen analysis, they can execute important and risky decisions with high success ratio. Since air connects all the other elements, therefore, its importance is felt and can influence others as well. We discussed the significance of air elements, among others, now let us focus on the commonalities between the signs. The people born under air element belong to three zodiac signs, and they include Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. Let us have a look at the personalities and the individual uniqueness of these signs.

Gemini Women

Gemini women are some of the fabulous people you could ever meet; they have this unique, vivid, and vibrant aura and are intellectual people. Gemini is represented by the Twins, which can also be interpreted as people with dual personalities. Geminis have an intriguing personality they are shifters because the energy around them is always flowing through various patterns. That is true for Gemini women who get bored easily and would always try to change their perspective of things very easily.

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Gemini women can get in a deep conversation with a total stranger and are welcoming. Intellect appeals to Gemini, and they would like a lover who is intellectually on par with them. A Gemini woman would never run out of subjects, so that is how it goes when you are in a relationship with a Gemini woman.

Gemini women have a remarkable aesthetic sense, and you would find their home filled up with books in a corner and lamps hanging from the backyard door with a nice fragrance spreading in the room. Gemini women during work are vivacious and always manage to meet the deadlines. They are passionate and have goals which they do not compromise on.

Libra Women

Libra ladies are the typical adventure girls who see adventure in a simple boat ride and would never give up on anything exciting. They are risk-takers and love to wander.  They have an energetic aura surrounding them and with that compelling others to join them in their ventures. They are independent and enjoy their freedom. They are known to be attractive and have exceptional people skills as well.

Libra might not go for a conventional marriage or long-term relationship, but they like to have a good relationship with many partners. It is because of their need for excitement and constant exploring that makes them more independent of living a love life.

Although they can, for sure, have a partner for life if they show their true potential and feelings towards them, which would make an exceptional relationship. They like the workplace to be filled with creative ideas and people with a progressive mindset as well. A Libra woman focuses her energy well on her goals and would not give up whatever it takes to experience the fun of it.

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Aquarius Women

Aquarius women are free thinkers. Nothing is stopping them when it comes to putting their mind on something. They are quirky but brilliant. They always think creatively and contribute to many issues regarding social injustices and poverty etc. Aquarius is glamorous and cool. They are easy to talk to, and one can feel comfortable when conversing with them.

Aquarius Women are more than simply good partners but sensual, warm, and loyal lovers. Their relationship usually lasts longer and is always filled with love and joy. They constantly work for their relationships and try to make things work. This is because they tend to bring harmony into every relationship they have including with friends and family as well.

Aquarius are not fond of the idea of a permanent home; they would rather live in various places. They have unconventional living standards. Aquarius likes to be respected, and that is why they like to work in a place which holds significant value to their career. They are fit for a job at an NGO or the United Nations, even Doctors without borders, etc.

Finding common traits

As observed from the characteristics given for each sign, it is important to mention how each and every Sign of the Air element have one similarity, and that is the creative nature of each. All of them are intrigued by the workings of nature and have this innate curiosity, which drives them to work. The Women of the three signs know their responsibility in managing a household by maintaining it with balance. Furthermore, all three women will excel well in corporate environments due to their managerial skills. The working routine of all the signs is similar, and everyone can agree on having a creative environment for them to pitch in their ideas and work.

The Differences

The difference occurs in relationships where a Gemini would like to choose an intellectual partner who may or may not last longer depending on the efficiency of a person willing to engage intellectually, Libra, on the other hand, likes to explore and constantly shifts from one partner to another. Not that they do too much but will not make up for a long-term relationship. Gemini, in the end, would like to have a long-lasting relationship and they like to work things out instead of breaking them.


To conclude it is safe to say how the signs of the air element are important caretakers and managers of a variety of works out there. They are the core of a company or a household and can bring innovative ideas and instigate a progressive mindset and attitude in people around them.

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