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Zodiac Signs Ranked from the Most Confident to the Most Insecure

Zodiac Signs Ranked from the Most Confident to the Most Insecure

If you are not the one who is known to be overly confident, you may be the type to look at those who radiate with confidence and wonder how they do it. If you are the type to react to criticism too sensitively, you may also wonder how those who receive the same criticism take it with a stride with a smile and can allow it to roll off their backs.

Perhaps there is the truth about how some people are naturally confident, and others are more insecure. Can you trace that to someone’s upbringing? Here is the thing. Not always. Some confident people did not grow up in nurturing environments, and some are highly insecure that grew up in very loving environments. Therefore, nature has a lot to do with that. Maybe their zodiac signs play a significant role, which is why we are going to look at the zodiac signs ranked from the most confident to the most insecure.

Leo – Radiates with Confidence

Leo‘s fiery nature is why those with this sign want to be in the spotlight and want to show off what they have. Leos do not care about perfection. If they have something or did something they wish to show, they will want others to see it. You can bet that those who take plenty of selfies or pictures of other things share it on their social media because they want the world to be proud of them the way they are proud of themselves.

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Therefore, you will never see a Leo shying away from the spotlight. Showing off who they are is just a part of being a Leo. They are naturally confident.

Sagittarius – Care-free Attitude Them Confidence

Sagittarius’s fiery nature is why Sagittarius can talk to anyone about anything and doesn’t care if others disagree with them. The only thing that Sagittarius cares about is learning what they can as they have a quest for knowledge. They are also not afraid to share their knowledge.

If someone criticizes or insults them, they shrug it off and even turn it into a joke. If anyone knows how to laugh at themselves, it is Sagittarius. You cannot easily offend those with this sign.

Aries – They Know They Can Achieve What They Want

Aries is the last fiery sign of the zodiac, and it is not a surprise that the fire signs rank the highest as those who have plenty of confidence. Aries firstly knows that they are great and that they can achieve anything they want. That is why if they’re going to attain something, whether it is a personal goal or an item that is out of their league, they won’t ever doubt they could do it.

If you want something they want, they will fight you for it, and they will show their competitive nature. That will be hard to beat because Aries will not let you beat them to it.

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Scorpio – Won’t Let You Cross Their Boundaries

It may come as a surprise that Scorpio did not rank towards the bottom as more of an insecure sign because of how secretive, obsessive, and private they are. However, Scorpio is confident because they know what they want, know what they will put up with, and firm up their boundaries.

If you are crossing the boundaries of the Scorpio, they will quickly put you into your place. They will make it clear to you that you are going into ‘dangerous territory,’ which is why you may be likely to walk on eggshells when approaching the boundaries of a Scorpio.

Aquarius – Either Confident or Detached

Aquarius is known to rock their uniqueness to the point that they don’t care what other people think of them. Does this mean they are confident enough to feel that way? Or does it mean that Aquarians are pretty detached? Perhaps there is a mixture of both.

However, the one thing that you know about Aquarians is that they don’t like to conform and are not afraid to do their own thing. They march to their drummer and don’t concern themselves with whether or not someone judges them for it.

Taurus – Their Stubbornness Gives Them Confidence

The thing about Taurus is that they know what they want, and know what they like, and will not allow anyone to influence them. No one can change the mind of a Taurus, and if they know there is a battle or argument they will win, they are confident enough to win it. Their stubbornness helps them achieve that.

However, that does not mean that Taurus cannot struggle with self-doubt or any insecurity. They don’t want anyone to know about it, which is why they bury any insecurities they have about themselves so deep that they are not detectible.

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Gemini – Can Be Confident and Insecure

Gemini is the dual sign which means they can be both confident and insecure, depending on the situation. When it comes to socializing and meeting new people, Gemini is very confident to be around others. They know how to chat it up and have no problem with making new friends. They have no reason to believe that others do not like them. Gemini is not afraid to talk about anything with others either.

However, if you place a Gemini in a situation that they know nothing about, they will not dive into it. That is when they will show their insecurities and clam up. Gemini likes to explore and socialize, but they don’t want to leave their comfort zones the way so many people assume they do.

Capricorn – Confident with Work but Insecure Otherwise

Capricorn is known to take their work and ambitious way of thinking seriously. When they have a goal in mind, they are very confident that they will achieve it and not allow anything or anyone to stop them. Aries is similar, and Mars rules Aries, and the reason for that similarity is that the exaltation of Mars is in Capricorn.

However, when it comes to friendships, romance, and other interpersonal connections, Capricorns can be more insecure and introverted. They are sure of themselves regarding their work and ambitions, but otherwise, they are not.

Pisces – Confident with Their Creative Side, Otherwise, Not So Much

Pisces do not have any trouble showing off their imaginative side, and they enjoy sharing their creativity. That is why they are not shy when it comes to sharing their artwork, whether it is a painting, piece of writing, or a music piece they created. They are proud of their creativity and want to celebrate it with others.

However, otherwise, Pisces is very insecure. They don’t know how to keep their boundaries firm and make sacrifices that they don’t want. They do it because they want others to like them. Pisces also tends to say ‘yes’ to doing favors for others when they don’t want to do them.

Libra – They Want Others to Like Them

It may come to you as a surprise that Libra ranks lower on the confidence scale because they are naturally charming and sociable. However, Libra’s thing is that they want to please others and don’t like to speak up. Libra avoids conflicts at all costs since they dislike confrontation. They are also indecisive.

However, the only time when Libra shows confidence is when they speak up about justice. Libra is all about balance, after all. Therefore, if someone does something morally wrong and gets away with it, then Libra won’t be afraid to voice their dissatisfaction over that.

Virgo – Too Critical of Themselves

Virgo is highly analytical and strives for perfection, which is not possible to attain. Therefore, they cannot stand the fact that they are not perfect, and they do not like the fact that others are not perfect. They are critical of themselves and of others, which is why they are pretty insecure.

Virgos worry about themselves failing to make a good impression, and they constantly worry about embarrassing themselves. The only time that they feel accomplished is if they organize themselves and if they are punctual. However, any mistake they make will undermine that in no time.

Cancer – Too Sensitive

Cancer ranks at the bottom of the confidence ranking list because of its highly sensitive nature. They base their happiness and self-esteem on others’ acceptance, and they struggle to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will like them. Logically they know that no one can please everyone. However, because they are very sensitive, their world falls apart if they learn that someone doesn’t like them.

They care and make wonderful caregivers, but they do it at their expense because they want those, they care for to like them.

Are you a Cancer and don’t care whether or not someone likes you? Are you also a Cancer who has a competitive nature and could not care less whether or not you upset someone? Are you an Aries who desperately wants others to like you and go out of your way pleasing people at your expense? That is because your sun sign only makes up a fraction of your horoscope.

Your Moon, rising sign, and house placements can indicate whether or not you are naturally confident or insecure. Therefore, you may be that competitive Cancer that has an Aries Moon and a Taurus Ascendant. Or you may be that Aries who has a Pisces Moon and Cancer Ascendant. If you are not naturally confident, remember one thing. You are amazing and do not forget that!

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