July 14, 2024
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Twin Hearts Relationship Numerology

Twin Hearts – Relationship Numerology

Have you ever wondered why you had a sudden deep attraction, a magnetic pull, or unexplainable urge to be in someone’s life? Today’s article is about relationships and how they are evolving to become more supportive, esteemed, and valuable to our souls’ path, purpose, and destiny.

Twin Hearts

Egyptian Numerology is now offering a Relationship Numerology service called “Twin Hearts”. This type of reading explains the reason behind our shared paths, purpose, and destiny between those we love and people we feel closely drawn towards.

Every relationship we have is important because it is a reflection of some aspect of ourselves that we manifest outwardly, and it indicates a yearning to find expression through that union.

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We are social creatures by nature although I do know some people have chosen to recuse themselves from society in general, maybe because their empathic nature became sensitive to energy and they found that they are more comfortable in the presence of animals and nature.

But most all of us desire the companionship of a significant other, twin survivor, or someone whom we can share in life’s joys and sorrows.

If we take all past conditioning, beliefs, expectations, memories, and fantasies of what a perfect relationship looks like including sex, money, companionship, appearance, and wipe the slate clean, we have the opportunity to create a new version of a relationship with others that enhances our path, purpose, and destiny that encourages us to evolve into our highest self.

The question to ask yourself is, “Are my current relationships supporting and enhancing my soul’s growth?”

If not, there is something you can do about it and understanding your Soul Life Agreement is a necessity to evaluate where you are and where you want to be.

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Interdependent Relationships

We are moving into interdependent relationships as a primary focus in our development as consciously aware human beings.

Interdependence is only achieved after accomplishing the process of being independent in nature. You cannot achieve independence if you still practice co-dependent behaviors in your relationships.

Independence does not mean living alone. It means that you are self-sufficient in every area of your life. In other words, you don’t depend on others for emotional, financial, social, sexual, physical, and intellectual support. If something were to happen to all your significant others including romantic partner, family, friends, and employment, you would be able to adjust without losing yourself down the black rabbit hole of no return or entering the period of the dark night of the soul.

Independence is a balance of divine masculine and feminine in one embodiment. It is being fierce and tame simultaneously and knowing the right timing of being in alignment with both. It’s coming into a relationship with others because you have something to offer unconditionally.

Our needs within the relationship status have changed over time. The roles men and women have played within the romance and family dynamics have evolved.

We are merging out of two independent people living separate lives together into two independent people sharing their soul’s life path, purpose, and destinies. This is what is called “Interdependence”.

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But a successful relationship is not when two independent people succeed to live parallel lives, it is when two people succeed to merge into one life willingly and support each other’s growth emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

You don’t have to be romantically involved with your twin flame to choose to have an interdependent relationship that entails a shared “Purpose”, although many people are being called to union up with their twin flame in this incarnation to uplift the vibratory rate of consciousness. We can do this process with anyone who resonates at our vibratory rate.

You Do Not Have to Be Compatible to Be Happy

Succeeding in our relationships has very little to do with compatibility. You do not have to be compatible to be happy, but you do have to become soulmates. Being soulmates in a relationship is about forging a much more profound and lasting connection than shared interests. A soulmate is not someone you find. It is someone with whom you choose to build a core connection. It is not a stroke of luck. It takes skill, intention, practice, and wisdom.

There is nothing wrong with being independent. The fact that women and men have become more independent is a good thing. It is progressive that women are more educated, self-reliant, confident, professionally trained, and participants in the workforce. And it is equally wonderful that men learn to be better nurturers and caretakers. Independence is definitely better than being dependent. But it is not the highest level of maturity or integrity that can be forged in a relationship.

What is happening is that the new relationship requirements have been evolving into two whole people coming together and choosing each other because they want to and not because they need to. This means that they want to share their gifts, abilities, and talents with each other in order to support their souls’ path and build on a common purpose that helps humanity evolve.

Interdependence is when two whole independent people complement each other and when they are together, their wholeness doubles the outcome of any endeavor and finds that they are much more esteemed together than apart.

We all yearn to be part of something meaningful and beyond ourselves. We know in the depths of our soul that we are part of a greater connection and it is by merging our life with others to form a new life on a higher level that we find our true purpose and give our independence interdependent significance.

Interdependence is when people choose to need each other. They decide, based on their will and highest intention and not on their fears or weakness, to merge their lives. They choose to create a unified alliance out of the recognition that it is much more valuable than a life lived independently. An interdependent couple, friend, or family member does not need each other, they want to be in each other’s orbit. They understand that “WE” is superior to “ME”.

Starting this month, I am offering a service of relationship readings called “Twin Hearts”.

It will be for couples, friends, or family members that want to know their reason and purpose for being together. It will also uncover karmic lessons and what their highest Destiny looks like moving forward.

If you are interested in scheduling a session, use the link below or visit my website.

Thank you for joining me on this Journey. Have a Blessed Week. Namaste’

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