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BL_HOR_751_Summer Dates The Best Ideas For Dating Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Summer Dates: The Best Ideas For Dating Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Summer is when you will want to spend your time outdoors as the weather allows it unless it is raining or there is a heatwave when it is not a good idea to stay outside for too long. However, this is when you can enjoy outdoor barbeques, swimming, outdoor sports, and walking long walks. You can still do some things in early fall, but summer is the time to take advantage of it. That is why if you are looking for dating ideas in the summer, you are in luck. Let’s now talk about summer date ideas for each zodiac sign.


Aries – Anything Involving Activity And Excitement

Aries, you are boisterous and passionate, and any summer date idea you would like would involve activity and excitement. That is why one excellent idea for a date would be spending the day with your partner at an amusement park. You can enjoy the rides, and enjoy playing some games, and of course, winning them. You may also like the idea of going go-carting or playing games of mini golf. Spending a night watching a sports game like a baseball game is another idea for you.

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Taurus – Anything Involving Gourmet Food And The Outdoors

Taurus, you are sensual and not the one for too much activity. You like to take things slow, and nothing wild appeals to you. You also love the outdoors, which makes sense, given you have an earth sign. That is why some summer date ideas include going for long walks or hiking in a park. You also would enjoy picnics at the park involving gourmet food. If you live not far from a beach, you would also enjoy taking long walks by the beach or having a picnic there if permitted.

Gemini – Anything Involving Constant Movement

Gemini, you are versatile, and you like constant movement. Otherwise, it won’t be exciting for you. Therefore, there are several ideas summer date ideas that you would like. You could go for dinner at an outdoor patio, and then go to a movie after. You could also do some bike riding, whether you rent one or if you happen to own a bike, and then once you are done, you can go for ice cream. Or you would go to an outdoor cafe or coffee shop for long, interesting conversations.

BL_HOR_751_Summer Dates The Best Ideas For Dating Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Cancer – Anything Cozy And Related To The Home

Cancer, you are emotional and sentimental and do not like moving too far out of your comfort zone. Anything and everything having to do with the home and your family is important to you. Therefore, you will not go on any crazy summer dates. You will want to enjoy spending time with your partner in your backyard in front of a bonfire roasting marshmallows and making smores. You do have a sweet tooth. You may also watch a movie in your backyard or take a nice walk nearby.

Leo – Anything Stimulating And Fun

Leo, you are the one that loves to be in the middle of the spotlight, but you also do not like getting bored, given that you are a fire sign. Therefore, any summer date must be stimulating and fun for you. That is why some ideas would be spending a night kinging karaoke, whether it is indoors or outdoors. You may also enjoy something a little more low-key such as going to the botanical garden, which allows you to enjoy the sights, or go out to town, dressed up in a way that others will notice you in a positive way.

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Virgo – Anything That Is Good For The Body And Mind

Virgo, you are detailed-oriented and analytical, as well as health-conscious, and your summer dates would not involve anything that involves too much excitement that does not have anything to do with self-improvement or stimulation of the mind. That is why bike riding is one summer date idea, as you could bike ride with your partner along the trails. You could also do some outdoor cardio as well, or you could go to a museum or go a smoothie bar and enjoy some stimulating conversation.

Libra – Anything Artsy

Libra, you are romantic and very artsy, as it is not a surprise since beautiful Venus rules your sign. Relationships and balance are huge things for you. Therefore, your ideal summer dates include visiting the art gallery or museum. An outdoor art gallery would be perfect for you if there is one happening. You would also enjoy heading to the botanical gardens after having a delicious meal on the patio. You would even enjoy the idea of going to a picnic with gourmet food, like Taurus, as that is another sign ruled by Venus.

Scorpio – Anything Involving Intense Conversations

Scorpio, you are intense and mysterious, and you have a passionate side. You will not date someone until they earn your trust, as you take a long time to trust anyone. And once you do, you will be happy to go anywhere you and your partner can have deep conversations. You may go for dinner and walk on the beach or in a park where you can get some privacy. You can have some fun if you feel competitive enough to do sand castle competitions or contact sports, which could come up spontaneously.

BL_HOR_751_Summer Dates The Best Ideas For Dating Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius – Anything Adventurous

Sagittarius, you are adventurous and always want to have some type of excitement, which is why your summer date will be active. You may go hiking, fishing, or exploring the outdoors. You may also go camping if you decide to go on a weekend date, and you will enjoy roasting marshmallows and some s’mores. You may also go on a long bike ride or play a sport. You would want to go to an area you have not spent much time or have ever been to because you are adventurous.

Capricorn – Simple Or Sophisticated

Capricorn, you are ambitious and very business-like, taking everything seriously. Therefore, you may not have free time for many things, but you take your relationships seriously. That is why you want to ensure that you have enjoyable and meaningful dates. However, the type of summer date you will want to go on will depend on your mood. You may prefer something simple such as taking a walk in the park, grabbing pizza, then going for ice cream. Or, head over to an outdoor jazz show on the patio of your favorite restaurant. It all depends on your mood for the day.

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Aquarius – Something Humanitarian

Aquarius, you are a rebel, and you are also a humanitarian. You are not going on a typical summer date, but the one you would be the most likely to go on would involve volunteering or doing some humanitarian act. For example, if your favorite cause is hosting a flea market, you will take your date out to the flea market and buy some goods while you go and grab something to eat. Maybe you also will host a garage sale with your partner, and all the money you make from the sales will go to your favorite charity.

Pisces – Anything Romantic

Pisces, you are a true romantic as you are sensitive and imaginative. So many summer date ideas would make you happy. If you live near the beach, you would want to have a summer picnic date on the beach with many foods that will satisfy the sweet tooth, as you will then walk along the beach after your picnic. Or, take a nice walk somewhere upscale at night and then go for ice cream. Or, you may spend the date in the kitchen making something sweet, such as a berry pie. Then head out to the backyard or the park and watch the sunset.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, you will never struggle to figure out what you can do on your summer dates because the options are so vast since the summer season is the best time of year weatherwise. And sometimes you will want to spend your summer dates sitting on the porch, enjoying the sunshine, as you talk with your partner. Sometimes you may decide to go swimming together or go to a specific outdoor event such as a concert or a festival. The sky is the limit.

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