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Cancer Dating Profile

What to expect when dating a Cancer

Falling for a Cancer? Interested in one? Want to get to know the special Cancer in your life a little better? This tenderhearted water sign can be very changeable and thus, quite hard to understand sometimes. After all, they’re ruled by the Moon. Yet, beneath their defenses lies a soft and vulnerable human being, one who’s willing to give everything of themselves and truly believes in love. Dating a Cancer will sometimes be like dating a new person every day of the week – they definitely know how to keep things interesting. They also won’t stint on showing you how much they care – you’ll always feel safe and nurtured by your adoring Cancer! Here’s what else you need to know about being with a Cancerian.


Dating a Cancer

When you start out dating a Cancer, you might be bowled over by their romantic side. They tend to make you feel really seen, loved, heard and appreciated. When on a date, you can really feel their presence with you, and they’ll go out of their way to listen and empathize. This is not the type of sign to ghost you or run away, although at times, they may take time out to go into their shell and withdraw. When this happens, the best thing you can do is let them know you’re there when they feel more sociable. This withdrawal is their recharge time, so that they can give as much as they do. When they’re ready to come out of their shell, they’ll be as warm and loving as they have always been, ready to whisk you away and romance you.

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Communicating With a Cancer

Because Cancer is a water sign, they prefer to communicate with feelings and emotions. This is a remarkably intuitive sign, so don’t be surprised if they pick up on what you’re thinking and experiencing with y our having to say a single word. It can feel wonderful to be so deeply understood by another human being so well. Be warned, however – Cancer people need the same kind of treatment back. If they feel as if they’re not being empathized with and their needs not being met, they can get a little sulky! It’ll take a bit of time to learn what your sensitive Cancer needs, but once you do, they’re not too difficult to figure out and communicate with. They’ll appreciate you talking to them with a view to understand, rather than attack. If they feel attacked, expect a total withdrawal with some grumpy lashing out to let you know they’re not happy. Thus, approach with caution when you want to bring something up, and do it in a soft, gentle and empathetic way.

How A Cancer Shows Their Love

Cancerians show their love and care for you in very wholesome, emotional ways. They love to cook a meal for you, for example, using their grandmother’s famous recipe. Inviting you over to their home is also a major sign that they’re into you, so don’t miss this opportunity to get connected. For this zodiac sign, love happens right in their very own sacred space. Further along the line, the Cancerian will likely ask you to move in with them, which is the ultimate sign of their love and care for you. Once you’re all shacked up together, nights in with good food, cuddles and deep emotional connection are their chosen love language.

What Turns a Cancer Off

Because this is such an emotional, intuitive sign, a big turn off for the Cancerian is when there’s no heart-to-heart connection. If you’re someone who’s headier and prefers to analyze things, then this relationship might be a little challenging for you, as your Cancer is likely to insist on building a strong emotional bond. Another turn off for most Cancers is when there’s no interest in building a home or family together, as this is likely something they want to have somewhere down the line. Even if they’re in a travelling phase – which most Cancerians love – they do crave that security. Cancers also like it when you ‘need’ them, so if you’re someone who’s overly independent, this might be a little bit of a turn off. Why not try asking them for something small? The way their face lights up will be worth the awkwardness – plus, it’s a turn on when they feel like they can take care of you.

Strengths of Cancer

You may have already heard that Cancerians are highly nurturing, sensitive and caring. These are some of their very best qualities, making it easy to adore them. They’ll know exactly when you feel down and out and will scurry around to make sure that you feel cared for. They’ll make you a nourishing cup of tea, tuck you into a blanket and happily listen to your problems, offering empathy and advice when needed. Their ability to understand your feelings is something that should never ever be taken for granted. Their other strength is their creativity and imagination, not to mention their sentimentality. This is a zodiac sign who you can take a walk down memory lane with and laugh over the past, whilst creating a future to die for. Cancers always make you feel as if you have someone to turn to who feels safe – they make a great deal of effort to ensure you don’t ever feel like you’re alone. This is someone who will always be on your team, no matter what their mood or personal situation is. Even if they’re not always available right away, when they are there for you, they’re there one hundred percent of the way.

Weaknesses of Cancer

The same thing that makes Cancer so strong is what also makes them a little weak – their emotions. Being such a ‘feely’ sign can sometimes be to the detriment of Cancer, as they can get caught in the trap of their own emotional experience which can lead to them being rather grumpy, moody and snappy. Being around Cancer when they’re wallowing in a mood is not a pleasant experience, and you usually just have to give them a great deal of space. Whatever you do, don’t ‘attack’ them because another weakness of Cancer is often being unable to handle confrontation. They’ll sidestep it, and lash out instead in a passive-aggressive way, which can prove to be very annoying to the person on the receiving end. This is also a sign that tends to carry resentment inside of them, and one of their biggest issues is not being able to speak about something openly. This can certainly be seen as a weakness of theirs, and it is a challenge to try and pry this sign open – patience is absolutely key when dealing with the sensitive Cancer.

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Most compatible signs with Cancer

Of course, water signs are always the most compatible with watery Cancer. Most especially, Scorpio, who also shares a hard exoskeleton, like Cancer, belying a soft underbelly. Both of these signs are quite self-protective, so they’ll have a good understanding of each other. These signs know that, behind the mask, is someone just as sensitive and vulnerable as each other is, and just as deep. However, with all of that said, Cancerians do benefit most from being with earth signs, such as Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo. Taurus is an especially good sign for Cancer, being very consistent and patient with the powerful moods of this water sign. Capricorn, being Cancer’s opposite is a little less compatible, but as they say, opposites attract! Finally, a little-known sign that often works with Cancer is Aries, as strange as those sounds. Yes, fire and water aren’t usually a good mix, but these two signs have something special. There’s loyalty here, care and the willingness to show up for each other, which is beautiful to witness.

Least compatible signs with Cancer

One of the most incompatible signs with Cancer probably has to be Sagittarius. Although these two can enjoy plenty of travels and adventure with each other, the Cancerian may prove to be a little oversensitive for this fire sign. Sagittarius just says it like it is, often being rather tactless and overly brash, which is bound to eventually hurt the sensitive Cancer’s feelings in the long run. Of course, the Cancer may also just need to grow a thicker skin if they want to be with someone as direct at the Sagittarius. Another incompatible sign with Cancer is Aquarius, who can be a bit detached and cold for the feeling-orientated Cancer. Aquarius just wants to do their own thing, and may find Cancer too needy or clingy for their tastes. This is likely to make Cancer feel even more insecure in the long run – there are people out there who are much more compatible for the crab. At best, the Aquarius and the Cancer may have some zany, wacky, fun moments together or even learn from each other how to balance head and heart. But it will take quite a bit of work.

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