June 15, 2024
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Be Your Own Cupid: Using Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Soul Mate

In classical mythology, Cupid is the god of desire and attraction; when Cupid’s arrow hits, we fall madly, helplessly in love with whomever is nearby. Anyone who has been in love knows how being hit by the arrow of Cupid can feel— almost nothing else matters, as you fall tumbling and swooning in spirals of appreciation for the man or woman who has stolen your heart. Typically in our culture we portray Cupid’s archery as somewhat random, like we can never know when or at whom he will point his arrow, and like we have no say in the matter whatsoever. But we want our readers to understand that you have the power to act as your very own Cupid, and to attract to yourself the soul-mate of your dreams, with a basic understanding of something called Law of Attraction.

If you’ve never heard of the art of deliberate creation, or “manifesting”, in short it works like this: the Universe operates by way of a principle called the Law of Attraction— “that which is like unto itself is drawn.” This means that whatever belief or emotion you are activating at any given time, by means of your focus upon it, is actually sculpting the circumstances of your life around you and molding your future; whatever you give your attention to, you attract more of.


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An Energetic Universe

You are, at your very root, a vibrational being, and you are at all times emanating some vibrations more powerfully than others, depending on your focus. If you are focusing upon people, circumstances or ideas that inspire you to feel appreciation and joy, then you are emitting the vibrations of appreciation and joy, and are thus attracting situations which will inspire more of those same feelings. If you are focused upon aspects of your life that make you feel frustrated, angry or unloved, then you are emitting these vibrations, and so you will attract more situations which cause you to feel frustration, anger or loneliness.

If you have ever experienced the reality of the expression, “when it rains, it pours”, then you understand what Law of Attraction means— when you feel like you’re on fire, then everyone loves you and you’re the life of the party! And when you feel lonely, ignored and unattractive, then no one answers your calls, the bus splatters mud all over your dress and even your cat won’t give you the time of day!

A master of Law of Attraction thus understands that in order to create the life of her dreams, she must get up ahead of the circumstances of the present and project the vibrations of the reality she wishes to see reflected in her life. Rather than staring at the empty space where you want your soul mate to be and mourning his or her absence, a deliberate creator finds the feeling of love and connection—before the physical arrival of the lover!— and practices emitting these feelings, until, due to the absolute binding nature of the Law of Attraction, reality catches up to this vibration and physically manifests the lover who matches the vibration.

It is sort of like metaphysical method acting— you find the “character” or “mood” that matches the experience you wish to have, and then act it out as though it is already real, and then reality will morph to reflect the vibration and bring you this experience! You are like a magnet to the universe, drawing unto yourself people, situations and objects which mirror your thoughts— so choose wisely what you are focused upon! The more time you spend activating a certain vibration, the more powerfully you are attracting manifestations which match that emotion.

Understanding all this, we see how we can use the power of imagination to attract a soul mate, by meditating inside the vibration of connection to a perfect companion, and spending as much time as possible activating the feeling-experience of this kind of relationship.

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Manifesting Your Soul Mate

Here is a simple exercise you can use to attract your soul mate. Sit with a pen and paper and consider for yourself what a connection like this would feel like. What kind of experience are you wanting, and what would it feel like to live it out? Everyone is a little different, and we all have different preferences for the kind of relationships that we want.  List some very general qualities of the experience of uniting with your perfect lover. You might write things like: “easy and fun communication”; “laughter”; “mutual understanding and rapport”; “emotional support”; “we promote each other’s health and well-being”; “positive influence”; “expansion”; “shared interests”; “physical chemistry” and so forth.  Write as many qualities down as you wish in a relaxed, joyful spirit; have fun exploring the feeling of this experience, keeping in mind that you are basically painting the relationship of your dreams into being! Let the feelings rise up authentically within you, and try to really embody the experience, like an actor.

Try to make it as real to yourself as you can. You can observe successful relationships of your friends and family and note the positive aspects that you would like for yourself, or you can think back upon your past relationships, and remember the positive qualities that you enjoyed and wish to experience once again. Really remember and activate what it felt like. You can also reflect upon what qualities you did not like and write down the opposite quality as a preference. For instance, if your ex was a highly jealous person, you can write down “security, trust and ease”, or if you fought a lot, you can write down “joy and fun”.

After you have a substantial list of qualities, go back over each quality and write a few points which describe why you want this quality. For example, for “shared interests” you might write, “because I love going on fun outings together” or for “rapport” you might write “because I love deep and fascinating conversation”. Getting into the ‘why’ for each quality helps prolong your activation of this vibration; as you look within yourself for the roots of your desires, you are spending more time emanating this vibration, which is lending power and speed to your manifestation.


Revisit this exercise as often as it feels good to you. You can repeat this exercise and describe the qualities of the relationship, or you can do the same exercise describing the personality or circumstances of the lover you are wanting.

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Then, to further activate the vibration of your soul mate, as you move about in your day, seek out evidence of the qualities that you wrote down in your physical experience. For instance if you see a mother and child happily holding hands, take mental note of it— emotional support. If you see a happy couple kissing, affirm it— physical chemistry. If you see qualities that you like that you hadn’t thought of, add them to your list. Keep in mind that in affirming these qualities and giving your focus to them, you are summoning that kind of experience to yourself. Any focus given to these qualities activates that vibration, so the more time you spend focused upon them, the better!

If you can turn your gaze away from loneliness and longing, and instead place your focus on examples of appreciation, support, love and so forth, then you are essentially sending a long spreadsheet to Cupid of precisely the qualities you are looking for in a soul mate!  The longer you can spend focused upon these qualities, the more swiftly Cupid can deliver them to you.

Take the quiver and arrows into your own hand— the lover of your dreams is right around the corner!

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