July 17, 2024
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What to Dress Up as for Halloween Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What to Dress Up as for Halloween Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Halloween is right around the corner, do you have your costume picked out yet? If life has been moving fast and you’ve forgotten to take the time to pick out the perfect get up, fear not! Your costume dilemma is fixed, and all you need to know is your big three zodiac signs (that’s your sun, moon and rising).

Scroll down and find your signs on this list to gain some spooky inspo for your costume. You can pick one out of the three or see if you can combine them all into one monster mash up costume!

Aries: something scary

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the start of the zodiacal year, so these fire signs tend to be direct and to the point. Being ruled by Mars you’ll have the most fun dressing up as something spooky, scary or powerful. Most Aries people have been Ghostface from the Scream franchise at least once! This year, arm yourself with a fake knife, sword, or any weapon of your choosing, then grab your handy dandy fake blood and get ready to scare kids and adults alike with your spooky costume.

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Taurus: Cher

Cher is one of the most iconic Taurus sun people to ever live, and with a 5 decade career there is no shortage of iconic Cher looks to replicate. You could sew or recreate your best Bob Mackie look from the 70s or 80s, with tinsel or feather hair to match. You could even turn back time in a see-through bodysuit and big curly black wig. Of course, you can also dress your partner up as Sonny Bono, or even make it a group costume and get everyone to dress up as someone from Mamma Mia!

Gemini: a play on words

With the quick wit and plethora of funny bones to be had when you’re a Gemini, no costume is better than one that’s a punny play on words. Try being something clever like dressing up as a cow with angel wings and a halo (holy cow, get it?), or don your best Kiss face paint and wear a beret and some stripes (a french kiss, if you will). The people who get it will love it and the people who give you a fake laugh aren’t your people!

Cancer: Venus

Cancer may be ruled by the moon, but these water signs have a particular affinity to the sea, so dressing up as Botticelli’s the Birth of Venus is perfect! Most Cancers have at least fantasized about what it might be like to dress as this iconic piece of art, so why not take the leap this year? You can always look up Lady Gaga’s version of Venus to see a modern twist on this classic costume.

Leo: Barbie

After the box office smash success of the Barbie movie this summer, you can expect to hear “hi Barbie!” many times as you’re walking the streets on Halloween. Leo is used to being the stand out in any crowd, but this fire sign is also heart centered and community focused, so it’ll bring you much joy to be a part of the Barbie crew. Plus who wants the fomo of not getting a chance to be the brightest, loudest, and most sparkly Barbie there is?!


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Virgo: Persephone

Virgo sometimes gets a bad rep in modern popular astrology and a tightly wound know-it-all, but this earth sign has a special connection to everyone’s favorite queen of the underworld: Persephone. Virgo is the sign that ushers us into the end of Summer, with the return of dark days not far behind, because of this Persephone is one of the goddesses associated with Virgo. So paint a skeleton on your face and wear a flowery dress and flower crown to honor your inner Persephone.

Libra: Victor-Victoria

This air sign is ruled by Venus and its symbol is the scales, so love and balanced relationships are very important to anyone with a Libra sun, moon or rising! A Victor-Victoria (half man, half woman, or anything of the like tbh) costume is the best suited for their personality. While this split in half costume can be difficult to put together, few people love dressing up in costumes more than Libras, so give it a go and wow everyone at the Halloween party this year.

Scorpio: a vampire

Scorpio, you’re used to sucking the secrets out of every person you meet, so you might as well fully commit to the bit and be a vampire for Halloween. I’m willing to bet that you’ve always wanted to dress up as a vampire, or maybe it’s your staple costume and you’re known for being a creature of the night year after year. It’s hard to beat this classic costume, but why beat ‘em when you can join ‘em?!


Sagittarius: something so niche no one will know what you are

Sagittarius is a passionate and intellectual fire sign. Unlike its opposing sign Gemini, when Sagittarius gets into something like a certain philosopher, a new book series or even a religion, they go all the way in! So, Halloween is the perfect time to let everyone know what your current hyperfixation is by dressing up as something most people have never heard of. Who cares if only you know the obscure character you’re dressed as?

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Capricorn: your father

Capricorns are the daddies of the zodiac, so you might as well let everyone know it this Halloween by dressing up as your own father. This costume is simple, comfortable and sure to elicit many laughs (Capricorns have a biting sense of humor that is too often overlooked). So, grab some cargo shorts, a hat with his favorite sports team on it, and don’t forget the stick on mustaches. Anyone who was alive between 2012-2016 knows how fun it is to go out with a fake mustache on!

Aquarius: an alien cowboy

Aquarians are often touted as being future thinking intellectuals, so dressing up as an alien for Halloween can seem like low hanging fruit for this out of this world air sign, but what if you added a fun little twist? Grab some green face paint, a cowboy hat, some cowboy boots and try being an alien cowboy for Halloween this year. Get creative and make your alien all your own!

Pisces: a mermaid

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet which rules over fantasies and illusions, so this water sign has a particular relationship to all things dreamy. Since they’re a mythological creature usually found in the sea, the perfect Halloween costume for Pisces is a mermaid! Of course any mythological water creature like a Siren or a Kelpie would also be a great fit for this watery sign.

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