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How Couples With Incompatible Zodiac Signs Can Thrive

You have been arguing with your partner lately and realize you have always had a history of friction. You even remember having an astrology synastry reading done for you and your partner and were told that you are both highly incompatible. You did not believe it too much then because even though you experienced a lot of friction, you loved them and could not imagine being with anyone else. However, when you think about it, you see that the astrologer was right. You may be a Leo, and your partner may be a Taurus, so it is no wonder you cannot see eye to eye on things. You both are highly incompatible and now you wonder if there is any hope for you to thrive as a couple considering how you keep butting heads. Keep on reading about the Incompatible Couples according to their Zodiac Signs…

Is a Relationship Doomed to Fail if There Is a Lot of Incompatibility in the Synastry Chart?

The short answer is no, and you also want to keep the idea that you and your partner will never make it if your sun signs are incompatible. There is more to your natal chart than your sun sign. Remember that your moon and rising signs are not the only factors that mean everything in a horoscope. You also have the placements of these signs and Mars and Venus. Suppose couples with many incompatible zodiac signs want to stay together. Even if they are highly inconsistent and butting heads all the time, they want to visit together because they love one another. In that case, there are ways they can thrive despite the incompatibility. Let’s go over those ways to succeed despite the incompatibility.

Embrace The Differences

The saying that opposites attract has merit, even though you may not see it that way. For example, you may not think an introverted Pisces could be attracted to an extroverted Aries, but it happens. And instead of focusing on how different you and your partner are, which makes you ruminate about how you don’t feel your relationship will work out in the end, embrace those differences. And look at these differences as a way to learn something from your partner; if you are the extroverted Aries who questions why you fell in love with that introverted Pisces, why not learn something from them and understand how valuable it is to spend time with yourself? On the flip side, your introverted Pisces partner can see it is not scary to open up to others by watching you do it.

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Resentment Is A Response To Unmet Expectations

You and your partner are different, which means that any expectations you have from your partner will likely go unfulfilled because they may not be capable of meeting them. No one is talking about you expecting them to show up for you and to respect you, as that is one expectation you must have. However, you cannot expect your partner to think and behave in a specific way that is not authentic to them. And if you do, that will turn into anger and resentment, and that will cause you and them to butt heads all of the time. For example, if your partner is a loud eater and keeps smacking their lips loudly, even though you have said this bothers you, they may be unable to help it. Is this a battle you want to pick? The best thing you can do is tune it out or decide to do a chore. On the flip side, they know you don’t like it and cannot expect you not to do what is best for you to tune it out.  Therefore, you must lower your expectations with your partner and accept that they are who they are and will not change that to meet your expectations.

Get Used To Making A Lot Of Compromises

When you are with a partner you love but don’t have much compatibility with, you must learn to be flexible. This will be the most challenging for incompatible couples with many fixed modalities in their natal and synastry charts. However, that is the only way to make a relationship work. Couples who have a lot of trines and textiles in their synastry horoscopes will not be in positions where they will have to constantly make compromises because they are a lot more compatible and would be more likely to have similar wants and needs.

It is essential to communicate effectively what you want so your partner knows, and if their relationship with you means as much as it does to you, they will honor it and find a way to compromise. You must accept that making sacrifices is part of a partnership, regardless of compatibility. However, you never want to do it at your expense, and that is why if you have to make some sacrifice to meet your partner’s needs, then they must make a sacrifice to meet your needs so there is no slippery slope to resentment leading to passive-aggression and dishonest behavior.

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Focus On Your Emotional Connection In Your Relationship

When you must compromise with one another and find yourself butting heads at times with your incompatible partner, remind yourself why you are with your partner. Yes, they may frustrate you, and the synastry chart will show you why – you have a lot of oppositions, squares, quincunxes, and complex conjunctions, but that does not change the fact that you love them. And that is something you need to remind yourself of when feeling frustrated.

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Take some time for yourself and reflect on how you would feel if your partner one day disappeared. If the idea of that brings you a lot of anxiety, that is a sign that you love them. If you know your partner feels the same way, then you have something beautiful there despite the differences you have with one another. Focusing on your emotional connection with your partner is an excellent way to bridge the gap regarding incompatibility. Spend plenty of intimate time with them. Have some deep conversations with them, and keep nurturing the love between you.

Remember That Communication Is Key To Having Successful Relationships

As mentioned previously, communication is essential to maintain any partnership regardless of compatibility. You could have a highly compatible couple, but they may be so compatible that they do not communicate effectively. The relationship will have many problems, which will risk it not last.

There may be one benefit to being with a partner that is highly incompatible with you. You see that it is essential to communicate your differences since you will want the relationship to work. The incompatibility will drive you to discuss things and express your feelings. That way, you will see the cause of your disconnect, so you can work on methods to fix the situation, which can only be done through effective communication.

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Focus On The Things You Have In Common With Your Partner

Even the most compatible partners will have differences. But their differences are not as extreme as incompatible partners. However, on the flip side, incompatible partners will find some things they have in common with one another, and that is what to focus on instead of focusing on the friction. You and your partner may like different things and may have different views, and you may not see eye to eye on everything. However, you must share a lot of similar values. Therefore, focus on that. Chances are there are some common interests and hobbies. Focus on that! When you do that, you will see that you are more compatible than you think, despite what the synastry chart shows.

The next time you are arguing with your partner and realize how different you both are, you will want to go back to why you fell in love with them in the first place. You may have plenty of harsh aspects in your synastry chart, but that does not mean there is no chemistry. And that does not mean there is no love. Suppose you find a way to work together despite the incompatibility. In that case, you and your partner will become unbreakable, and you will feel as if you and your partner can conquer the world together because you have had to work extra hard to make your relationship work.

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