June 12, 2024
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The Karmic Portal of 10/10

What is so special about October 10th? There are many reasons why you want to pay attention to this date. In numerology, 10 is a karmic number, and it is a number that represents completion as you are ready to go towards a new direction. As you have the date of October 10th, a double-ten, the energies unlock a potent gateway that encourages you to take an entirely different approach than you have been used to.

And regarding the numerological energies of 2023, which comes out to seven, it is a highly spiritual number encouraging you to look within and be analytical to see where you need to grow and evolve. Suppose you have done the work earlier in the year. In that case, the double-ten energies will help you take action to grow and develop where you need to grow so you can prepare yourself for an action-oriented and powerful year, 2024, which is an eight numerological year.

However, if you did not do the work to look within earlier in the year, the double-ten energies will bring you situations where you will have to look within and see where evolution needs to happen so you prepare for the upcoming year. However, the odds of you not doing self-reflection earlier in the year are unlikely since you would have encountered situations that would have caused self-reflection, which would usually be disguised as disappointment or something unexpected. Let’s delve further into the double-ten energies.

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The Karmic Number of 10

When it comes to the number 10, it is a number that represents wholeness, and as mentioned, it is a number about completion as you are ready to take the next step. When it comes to the number nine, that is a number that also represents completion, but you are not prepared to move forward to the next cycle, as the number 10is about fulfillment, wholeness, and moving to the following process.

When you think of karmic numbers such as 13, 14, 16, and 19, you think of having to pay a karmic debt, but with 10, it is karmic for different reasons, as it is a number that represents opportunities. Think about the Wheel of Fortune and Sun tarot cards in the Major Arcana, which correlate with 10 and represent moving forward to new opportunities.

The tens in the Minor Arcana of each suit represent completion and moving on to the next cycle. Ten of Wands represents working too hard to the point that you must delegate to avoid burnout. Ten of Swords indicates something has ended, allowing you to move forward from what has ended. Ten of Cups is the card of fulfillment you have been looking for, and you have it so you can step on to new things that can add to your satisfaction. Finally, the Ten of Pentacles is not only achieving wealth but having the ability to pass some of it on to the less fortunate or inheritance.

And with the double dose of ten, during the Libra season, when you look for balance and harmony, you will have the urge to tie loose ends, as you will have the opportunity to work on issues in your life that require closure so you can move to the next cycle while preparing yourself for the following year.

The other thing about the double-ten energies is that you can manifest what you want. You can make the changes you wish and implement plans to help you manifest your desires. Let’s explain why this double-ten energy can help you find closure and open the doors for manifestation.

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Ten Is the Number of Rebirth

The number ten is all about rebirth as you go through the series of single-digit numbers to the highest vibration of the number nine, and then you add the mystical zero, which makes the number ten the rebirth of one. That is why the number ten, as a compound number, carries the vibration of one, being creation and leadership, and zero, the mystical number associated with the Universe.

Therefore, that is why 10 is associated with rebirth, which means there are new beginnings and fresh starts related to this number. When you have the double-ten, you are entering a portal for regeneration. On October 10th, you are allowed to take on the leadership and creative energies of one and immerse yourself in the mystical powers of zero. The Sun rules this compound number.

Therefore, this is the best time to take action on what you need to do and finish up loose ends. And it will take courage, which means you must surrender and remove what is no longer serving you and your highest good. You will want to do that so you can align with the powerful energies of eight in the following year, 2024. If this sounds overwhelming to you, that is understandable. Let’s talk about how to make the most of the 10/10 energies!

How to Make the Most of the 10/10 Energies

It will take courage to make the most of these 10/10 energies because you will be pushed into making changes if you still need to. You can take steps to make the best of it, and the one thing you can do is change your perspective.

This will require you to step back and look at ways you have lived with outdated systems, limited beliefs, and old memories that no longer serve you. They are trapping you, so you must reflect, look at it, and change your perspective. You also need to take responsibility for your place in life right now.

If you are unhappy with where you are and how your life is now, you need to take accountability and see what changes you can make to improve your life. These changes can be minor or significant, whatever is ideal for you. If you need to talk with a coach or a therapist, that is the best thing you can do! You will feel overwhelmed with so much change in the air, which will feel unsettling.

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Therefore, please talk with a therapist, do what you can to shift your perspective, and use humor to get through it. Now you know what to expect with the 10/10 karmic portal. And if your birthday is on October 10th, firstly, happy birthday to you, or if you know someone who has a birthday on that date, let’s talk about the type of energy they bring out (or you, if it is your birthday).

The Numerological Aspect of the Birthday 10/10

If your birthday is on October 10th, or if you know someone who has that birthday, then the double-ten energies rule you. Therefore, you are a leader, seen as a leader or an administrator. That may contradict the passive Libra energies, but remember, Libra is a cardinal sign, and the double-ten energies will impact that.

Therefore, you will be influential with those energies if you have that birthday and can even be commanding, as those traits will enhance your character. You are the type to speak up and be honest, straightforward, and diligent. You would be a great teacher, business owner, coach, work in the psychology field, or do something that would help bring balance to humanity from Libra’s influence. However, one negative aspect of having double-ten energies in your birthdate is that you may struggle with failure, which is inevitable in life and can hurt your ego and confidence. You may also be too cautious at times and fearful.

Therefore, if you were born under the karmic portal of 10/10, that is how the numerological energies impact your life. If you know someone with that birthday, you understand why that individual is the way they are. Remember that other components of someone’s numerological and astrological makeup will influence their characteristics. But since 10/10 is a bold karmic number, the traits will stand out.

To sum up, whether you have a birthday on this date or not, the impact of the 10/10 energies will be strong. In numerology, ten represents completion as you are ready to move in a new direction, and it is a karmic number. Because October 10th is a double-ten, the energies unlock a highly potent gateway that encourages you to take an entirely different approach.

Regarding the numerological energies of 2023, which come out to seven, it encourages you to look within and be analytical to determine where growth and evolution are needed. Let’s say you had completed the work earlier in the year. The double-ten energies can help you take action to grow and develop where you need to grow to prepare for a powerful and action-oriented year in 2024. Therefore, make the most of this karmic 10/10 portal.

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