June 16, 2024
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Learning to Manifest your Perfect Partner or Specific Person

Learning to manifest your perfect partner or SP

Deep down most of us wish for a great love story and seek a partner who is the ‘person of our dreams’.  Now, manifesting techniques can be very powerful and effective, so it’s true if you work through the correct rituals, you can bring a specific person closer to you. My question to you initially is; what makes you believe that this person is your one?  What is it about them which makes them feel like the perfect fit for you; your ideal ‘specific person’? I find that this is the key missing with manifestation technique teachings.  I know from personal experience that often, when one person is desperate to attract or win back a specific person, they are rarely the right person for their long-term happiness.  Often what makes us fixate upon another is that they reflect our wounds and limitations we have become accustomed to. If you are genuinely ready to manifest a great love story, then here is the perfect process that I have devised to work on:

1. True love of the self

Do you truly love and respect yourself?  Now, I know this is something that everybody quotes these days, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Self-love isn’t just about being able to say “I love you” to yourself in the mirror without flinching.  Learning to love the self is about actually looking at your blocks to love and identifying areas where you are stuck or fearful; in essence ~ learning to shine a light upon your fears.

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We have all been raised by other human beings, with their own personal limitations and pain, and on some level, we all are either involved in the projection of another’s issues, or the expression of their worst traits.  Simply put, on some level, we have probably all experienced some kind of abuse and/or suppression, from very mild, to very extreme.

In order to love the self, we need to first identify what the self actually is.  What were your fantasies as a 3-year-old?  At this point in our progress, we know ourselves with minimal external conditioning usually.  What did you like to do now, and dream of becoming?  One of the key elements of manifestation is clarity.

2. Align the self

In order to be in a great relationship, you need to be able to be a great partner.  Are you kind, patient, and loving?  Are you able to put another first if they are in need, whilst keeping your own needs as a priority so that you don’t become weak and needy?

Being in balance is very important, and the way our closest relationships are experienced is as much a reflection of ourselves as it is the other person.

It’s important to remember that if you are working with the Law of Assumption, you are going to be manifesting a higher vibrational relationship; one where all of your thoughts about yourself will be reflected clearly by your partner.

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You will need to make sure you are ready to be able to see yourself fully reflected back and are willing to grow and learn to be the best version of you.

Long-term spiritual relationships take work and commitment from both parties, but they are incredibly rewarding and blissful once you fully commit to the whole process of spiritual love.

3. Understand your thoughts

The mind is the most powerful tool you possess and in order to utilize it at its best, learning to observe your thoughts and have them work for you, is intrinsic.

Many of us carry limiting beliefs which are repeated habitual statements we’ve picked up from others, such as; “that just my luck” or “it never works when I try it”.

Or we may have created our own limiting beliefs like, “I’m not attractive enough” or “my partners always leave me” or “I wish were like such and such…”.

We get so used to our negative mental circuits, that we barely notice them, and particularly if you are British, you are probably less able to speak well of yourself, as the culture encourages put-downs of the self.  Certainly, people in the US are better primed to believe in their worth and their success.

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Perhaps the issues there would be more around trusting that a partner could be faithful, or happy with you just as you are?

Ultimately it takes time to recognize the little phrases and discouraging thoughts we say in our minds and about ourselves to others, but until we start to work on reprogramming these, we will find that our manifestation efforts encounter blocks.

4. Startwith the subconscious

Now affirmations are a very powerful and useful technique to use when manifesting, in fact, using daily mantras will speed up most of our outcomes.  Over time, regular use of affirmation can begin to over-ride our limiting subconscious assumptions.

Learning our subconscious programming can be a little more tricky, as although these thoughts are what we may interpret from our dreams and our triggering responses, they may not be clearly and observable patterns.  They are usually somewhat hidden to us.

Gratitude is another powerful way to start to train the mind, through repetition, to accept more rewarding outcomes.

The concept of ‘deserving’ does not actually exist outside of the human psyche.  According to universal energy, everything just ‘is’ and whatever the ~energy~ it will attract more of the same energy.

5. Strength your dream state

Once we start to work with the subconscious, then we will become more accustomed to working in our dream state.

There are a few ways to do this; the first and most obvious one is meditation.  By using guided meditations to help us to reach the dream state, we can begin to develop a ‘life’ which will gradually become represented in what we regard as our ‘real life’.

There are many great guided meditations available and I’m developing a few more of my own. Including a meditation on ‘reprogramming’ past experiences, beliefs and limitations ~ which will assist in remove blocks very effectively.

Another great exercise is starting to keep a journal so that you learn to write about your feelings on a deeper level.  For some people writing is a great way to access motivations beyond our habitual thought patterns.

Keeping a diary of your dreams is great too, I find that if you start to write down the dreams you remember upon waking, your mind responds by gradually starting to remember them better in more detail.  My other articles on understanding your dreams, may be useful for insight.  Over time also, you may be able to create your own dream outcomes and start to develop a skill for ‘lucid dreaming’ as you become more in tune with your dream state.

6. Manifest the best version of love

There are other manifestation teachers out there who recommend that you focus on a person that you know and that you wish to be with and then use all of the manifestation tools to draw them into your ideal relationship.

Now, some people have met the ‘one’ and have that full knowledge that this is the person that they are ready to spend the rest of their lives with, and in this case, this can work out very well.

However, in the 21st Century, our views on love are skewed, and we are often given a ‘reality TV’ view of relationships, and live in a world of social media, resulting in some face-to-face dysfunction.

As a result, many of us find it difficult to recognize true love and do not know what truly suits our highest view of ourselves.

Once you have started to work on all of the steps above, you will have a better idea of true love and what your heart is calling for, but still, I recommend that you work with your higher self.

We all have a continual spiritual connection to love pure universal energy through our higher selves, or through the soul, or God, however, you wish to perceive it.

The highest vibration of ourselves will resonate perfectly with the highest vibration of the person to who we are most connected to on this plane.

Whether you call it the soulmate or the twin flame, your higher self, already knows how to recognize this love connection.

So I do not advocate putting a name or face to the process when you are manifesting your Significant Other.  If you are ready for true love and a blissful happy relationship which resonates with your highest vibration, then allow your higher self to draw that perfect match into your life.  Don’t work from your conscious mind, you may just manifest a relationship with an ex-partner with whom the relationship ended for a good reason after all!

How the manifesting process works, how to manifest

I’ve crystalized much of my knowledge from learning about the great manifestation and law of Assumption coach; Neville Goddard.  I recommend looking him up and listening to his lovely YouTube speeches.

Neville says that the best way to start to create is to ‘live in the end’.

That is, that you convince your mind that you are already experiencing everything you wish for.  So if you want to manifest love then you believe you are with the perfect love, the match that resonates with you on your highest level.

7. The two powerful Principles to manifest:

  1. Every time you go to sleep, imagine that you are sleeping next to your Significant Other; that you are at peace and fully, joyfully loved, and in your dream relationship. Do this every night. Go to sleep exactly where you want to be, and feel exactly what you want to feel.
  2. What would happen if I was in a loving, blissful relationship with the partner of my dreams?

Ask yourself this question, and then imagine that outcome.  You can change the wording, or the content of the question and use the process for many different areas of life.

So, for instance; “what if I were doing my dream job which was my vocation?” and then do the same.  Imagine how you would feel confident and able, happy and fulfilled.  Do this a few times a day and bring the elements into your reality also.

Talk to your partner as if they are present, and imagine their hugs and the sound of their laughter.  Get up extra early as if you are going to your perfect job and imagine what you would wear and do and say.

If you can fully convince your mind that you are living ‘in the end’, then it won’t be long before the universe is convinced also, and lines up everything to help you to reach that goal.

Obviously, if your dream job is to be a doctor, you will still need to go to medical school, but you can manifest the best exam results, the correct location to be in, and the supplementary income to help support this.

Finally, there are two more principles you need to know.

  1. Do not give up, become despondent, and start to affirm the opposite of what you are manifesting – not intentionally anyway – at first, most people will do this, as we are still learning to ‘use’ our minds.
  2. You need to believe – really believe – and use all of your senses in your “dream-like state”, so that the universe also believes that what you have carved out as your reality, fully is your reality.

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of the process of being able to manifest everything you wish for.  It does take time and practice to learn, but it’s fully worth the effort.

I am now offering one-to-one sessions with clients who wish for guidance working through the above processes step by step.  We will work on sessions of 30, 45 or 60 minutes on live video and I will guide you through all of the 7 steps at your own rate. 

Some of us will take longer to work on certain areas, or some of us may only wish for guidance on a couple of the above steps.  You may just wish to have live guided meditations which are perfectly tailored to bring about your development more quickly and efficiently.

If you are interested in working with me, then please contact me using the information below, and we can go through as much or as little as you wish. 

Or if you’d just like to share your success stories then I’d be delighted to hear those too!

Wishing you all, love, abundance, success, and vibration health.

Reiki blessings


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