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What You Need From Love Based On Your Venus Sign

What You Need from Love Based on Your Venus Sign

Astrology is often used to understand the dynamics of relationships on a deeper level.

However, most people only think it is enough to know what their star sign is when your Venus sign is actually what unlocks what you need from your romantic relationships. 

Love based on your Venus Sign

Venus is the planet that rules everything to do with love and romance, so if you are looking to understand yourself or your partner better, then continue reading to find out how you can achieve the best kind of relationship for yourself.

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What Venus in Aries Needs from Love

A Venus in Aries native is incredibly enthusiastic and excitable when it comes to love. When they feel an attraction to someone nothing will get in their way of pursuing this person. Venus in Aries is all about the chase and conquering someone else’s affections.

They absolutely need a lot of passion in their relationships. If their partner is dull, they can get bored pretty quickly. They see love as a bit of a competition, and they absolutely need to win. These natives thrive socially and love being outgoing and showing off their partners.

They tend to attract people who are wild and full of energy; they love a bit of drama because it fuels their need for passion.

What Venus in Taurus Needs from Love

Those with Venus in Taurus have a sweet and stable sensuality about them. They are incredibly easy-going and pleasant to be around as partners. In relationships, they take their relationships super seriously and only invest in people who seem really worth it.

It may take a while for them to warm up to someone because they want to be 100% sure they are making the right decision in the long term. These natives mate for life and want a long-lasting commitment that they can depend on because they really dislike change or drama in their relationships.

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They need to be with someone who is reliable and incredibly loyal. When someone has their heart, they will have the most devoted and loving partner.

What Venus in Gemini Needs from Love

Venus in Gemini natives are the social butterflies of the Zodiac. These individuals love to go out and meet a variety of interesting and unique people. They tend to get quite bored in love and need to be with someone who can keep the excitement and passion high.

They are most attracted to individuals who are smart and intelligent, and usually, start a relationship with someone because they know how to turn on their minds.

They don’t have a particular type because they can get along with almost anyone thanks to their broad range of interests, but as long as someone can stimulate them intellectually, they are happy.

It can be a little difficult for them to commit to one person and often find themselves more suited to open relationships or a relationship where they can have a lot of space to do their own thing.

What Venus in Cancer Needs From Love

Someone with a Venus in Cancer is extremely nurturing and caring when it comes to love. They have a sensitivity about them and will do whatever it takes to make their partner feel safe and happy.

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There is a side to them that can feel a little insecure when it comes to love which can make them quite needy. A Venus in Cancer needs to be with someone who makes them feel safe, loved, and appreciated. It is important that they find someone who doesn’t mind reassuring them of their feelings.

They take everything to heart which makes them quite vulnerable, and this is why stability and security are incredibly important to them in love. These individuals tend to prefer quite traditional relationships, and their ultimate goal is to find someone that they can settle down with.

What Venus in Leo Needs from Love

Venus in Leo natives have a certain warmth about them. They love to love and be loved by others. It isn’t difficult for them to attract people to them because their charm and magnetism are simply irresistible.

These individuals tend to be extremely loyal and generous and will do anything to make their partners feel loved and appreciated. The thing about Venus in Leo is that they need a lot of attention, and thus they choose people who admire them. It is really important for them to feel seen by the person they are in a relationship with.

These individuals are quite popular and seem to be the life of the party. People just love to spend time with their positive energy. They really appreciate it when they feel like they are free to express themselves with their significant other.

What Venus in Virgo Needs from Love

Venus in Virgo individuals are some of the most loyal and devoted partners in the Zodiac. They love to be of service to the ones they love and will go out of their way to make sure that their loved one feels supported.

They are the type of person who expresses their love by doing things for others, it isn’t really about what they need in the relationship, they care a lot more about what their partner needs.

However, it does take them quite a while to open and warm up to the idea of love because they are extremely afraid of getting hurt or having their heartbroken.

They take things slow and tend to be really cautious when it comes to matters of the heart. Nevertheless, when they do fall in love, they tend to be really warm and affectionate, but they do need to be in an environment where they feel safe and protected.

What Venus in Libra Needs from Love

Those with Venus in Libra are pretty lucky when it comes to love. They are highly romantic individuals and tend to fall in love quite easily. These people love relationships and having a partner by their side to share their life with. They just love sharing and being able to call someone their partner.

A Venus in Libra native has the tendency to see the best in everyone, and this is why it is easy for them to see the potential of a romantic union with almost anyone. They tend to go out of their way for the person they love and put their happiness above their own. They have a charm, flirtatiousness, and likability that seems to be unmatched.

They know how to get what they want by being sweet, but there is also another side to them that is incredibly seductive and persuasive.

What Venus in Scorpio Needs From Love

There is a certain intensity that comes from being a Venus in Scorpio. These individuals love in a passionate yet sometimes obsessive way. They have a strong sexual magnetism that makes them a highly desirable partner.

When it comes to love they need a lot of intimacy, commitment, and focus from the person they are in a relationship with. They want someone who can devote their life to them. Loyalty and trust are a really big deal to them.

This is a really powerful manifestation of love, and they often attract lovers that tend to cause quite a bit of transformation in their lives.

They want to be in a relationship that feels almost spiritually transcendental to them and be with someone with who they have a strong emotional connection. A Venus in Scorpio wants a partner who is willing to dive deep with them.

What Venus in Sagittarius Needs from Love

Fun-loving and playful are just some of the words to describe those with Venus in Sagittarius. These individuals are free-spirited and a little wild. They have an amazing sense of adventure and thoroughly enjoy living life completely in the moment.

These individuals are usually attracted to people who are quite different from them, they want to be with someone they can learn from. However, they are totally non-committal and hate feeling like they are being tied down in a relationship. It is easier for them to deal with friendships than the demands of a romantic relationship.

All they truly want is to be with someone who allows them their freedom and independence, and this is why they tend to go for partners who keep them on their toes and the relationship really interesting.

What Venus in Capricorn Needs in A Relationship

Those with Venus in Capricorn are extremely traditional when it comes to love and romance. These individuals take their relationships really seriously and want to be with someone who is willing to commit.

They can be a bit cautious when it comes to love and really take their time getting to know someone before they settle. They approach love in a serious yet reserved manner which means that they sometimes hold back what they are truly feeling.

There is a part of them that is quite fearful when it comes to love, they are really afraid of being hurt and rejected, so they don’t tend to take too many risks when it comes to love. However, when they do fall in love, they are incredibly loyal and steadfast and desire these qualities in a partner.

What Venus in Aquarius Needs in A Relationship

There is something really unconventional about the way a Venus in Aquarius person sees love; they make up their own rules and go against what society expects of them. They have an independent and freedom-loving edge to them, but they are still quite capable of commitment.

They just want to have the last say about what makes sense to them in a romantic relationship. They tend to be quite experimental when it comes to love and test the boundaries of what society expects of them.

They do run a bit hot and cold at times, though, so they need to be with someone who isn’t too bothered about their detached nature.

All they truly want in their relationship is the freedom to be who they are and to be able to express their uniqueness without judgment.

What A Venus in Pisces Needs in A Relationship

Venus in Pisces individuals, tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. They love to love and are highly romantic people. There is something quite romantic, dreamy, and imaginative about the way they connect with people.

They tend to be quite self-sacrificial in their relationships, and they have a burning desire to merge with the person they are in a romance with. They want to experience the highest form of love that will make them feel like they are in a space that is unconditional and non-judgmental.

They have a compassionate side to them and are amazing listeners, but they also have the need to feel understood and supported by their partners. At times, love can be quite confusing for them as they tend to put their partners on a pedestal and feel quite disappointed when the fantasy doesn’t match up with reality.

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