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Leo Dating Profile

Leo Dating Profile

Got your eye on a fiery, passionate, gorgeous Leo? You’ve got good taste – this is one of the most loyal and consistent signs in the entire zodiac, and seldom are they single long enough before they’re snapped up and marched down the aisle! You’ve chosen well, in other words. Read more about Leo Dating Profile…

Firstly, Leo is a fire sign, which is why we call them passionate and warm. Secondly, Leo is what’s known as a ‘fixed’ fire sign, which lends them consistency, commitment, and loyalty. They aren’t like the two other Fire signs, who like to pick something (someone) up and play with them until they get bored. Leo won’t get bored. In fact, the more and more time you spend with them, the more loyal and loving they become. This is what you call marriage material!

They aren’t perfect, of course (although you can never say that to them!). Leo people can be plenty of drama and like to be the center of attention. Yet, they really do make it all worth your while in the long run. Let’s explore just why it’s so wonderful to be with a Leo:

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Dating a Leo

Did you know that the sign of Leo rules the very concept of dating? Leo is the sign of romance, the honeymoon period, of dating, flirting, playfulness and that first warm flush of attraction. Thus, dating a Leo is going to be one of those experiences that you’ll never forget. They’re likely to whisk you way on a luxurious date, and won’t think twice about spending money on you. Keep in mind that although this isn’t a sign to tally up what you owe them, they do want the same kind of treatment back. They love to be spoilt and made a big fuss of. If you don’t make your Leo the center of your world – even in these beginning stages – you’ll face the uncomfortable side of their wrath. Never, ever ignore your Leo, in other words. As long as they stay your number-one priority, dating them is a dream come true.

Communicating With a Leo

Unless they have other planets in their chart that say different, Leo’s tend to be more physically communicative than intellectually so. Long, drawn-out conversations are just not for this sign, though they’re not completely closed off, either. You’ll just need to know the signs of when they start losing patience with words. Leo’s prefer to take action to show how they feel and what they think. When they do communicate, however, this zodiac sign is rather dramatic, and uses big phrases and feelings to share what they’re thinking. Your Leo may also relate to you from their own, personal experiences, which could make it sound as if they’re making it all about them. But it’s not on purpose – they probably aren’t even aware of it. Besides, they’re so charismatic and charming that you probably won’t mind listening to them all day long!

How A Leo Shows Their Love

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You’ll never need to worry about a Leo showing you their love! This is one of the most affectionate, loving signs in the entire zodiac, and they’ll practically shower you with cuddles and affection. In fact, many Leos have to hold themselves back from shouting their love for you from the rooftops. This is one sign that just loves a grand gesture. They’ll also show you their love through spoiling you and taking you out to the very best places in town. Dancing, parties and gorgeous restaurants are all par for the course when a Leo loves you. You’ll never need to worry about how a Leo feels about you. This is why they’re such a catch!

What Turns a Leo Off

Leo is a very confident sign and loves to be the leader in a relationship. As we know, there can only really be one leader in any relationship, so if you happen to be someone who’s rather bossy or likes to dominate, you may find your Leo getting a little turned off. Two strong personalities just won’t be a good mix for the Leo. Leo people also enjoy it when their partner is ready to have fun and enjoy life. if you prefer to work hard with no playtime, your Leo’s attraction to you may become less. Passion is also a major prerequisite for the Leo, and seldom will this sign be able to be with a partner who’s lukewarm. Chemistry is also a major requirement for any Leo, so if there’s none, well, that’s certainly going to cool their interest down! Finally, Leo’s are committed partners and expect their partners to have the same level of commitment as them. Wishy-washy games will have your Leo love interest walking away faster than you can blink your eyes!

Read more about Leo Dating Profile…

Strengths of Leo

It’s well-known that the greatest strength of a Leo, is, well, their strength (it’s also their greatest weakness, but more on that later!). This is a sign that can pick themselves up from literally any challenge, and they’re quite happy to help you with any of your challenges, too. You can always rely on a Leo to have your back all the way – their loyalty is unquestionable. Their other strength is that these signs are always able to look on the bright side of any situation, no matter how bad or difficult it is. This optimism and enthusiasm are incredibly contagious. Like a bright ray of sunshine, your Leo will always manage to put a smile on your face. Leo’s also have a particular flair for passion and drama, which makes each and every day exciting and fun. This creative sign always knows how to have a good time, and is inspiringly self-expressive. Finally, one of the most endearing qualities and greatest strengths of Leo is their generosity. They will always be willing to spoil you, lend a hand or give in any way that they can – especially their love.

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Weaknesses of Leo

Now for a conundrum – Leo’s greatest weakness is their strength. This sign can be incredibly self-sufficient, so much so that their pride can get in the way of asking for the help they need. This stubbornness is enough to drive anyone crazy, and it does take time and patience to be able to break through their walls. Only when the Leo is really down and out will they reach out and ask for support. Speaking about stubbornness, don’t forget that this trait tends to stretch out across all areas. Leo’s need a very flexible and adaptable partner, otherwise you’re both going to run into trouble! Another weakness of Leo is, of course, their vanity. Everyone knows that the person Leo loves most is themselves! Thus, they can be a little self-involved or sometimes, even downright narcissistic. Luckily, their warmth and generosity more than makes up for this quality, not to mention their brilliant leadership skills and ability to inspire others. A little self-absorption is a small price to pay for their other outstanding qualities.

Most compatible signs with Leo

Surprisingly, one of the most compatible signs with Leo is the water sign of Pisces. Why, do you ask? Well, these two signs have a very special symbiosis. Pisces looks up to the Leo and admires them, stroking their pride and making them feel like royalty. Plus, Pisces is very adaptable and walling to go with whatever Leo wants. Leo protects and cares for Pisces, shielding their vulnerability and leading them when they can’t lead themselves. Their love is all-encompassing and loyal, making the Pisces feel safe and adored. Leo also gets on well with Libra’s, who share their same love for parties and socializing – these two will often make a very good-looking couple, as well as charming! To a lesser degree, Aries and Sagittarius – fellow fire signs – also work well with Leo, though sparks may sometimes fly. There’s passion and warmth here, but at times it can get a little dramatic!

Least compatible signs with Leo

There’s one particular sign that doesn’t get along with Leo, and that’s Scorpio. Although these two signs will have a ridiculous amount of passion and loyalty, there’ll be one too many power struggles, with far too much drama than is healthy. This is a larger-than-life couple, and not necessarily in the positive sense. Not to mention that they are fire and water, a classically challenging combination. Leo’s opposite sign – Aquarius – is also not easy to get along with. They say that opposites attract, but with these two, opposites clash. This is because they’re ‘fixed’ signs, which means that they’re just a little too stubborn to fit together well. Finally, a sign for Leo to avoid would be Taurus. Taurus is even more obstinate than Leo, which is a problem in and of itself. Although these two may last a long time, it’ll be fraught with problems along the way. One or both will have to learn to be more adaptable for this to work in the long term. When they do, this relationship has potential for sensuality, passion and pleasure.

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