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What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Leo

What It Is Really Like to Have Sex with a Leo

Leos are some of the most romantic and sexually charged signs of the Zodiac. They love to express themselves passionately and there is no better way to do this than to cause some fireworks in the bedroom.

A Leo loves the attention and admiration a relationship brings, but what are Leos truly like in the bedroom? Are they selfish or do they care about pleasing their partner? Well, if you’re curious about what to expect when you meet a Leo for a night of passion, then keep on reading to find out more!

The Energy a Leo Brings To The Bedroom

Leos are extraordinary human beings. There is something really special about them and what they bring to the table, not to mention what they are like in the bedroom. But when it comes to sex, they simply love the passion and drama of it all.

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Leos just love intense situations, they want to experience everything life has to offer and this is why they approach sex with as much gusto and enthusiasm as they could possibly muster. When a Leo is excited, the whole world knows.

Leo Sexuality

Sex is a form of self-expression for them. In a weird way, they find the experience to be quite creative and stimulating. It is almost as if Leos see sex as another form of art in which they can simply show the world who they truly are.

A Leo will always go all out when it comes to making love and creating the most beautifully romantic and passionate environment for their lover to experience. They want to create a night that would be memorable for them both, forever.

As for Leo compatibility, when hooking up with a Leo you can expect them to pull out all of the moves. Expect flowers, music, and candlelight, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to experience silk sheets. They’re all about amping up the drama!

Although you might not realize this, Leos tend to be more sentimental than you might expect. Sex for a Leo is quite a deeply profound experience, even spiritual if you like. It is a way for them to connect to their partner, but also to tap into their own spiritual existence.

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What Turns a Leo Off In The Bedroom?

You’ve probably heard this many times before but Leos tend to have very big egos and the closer you get to a Leo, the clearer this becomes. The biggest no-no you could do to a Leo is to criticize them about almost anything, it really doesn’t go down well.

This is the fastest way to get a Leo to be turned off by you. They need you to be sure about them and to worship the ground they walk on. If a Leo doesn’t feel like the alpha and omega of your life, then they’re likely not going to stick around for long.

They need to be with someone who is super into them and makes their feelings known. People who play it too cool or don’t let Leo know how they feel can be a major turn-off for them. They want their partner to be super into them.

And if things get a little boring or when the passion dies down in the relationship it can be a major mood killer for a Leo. This is when they will either dump you or find a way to create some drama to make things interesting again.

What Turns a Leo On In The Bedroom

Leos absolutely love sex! It is one of their favorite ways to pass the time. They want it and they want it often. It absolutely drives a Leo crazy when they are with someone who knows how to worship them.

They want to be with someone who thinks that they are the sexiest person alive and that no one could ever come close to how amazing they are. A Leo tends to feed off admiration and compliments so make sure to always let them know how amazing you think they are if you want to truly make one of them swoon.

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Leos also love luxury. If you want to impress one of these proud lions then be sure to treat them as often as you can. They love feeling like they are royalty and one of the most important people in your life. They want to be fussed over; it makes them feel really desirable.

It is good to remember that Leos tend to be natural performers, but they need a captive audience. This is why it is so important that you let your Leo know how much you love the way they make you feel or how much they turn you on – trust me, this can go a very long way for you.

Leos also tend to get turned on by power dynamics and enjoy experimenting with submissive and dominant roles when it comes to sex. BDSM is definitely on the table for those Leos who are a little more open to being risky and testing their boundaries.

Whether your Leo is more of a dominant or a submissive it is still important for you to remember that they always need to feel like they are the center of attention. If you can just remember this then your Leo is going to be happy and more than satisfied.

If you want to drive your Leo completely crazy then it could be a good idea for you to either bring a mirror into the bedroom or perhaps ask if it is okay for you to videotape an evening of passion. I bet this will make your Leo give their best performance yet.

They are exhibitionists and love showing themselves off. This is why you will find that some Leos are really fond of public sex and don’t mind going at it in outdoors. They love the thought of having someone else watch them, it drives them absolutely crazy!

It wouldn’t hurt for you to show your own dramatic side when sleeping with a Leo. They love it when people are confident and secure in themselves. Let your animalistic side shine and the two of you will always be satisfied!

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