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Magical use of oils

The Magical Use of Oils

Every celestial energy is associated with colors, plants, incenses, sounds, symbols, planets, deities and numbers. These vibrational tones are not merely “pleasing” to the archetypal force being invoked but are indeed manifestations or expressions of it. The primary essences or frequencies transcend our human capacity for understanding.

These primordial forces are too transcendent for us to summarize or experience directly, but we may approach them to some degree through their manifestation in form. Colors, sounds, scents, symbols, numbers, planets, and mythological figures manifest these essences and provide a vehicle through which we may encounter the primary force.

Ancient Rituals

Aromatic oils are one such gateway through which we may come into psychic touch with spiritual forces.  By means of this stimulus, we are able to merge with that which we could never contemplate and experience that which we could never articulate.

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The olfactory sense is one of the oldest faculties of the brain. We are led around by our noses far more than we realize, as smells affect our judgment, conclusions, and even our choice of friends and mates.

For this reason, incense and oils are a part of almost any ritual because the smell is a very profound way to hi-jack your nervous system and induce altered states of consciousness. The smell of frankincense, myrrh, or even simple fire instantaneously communicates to a primordial and deeply powerful part of the mind that its powers are needed in the special and profound work we are engaged in.

The sight of your past

You may have noticed the power of this ancient corner of the mind when you encounter the smell of something from your distant past. While the sight of your childhood home may pull your heartstrings, the smell of the neighborhood or the trees of that ecosystem, or your grandmother’s perfume has a much more visceral effect on your emotions, somehow transporting you to that time, or flooding that time into this moment in a tidal wave that washes over you.

This intense relationship between smell and the emotions is highly useful in magic rituals when we wish to evoke a certain vibrational quality. When we fumigate or administer a certain oil, we become linked with a spiritual potency which can perform work on our behalf.

Linked through the sense of smell, this spiritual power pours into the soul and accomplishes its divine work. Carefully chosen oils may enliven, awaken, heal or nourish some or all layers of the human energy field, so that the totality of the aura is harmonized with the magical or healing intention.

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Alchemical Aromatherapy

Magical or alchemical aromatherapy practice is not a system of herbalism which merely treats physical symptoms; rather, it is a comprehensive approach that works with the physical, energetic and spiritual elements of the individual, as well as the physical, energetic and spiritual elements the plant.

In this way we are not only supporting the healing of our bodies but also the evolution of our Souls.

Not only from Mother Earth

Oils are derived from plants, but the powers they carry are operative beyond the material leaves or roots. These forces are operative in greater Cosmos and indeed within the human body, and it is because of this sympathetic resonance that our organs and energy fields are capable of being influenced by oils.

Each plant has correspondences to particular elements and to certain planets (have you noticed the similarity in the words plant and planet?). We can ascertain these relationships by studying the physical attributes, energetic quality, evolutionary function and spiritual properties of the oils and the plants they are derived from.

To determine the ruling planet or element of a plant, we might ask: what has this plant offered to humanity and what has been the impact upon the collective of its medicinal, culinary, or recreational use?

The Right Influence

To deduce which oil would be most beneficial, either for use in ceremony or for energetic re-balancing, we need to study the energetic architecture of the situation in question.

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We may ask: what is the planetary energy that is most called for in this case? What is the Elemental energy that characterizes this physical organ or ailment? What are the energetic or planetary qualities that are most strongly influencing this person or situation?

From any physical symptom or negative condition, we can discern a psychological or emotional imbalance. Every symptom, whether it is appearing in the body or in the external affairs of life, is a message from the soul— a manifestation of an energetic reality.

Different oils for different symptoms

Once we have done figured out what the root issue is, we can determine what celestial influence or vibrational quality would replenish what is in deficit or counterbalance what is in excess. Using a system of correspondences, we can then determine what oil is the purveyor of such an influence.

If, for instance, you have been dealing with joint or gut inflammation along with weakened adrenal glands, upon reflection you may realize that these problems started during a period of time when you were chronically angry, irritable and bullying everyone around you.

These are all patterns associated with the planet Mars, which is associated with heat, fire, willpower, personal authority and assertiveness and the color red. Mars is usually involved, therefore, when we experience inflammation, any kind of blood disorder, anger, low energy, power/control issues, and issues around strength and willpower (including the lack of strength and willpower).

Having discerned that you are in a state of disharmony with this celestial force, you may then introduce oils of Mars in an attempt to bring yourself into a greater state of harmony with its influence. Such plants include nettle, black pepper, devil’s club and cayenne pepper.

One effect of working with oils that carry the power of Mars will be an alleviation of physical and emotional symptoms; yet on a deeper level working with this oil will help you to learn how to come into balance with Martial influence generally, meaning that you will integrate or develop an aspect of the Soul that has been overlooked, under-nurtured, repressed or denied.

Remember: these forces are not only cosmic forces active “out there” in the Universe; these forces are also aspects of you, in the great vortex of being that is your inner world. Use oils to transform this inner celestial force into a positive influence rather than a negative one.

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