June 13, 2024
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What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Libra

What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Libra

Libra who is ruled by Venus knows a thing or two about romance. These flirtatious lovers have a way of charming the pants off (literally) their partners. They are irresistible and seductive and know their way around the bedroom. But what are these friendly lovers like when it comes to having sex? Well, keep on reading to find out!

The Energy a Libra Brings To The Bedroom

When getting to know a Libra, you may learn that they are sweet, gentle, and even delicate. This is why it comes as a surprise when you meet their true self in the bedroom. Get ready to meet someone wild!

Being an Air sign Libras love to talk; dirty talk especially! Nothing gets them going quite as much as words and being stimulated intellectually. Some might view Libras as airheads, but playing coy is part of their ploy. They are a lot more intelligent than they like to reveal.

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Libras are the true romantics of the Zodiac. They enjoy a more conventional approach to dating. They want to be wooed and pursued by their lovers. They want to be the bait that gets reeled in by their perfect person.

It is quite easy for a Libra to fall in love and because of this, they tend to have quite a few sexual partners throughout their life. They really enjoy sex and being able to connect to someone else on a deeper level. Plus Libras like to have fun and what is more enjoyable than expressing their sexuality?

Sex is a really wonderful way for a Libra to relax and get out of their head. They’re highly logical and can sometimes struggle with overthinking. So sex is a great way for them to get grounded and be a bit more in the present moment.

Libras are also lovers of beauty, how could they not be with Venus ruling their sign? When sleeping with a Libra you can expect the experience to be beautiful. They will go all out looking as hot as possible but also set the scene for a gorgeous environment for the two of you to get lost in.

What Turns a Libra Off In The Bedroom?

Communication is a big deal to a Libra. They hate it when their sexual partner goes MIA and doesn’t get back to them in a timely manner. This can make them feel rejected and because of this majorly turned off.

Someone who doesn’t know how to express their feelings is a big no-no in their books. A Libra wants to know what you feel, but they especially want to know what you are thinking and if you give them nothing, it can turn them right off and into the arms of someone else.

Libras are extremely open-minded. They love to experiment and try new things and this is why they can’t be with someone who is too narrow-minded and unwilling to explore different avenues in the bedroom.

They need to be with someone who is happy to try out new positions or bring in toys to spice up their sex lives. The more a Libra gets to explore, the more fun they get to have. And fun always needs to be part of the equation for a Libra. They are all about having a good time!

There is a side to a Libra that most people don’t often get to see, and that is the fact that they can actually be rather insecure and self-doubting. This is why they tend to overthink so much! So anyone who perpetuates their lack of confidence can be a big turn-off for a Libra. They need to be with someone who showers them with compliments and makes them feel good!

What Turns a Libra On In The Bedroom

Libras tend to be obsessed with beauty. They want to look hot for themselves but especially for their partners. One of the best ways to turn your Libra on is to use their vanity to your advantage.

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Take pictures of them and tell them how hot they look or you could even bring out a mirror into the bedroom so that they can watch themselves while the two of you have sex. Trust me, it will get your Libra off in a major way!

All they really need from their partner is someone who admires them and gives them as many compliments as humanly possible. They want to know that you think that they are the hottest person you have ever seen. It really drives them crazy that someone thinks that they are so desirable.

Old-fashioned love and romance also seem to do the trick with most Libras. They love it when their partners pull out all of the stops and plan elaborate dates for them to enjoy. Think flowers and candlelit dinners as a minimum. Everything else is just a cherry on top to really get them going!

And of course, gifts! Libras love to be showered with gifts, it makes them feel really special and cared for. These romantics love being swept up in the moment so cute romantic gestures really go far for them.

This sign is also the people-pleaser of the Zodiac. It is really important for them that their partner is happy and satisfied. This not only translates to regular life but also to the antics in the bedroom.

When a Libras partner is sexually satisfied, it really turns them on. They love being able to give pleasure and often this is more important to them than their own pleasure. The more they can give, the happier they seem to be – aren’t you lucky!

But be sure to communicate this with them. They need to hear that you are having a good time and that you like what they are doing. Give them the appraisal they are looking for and you’ll experience never-ending bliss.

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