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What Is Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign?

In Astrology, symbolism is often used to illustrate an idea or concept. And often animals are used as these symbols. Like Aries is represented by the ram or Pisces by fish. These animals carry a certain quality that corresponds to the Zodiac sign. Like Taurus and the Bull and their stubbornness, or Leo and the Lion and their pride and ferocity. But these aren’t the only animals who represent the Zodiac signs because each sign also has a spirit animal that they can draw strength from in times of need or guidance.

World Animal Day is around the corner on October 4th, so let’s celebrate all the animals on Earth by looking at what your spirit animal is according to your sign. If you’re curious to see which spirit animal your Zodiac sign is, then keep on reading:

Aries – The Cheetah

Aries, as the first sign of the Zodiac you are strong, determined, and willing to take many risks in life, much like the Cheetah. You can be very aggressive when the situation calls for it. You believe you deserve everything you work so hard for. You’re one of the signs that walk their own path in life as you really love your freedom and independence. You simply cannot be tamed by anyone and whoever tries to put you in a cage will be sorry that they ever tried.

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You can be quite impatient and believe in doing things with speed. When you feel moved to chase after something, you do it without thinking twice. You’re a leader in your own right and have the spirit of a pioneer living deep inside of you. Whatever you achieve is astounding as you have a way of impressing others with the mark you leave on the world.

Taurus – The Bear

Taurus, as one of the most reliable and loyal signs in the Zodiac, it makes a lot of sense that your spirit animal would be the Bear. The Bear represents things like strength, bravery, protectiveness, and stability. Very much like your sign itself. There is nothing a momma bear wouldn’t do for her cub, and this is the same way you feel towards your loved ones.

Security and stability are extremely important to you. You want to experience this in all of your relationships. It is really important to you that people know that they can depend on you no matter what and that you will always be loyal to them. You care deeply about others and you find it very easy to be nurturing and a force for good in the lives of the people you love most.

Gemini – The Butterfly

Gemini, you’ve probably been described as a social butterfly over and over again in your life. So it really makes sense that your spirit animal would be a butterfly. You love people and you just adore connecting to them in any way you can. It is important for you to have a variety of people in your life from who you can learn. You need a lot of stimulation and others might find you fickle as you drift from one interest to the next, much like a butterfly exploring a garden.

You’re also constantly changing and evolving each moment you receive information about something new. You keep an open mind and allow life to shape you, metaphorically from a caterpillar to a chrysalis, to finally a beautiful butterfly. This is why you enjoy learning so much because it can open you up and show you all the wonderful possibilities this life has to offer you.

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Cancer – The Puffer Fish

Cancer, you are often described as one of the sweetest, most caring signs in the Zodiac. And you are definitely all of those things, but when someone crosses you or someone you love, you can become quite fearless. This is why your spirit animal is the puffer fish. You look harmless when people leave you alone, but when you are threatened, you become dangerous.

Just like the puffer fish! You can be timid and shy, and this is who you are at a base level, but if someone wrongs you, nothing is going to stop you from standing up for yourself and the ones you love. You can actually be quite aggressive, despite feeling the need to fight back the tears. You’re an emotional person, but your sensitivity is also your strength.

Leo – The Peacock

Leo, you are one of the signs that just loves to grab people’s attention. You’ll do absolutely anything just to be in the spotlight! Much like your spirit animal, the peacock, you love to show off and be admired for your good looks. You dress to impress, but there is also a natural regal quality about your aura.

People just instinctively know that you are someone important and no matter what you do, you’re going to make an impact. You’re powerful and majestic. There is really something special about you that stands out. You are a natural-born leader and it is easy for you to charm others to get your way in life. You know what you want and exactly how you are going to get it!

Virgo – The Fox

Virgo, you’re a highly intelligent person, but you do all your work behind the scenes and in the shadows. You don’t really like to put too much attention on yourself as this makes you feel quite uncomfortable. You’re not someone who likes the spotlight, and this is exactly why the Fox is your spirit animal. The two of you share many of the same qualities. You can be analytical and cunning, and your mind works quicker than anybody else’s.

You are super sharp and always on the ball. You’re an asset to any team because you are always willing to go the extra mile to achieve your goals and help others out. You prefer to work on your own, but you get great satisfaction from being of service to others, you just like to keep them at an arms length as you don’t trust others easily.

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Libra – The Swan

Libra, there is something super graceful about you. When you enter a room people usually remark on your good looks and absolute elegance. You’re definitely the type of person to turn heads and this is why your spirit animal has to be the swan. There is a gentleness about you, and it is quite plain to see that peace and harmony are exceptionally important to you.

You really don’t like to get your feathers ruffled. There is a softness about your personality and you do whatever it takes not to cause any harm to the people in your life. In fact, you’re usually the mediator sorting out the problems between your loved ones. This is how important peace and harmony is to you. You’re very popular and people just love being around you because you make them feel good.

Scorpio – The Snake

Scorpio, you are the sign with the most depth in the Zodiac. You can be very intense, and full of passion. There are many facets to your personality and not many people get to see all of them. You have become really good at keeping yourself a mystery. This is why you are very much like the Snake, there are many layers to your personality. You are also the sign most likely to go through many moments of deep transformation.

Much like the Snake, you have to go through a process of regeneration and shedding of your old skin, albeit, symbolically. Each time you go through a process of transformation, you become stronger and more powerful. But it is only when you allow yourself to be okay with all of your vulnerabilities, do you experience the deep healing available to you. This is when you can experience renewal and growth.

Sagittarius – The Cat

Sagittarius, at your core you are someone who loves to be wild and free. Absolutely nothing can tame you. You’re fiercely independent and love your freedom, much like your spirit animal, the cat. You’re always up for an adventure and have a deep curiosity for the world at large. You want to gain as much experience and wisdom as you possibly can. This is why you try to be open minded and allow your own personal experiences to shape you as a person.

You know your own mind and this is what makes you so unique. Much like a cat, you don’t like it when others try to control you and will always try to rebel against this. You want your freedom more than anything in life and anyone who tries to cage you in is always going to come second. You’re independent and do what you want. This is what makes you so magnetic and mysterious.

Capricorn – The Hawk

Capricorn, there is something super serious and responsible about you. You’re someone who doesn’t take matters lightly. You have many goals and ambitions, and always determined to get the prize. This is why your spirit animal is the hawk. The hawk is incredibly patient and determined as it soars and looks for its prey. This is very much the energy you bring into your life.

You know that good things come to those who work hard and are patient. When you want something, you will do everything in your power to get it, much like the hawk. You don’t wait for life to happen to you, you always need to be in control. You feel a great deal of pressure and responsibility to succeed. You strive for the best and others can always count on you to make the impossible, possible.

Aquarius – The Spider

Aquarius, you are an exceptionally unique person. You stand out from the crowd without even trying. Nothing about you is original or normal and you happen to be one of the most creative signs to boot. You would hate to live a life of convention because you are here to break the mould. This is why your spirit animal is the Spider. You have a large network of friends and you like to feel like you are somehow a part of the community, despite your extremely love for freedom and independence.

Spiders can be very territorial, much like you, even though you carry this aura of a free spirit, you can get quite attach to an idea and stubbornly stick to it. You can be a little aloof and detached at times, like a spider, you enjoy spending time on your own creating and thinking about interesting ideas you can explore further. But when the time calls for it, you are happy to surround yourself with your friends and have a brilliant time. It isn’t always easy for others to understand the complexities of your personality, but you quite like keeping everyone guessing about who you really are.

Pisces – The Dolphin

Pisces, as one of the sweetest and most likable signs in the Zodiac, it is only fair that your spirit animal would be the Dolphin. What is not to love about this magnificent creature? They are highly intelligent, creative, and understand humans quite well. As a Pisces, you are rather sensitive, empathetic, and very intuitive. You have a gift for feeling others emotions and always try your best to make the people in your life feel good. You’re a natural healer and love being able to support all your loved ones in any way you can.

You may be very spiritual and in tune with the rhythms of the Universe, but there is also a side to you that definitely enjoys having a good time. You can get lost in a fantasy world and appreciate being able to escape to the worlds you create in your imagination. Nothing gets you down and you always have a positive and optimistic thing to say in even the most trying times. There is a reason why people love being around you.

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