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BL_PER_274_Creating Magical Ambiance_ How to Set the Mood for an Esoteric Date Night

Creating Magical Ambiance: How to Set the Mood for an Esoteric Date Night

Are you and your date looking to enjoy a mystical night in rather than go out for dinner or do something outside of the home? Sometimes enjoying one another in the comfort of your home (or their home if you do not live together or they want you over) is the best way to connect. Additionally, when you choose a date night, you will want to make it a mystical experience. That will only help you connect with your date on a soul level in a more profound way. Let’s review ways to set the mood for an esoteric date night.


Do Some Stargazing Indoors

One of the investments to have a mystical date night is to get a laser projector that will convert your ceiling into a starry night. You and your partner can sit on the sofa cuddling with one another as you look up to the stars on the top, which will appear like the night sky.

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Plenty of laser projectors will make your ceiling appear that way. There will be a fantastic nebula cloud on the top of the ceiling which will not only provide a calming atmosphere, but it will help set the mood for things to become extra spicy. However, that is only one component of creating a magical ambient environment for your date night.

Turn On Some Ambient Music On A Low Volume

The music you listen to during your meditation sessions is known as ambient music, an instrumental music genre that focuses on sound patterns instead of melody. Hence, it creates a more mystical atmosphere and can alter your mind; therefore, putting ambient music on your smartphone or tablet at a low-level volume will enhance the magical environment you want to create for your date night.

Some ambient music artists are Brian Eno, Biosphere, and Steve Roach. If you wish to search for them on your Spotify account, YouTube has random ambient music videos that can play for hours. You must check for that beforehand to prepare for your esoteric date night. Listening to ambient music as you do some stargazing at home will set the mood for a magical date night, but there are other things you can do to enhance it more.

Get Some Incense Sticks To Help Put You In The Mood

You have ambient music and a laser projector to stargaze indoors. Another addition to your esoteric date night is getting the right incense sticks that give off fragrances that will set the mood even more. The scents you want to focus on are those that can be a great aphrodisiac which will also help you relax and unwind so you can enjoy the experience even more. Cinnamon, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and lavender are the best fragrances. If you don’t want to use incense sticks, you can always get some essential oils and put a few drops in a diffuser. If you don’t want the scent to be too strong, you can only put a drop of the essential oil of your choice in plenty of water in the diffuser. There is still more you can do to enhance the mood.

Don’t Forget To Light Some Candles

You have ambient music, stars on the ceiling, and a relaxing aroma in the picture. Remember to light some candles and place them around the room you and your partner spend time in (or you can put them across the house or apartment if you want to go into different rooms). The candles will provide the glow you need to enhance the mood even more.

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If you do not want to worry about setting a fire intentionally if you accidentally knock a candle down if you and your partner become spicy together, you can always get electronic candles that you can turn on and off safely. Leaving candles unattended is also only a good idea if they are electric.

You may want to leave some candles in the bathroom and the bedroom, in case you want to take a bath with your partner, and you will want some candles in the bedroom for the apparent reason. Does this sound like a mystical date so far? You can do other things on the date that will add to it even more if you choose!

Create A Spa

You and your partner want an intimate time together to unwind, and you can always create a luxury spa at home. While enjoying your ambient atmosphere, you can take it further by picking up some face masks, filling the bathtub with warm water, and adding some bubbles. Toss some bath bombs into it or lavender salts, and enjoy soaking up with your partner in the tub together. Remember to keep the candles in the bathroom as you keep the lights dimmed while the ambient music is playing. That intimate time together will encourage you to do something extraordinary: have profound conversations.

An Esoteric Date Night Will Encourage You To Have Deep Conversations

You will be urged to have profound conversations in this magical setting in your home during your date night. Topic ideas revolve around psychology, spirituality, religion, or anything you consider profound. However, you likely fall into talking about these deep topics based on the esoteric atmosphere you have created in your home. For example, you may find yourself talking about how you believe that your partner is someone who you had a connection with a previous life and explain why. See what your partner would say about that. Your date night would need some other essential component which would be food!

BL_PER_274_Creating Magical Ambiance_ How to Set the Mood for an Esoteric Date Night

Add Gourmet Food Into The Mix

While you are enjoying this ambient atmosphere, you will get hungry. You are not going to want to order fast food when you are having such an intimate time because while fast food tastes good, it is not something that would fit in too well for a magical date night. Instead, you will want to order gourmet food, or if you’re going to become even more intimate with one another, you can cook some up.

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You can make gourmet pizza, for example, and you can make it an enjoyable experience. You want to keep the lights dim in the kitchen to maintain the esoteric atmosphere but bright enough so you see what you are doing as you prepare your dishes. Remember your dessert too! Gourmet chocolate would be a great addition to this esoteric evening. There is one more thing you will want to add for the evening!

Fit Some Meditation Or Yoga Into The Date

One wonderful thing you can do with your date is practice meditation or yoga to relax and strengthen your bond. And if you don’t have much experience in that, you can always go on YouTube to check some beginner poses you can try. However, you do not have to be a pro at either. Have some fun with it, and you will want to do meditation or yoga in the room where you have the laser projector that turns the ceiling into a starry night. The ambient music in the background will also help you with your yoga and meditation.

There you have some great ideas for an esoteric date night, as the evening would create the magical ambiance you want. You can start the date by dimming the lights and placing candles around your home or apartment (or your partner’s if you are not living together). Burn some incense and put on some ambient music at a low volume. You can bring in some gourmet food and dessert or make some, then enjoy some time stargazing indoors, and then take your intimate bubble bath, leading to intimate conversations. And then finally, do some yoga poses or meditation, which can relax you more and lead to a spicy time in bed. Now you have your perfect esoteric date night.

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