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BL_HOR_638_Zodiac Signs and Their Fashion Sense

How Your Fashion Style Is Linked To Your Zodiac Sign

Each Zodiac sign is unique, so it makes sense that each Zodiac sign has its own unique fashion sense specific to that sign. There are certain styles and colours that each Zodiac sign is attracted to and this is what they tend to go for when they get dressed. Some signs like to be more demure and laid-back while other signs are into grabbing attention and standing out from the crowd. They are even some traits you can pick up on that might give you a clue as to what someone’s Zodiac sign is depending on their fashion sense. It is important to note that when it comes to your style, it often has more to do with your Rising sign, than your Sun sign because your Rising sign is what you project to the world and it rules your appearance.

Aries And Their Fashion Sense

Aries is a bold and brave sign, and when you look at their style you can tell that they just want to grab attention. Their fashion is usually in your face and loud. They tend to go for bold colours and they tend to be trendsetters and know what is cool before anyone else does. There is a roughness and an edge to the way they dress because they want to come across as tough or a little rock and roll. Reds, blacks, and leather are quite commonly found in an Aries wardrobe. However, this sign also really likes to be comfortable and will often be attracted to athleisure and workout clothes on their days off. But when they put in the effort they are dressed to the nines and pack a punch! There is something quite sexy and seductive about this sign. They know how to show off their best qualities.

Taurus And Their Fashion Sense

A Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is all about beauty and aesthetics. A Taurus is usually big on fashion and knows how to shop like no other sign, especially when it comes to finding incredible bargains. They love anything high-end but prefer paying for it at a discount or on a sale. This sign is usually into clothing that is comfortable and down to earth, but it has to be good quality as there is nothing a Taurus hates more than spending money on something that is bad quality. The texture of fabrics is very important to a Taurus, it has to feel soft, sensual, and luxurious. They’re often found wearing linens, cottons, silks, and cashmere. This sign loves to indulge their senses and if a material makes them feel uncomfortable or feels too sweaty it can be quite upsetting for a Taurus. Look out for any accessories around the neck like a scarf or a necklace, Taurus rules this area of the body and they usually like to draw attention to their necks.

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Gemini And Their Fashion Sense

Gemini is all about variety and trying out different things. They tend to be quite playful with their styles because there are so many facets to their personality that want to explore and express with their fashion. This sign loves colour, prints, and anything wacky that’ll make them stand out. Fashion is often a conversation starter and there is nothing a Gemini loves more than a good old chat. Gemini is usually quite youthful in their fashion sense and they tend to look a lot younger than they actually are. But to them, every day is a dress-up party in which they can be whoever they want to be. Gemini rules the arms and hands, so look out for cool rings or bracelets they might be wearing – this is a giveaway sign that someone is a Gemini.

Cancer And Their Fashion Sense

Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon. This gives a soft, feminine, and easy approach to dressing for this sign. Cancer is the sign of memories and remembrance, so vintage clothing is something a Cancer is usually quite attracted to. That, or they tend to wear their favourite pieces over and over again. This sign is very sentimental and you can pick that up in the way they dress. They might hold on to something way longer than they should, or you might see them wearing pieces that family members have passed on to them. This sign is usually attracted to soft mutated colours like whites, blues, and greens. They don’t like to particularly draw attention to themselves. A Cancer really just wants to feel cosy and comfortable and this is why they are drawn to soft materials like flannels, velvet, and cotton.

Leo And Their Fashion Sense

A Leo needs to be the centre of attention and absolutely loves luxury. This sign needs to be in the spotlight and this is often reflected in the way they dress. They go for bold and confident pieces. They are usually a bit snobby and like to wear designer pieces as they want to come across as expensive and luxurious. It is quite common to find a Leo rocking some gold somewhere on their body. But they are also quite attracted to reds, silvers, blacks, and purples. They are definitely the type to rock big sunglasses or carry around the hottest handbags. It is all about exuding an air of luxury. This sign isn’t afraid to wear animal prints and they might even bring out their furs when they feel extra fancy. As long as they are standing out from the crowd, that is all that matters.

Virgo And Their Fashion Sense

Virgo is the sign that always looks put together. You get a sense from them that they took their time to coordinate their outfit. They don’t particularly care about the latest trends, but it is important for a Virgo to look sophisticated and smart. They have strong attention to detail and you can see this in the way they put together their outfits because they tend to look neat and immaculate. Their fashion tends to lean on the conservative side as they don’t really like drawing too much attention to themselves. Nothing they ever wear will be extremely flashy or too uncomfortable – they don’t want to have to fuss over what they are wearing.

Libra And Their Fashion Sense

Libra is another sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This sign knows how to switch on the charm and this is often reflected in what they wear. They tend to be flirty and fabulous, and this is exactly the styles they are usually attracted to. This sign is incredibly fashion conscious and care very much about the latest trends because it is important for them to fit in. This sign will go to the next level to look their absolute best. Libra woman are often attracted to ultra feminine styles like soft pastels, lace, or floral prints, while the men always look suave and very put together. This sign likes to be noticed for their beauty, but they make sure that they aren’t too flashy and excessive either. They’re approach to fashion is very balanced.

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Scorpio And Their Fashion Sense

Scorpio is always going to look sexy and seductive. This mysterious sign loves to have people’s heads turning. Being alluring is very important to this sign and this is why they are always oozing sex appeal. They’re usually very attracted to black outfits and like their items of clothing to have a bit of an edge. Mystery is very important to them as they love to keep people guessing. This is why you might see traces of lace underwear underneath a Scorpio woman’s blouse. This sign is very found of leather and velvet. They’re the type to wear chokers or very high heels. The most important thing for a Scorpio is that they feel sexy and attractive in their outfits. But to be honest, this sign actually just prefers to be naked!

Sagittarius And Their Fashion Sense

Sagittarius is a bit of a free spirit and are usually quite attracted to clothing that is a little bohemian. They don’t want to feel constrained by anything they wear. This sign loves to travel and they often wear pieces from clothing they bought from all over the world. Be that from a little stall in India, to a band t-shirt from a vintage store they got in the States. This sign is usually attracted to comfortable yet sporty ensambles. They like to look casual and effortless. The colours you’ll often find them most attracted to is purples, blacks, and blues. They choose comfort over anything else because they never know when they might need to hop onto a plane to take them to their next location.

Capricorn And Their Fashion Sense

A Capricorn is all business as they like to look put together and sophisticated. This sign really cares what people think of them so they definitely make an effort with their wardrobe. There is often a misconception that Capricorns can be a little boring with their sense of style, but they actually love to push the limits and often have a bit of a dark side to them that comes out with their fashion. This sign likes to grab attention, but you will never catch them in something that is super gaudy, revealing, or trashy. They like to keep things classy and sophisticated, but with a twist. They like to show off their status in a subtle way, perhaps with their wallet, handbag, or sunglasses. However, this sign will never be caught dead in a head to toe designer outfit or their comfiest tracksuit – they need to keep up appearances at all times.

Aquarius And Their Fashion Sense

Aquarians have a wild and wacky sense of style. This sign is very unique and they’ll do anything it takes not to look like anyone else in the world. This sign is without a doubt a trendsetter, they’re ahead of the curve by years! People think what they wear is a little odd and unusual, but eventually it’ll become a trend. They’re attracted to styles that make them stand out. They’re not afraid of prints, bright colours, sequins, sparkles, feathers, whatever! The weirder the better. For an Aquarius having their own sense of style is incredibly important. They need to be able to express themselves in a creative but unique way. If someone thinks they are quirky they see it as a compliment. They are the rebels of the Zodiac and they will always try to push the boundaries of conformity. All they care about is being cool, even if they’re the only person to think of themself as that.

Pisces And Their Fashion Sense

Pisces is one of the more creative signs of the Zodiac. Their dress sense is usually very unique and unusual. They’re imagination is quite active and they often use their sense of style as a form of self-expression. This is the type of person to get dressed according to their mood. If they’re happy they will wear bright and cheerful colours, and if they’re sad they will usually go for something black as it feels quite protective. For them, dressing up is like playing some character they get to be for the day. Pisceans are shapeshifters and can adopt any kind of style because they seem to be able to pull anything off with ease. But there is usually something quite dreamy and romantic about the way they dress. Pisces rules the feet and it is often common for Pisces to have many different pairs of shoes in the closet. They just absolutely love footwear.

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