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Mars and Your Love Life

Mars & Your Love Life

Known as the God of War in mythology, the “Red Planet” is one of the smaller planets in our solar system, but he has the tallest mountain. This is fitting, as Mars is the astrological ruler of our passions and desire. He is the masculine force within all of us, that basic animalistic instinct that tells us to fight for our survival, ignites attraction, and the hero that pushes us to keep climbing our own metaphorical mountains. Depending on where Mars falls in your chart determines the type of relationship and partner you attract. Read on to explore how Mars relates to your love life.

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries gives you a drive comparable to a firework—explosive and vibrant. Attraction is usually instantaneous. When you’re going after something, whether it’s a creative project or a relationship, you will tirelessly fight for your pursuit. You can come off as a little aggressive, but it’s only because you don’t like to play games. Wishy-washy people tend to annoy you. Instead, you’re drawn to strength and independence. Because you’re a fire sign, you have the tendency to burn out, even in relationships. You must learn to rise again from your own ashes and rekindle the flames.

Mars in Taurus

You’re not quick to act, but Mars in Taurus gives you incredible ambition, strength, and endurance. You are very much aware of the importance of strong roots. In relationships, this gives you the drive to build something strong and lasting. Attraction builds over time, and you’re drawn to partners who are stable, secure, and strong. You’re not quick to anger. You tend to stay calm until tension finally builds to the point where you break—then it may feel as if all hell has broken loose. This is where Mars becomes weak in Taurus. It’s important to communicate and address the things bothering you instead of keeping your emotions on the backburner.

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Mars in Gemini

Conversation turns you on when Mars is in Gemini. Your ideal partner must be your equal when it comes to intelligence. You are driven by lively chit-chat, playfulness, and learning new things. Arguments are a surprising turn-on. Even sex is more exciting when it’s verbal. If you’re bored, you will quickly lose interest. Mars in Gemini doesn’t like being clouded with emotion, and the first sign of heaviness may put you off. Just remember the famous expression when the going gets tough, the tough get going— doesn’t mean you should literally take off. Instead, rise to the occasion. Otherwise, you risk losing your most meaningful relationships.

Mars in Cancer

Emotions are amplified when Mars is in watery Cancer. This placement can make you cry at the drop of a hat, but you are also fiercely loyal and protective, especially when it comes to matters of family and home. You need to feel secure about everything in life, especially your relationship. Your ideal partner will be sensitive to your emotions, sentimental, and deeply romantic. Casual sex is not your cup of tea. In your eyes, emotions are the driving force and you need them in order to reach that level of intimacy. Because you’re so driven by your emotions, you are easily hurt. You may respond by retreating, but you will get more peace by letting the little things go.

Mars in Leo

Mars is strong in Leo, giving you lots of passion and creativity. You have a magnetic charm, which makes others enjoy being around you. Since Leo rules the fifth house, your flair for drama is energized by Mars. You’re motivated by the desire to be noticed, to be important, and to make lasting impressions. As for attraction? It’s all about the confidence for Mars in Leo! Your ideal partner is confident, generous, and bold. If they’re not the romantic type, they might as well not even try. You refuse to settle for boring. Going out and having fun is a must. Sex is usually playful, expressive, and let’s be honest—loud. The lion always appreciates a good roar.

Mars in Virgo

You’re drawn to partners who appreciate your help and sage advice. Anyone who has no sense of purpose will annoy you to no end. When angered, Mars in Virgo won’t become aggressive like a fire Mars. Instead, you will complain and criticize rather than confront. Be careful, because this can lead to anxiety or upsetting your own health. Confrontation can be beneficial as you have a way of voicing your opinions as well as working out solutions. When it comes to sex, you approach it the same way you do life—with sensual care, working through one step at a time until you’ve satisfied your own version of perfection. Your ideal partner is someone who is uncomplicated, intelligent, and tidy. And most of all, they must be kind.

Mars in Libra

This can be a difficult placement as Libra enjoys harmony and Mars is an aggressor. You have the tendency to suppress your anger because it feels so unnatural, which can lead to bigger problems. Finding an outlet is a good idea if you usually keep your frustration bottled up. Relationships drive you, especially romantic relationships. Your ideal partner is attractive and adoring. You’re a hopeless romantic, and you may be looking for the real-life version of Prince Charming. Sexual build-up stems from behavior. It starts with one endearing act after another, connecting you mentally first, and physically second.

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Mars in Scorpio

The drive and ambition behind Mars are pushed through by the tenacity and power of Scorpio. Every emotion becomes more intense, and you’re searching for someone who feels just as deeply as you do. Your ideal partner will be a little mysterious as you enjoy peeling back one layer at a time. When it comes to sex, all of your intensity and endurance transfers to the bedroom. Since Scorpio is the sign of transformation, you are driven to be transformed by your entire relationship, including sex. Be careful of being too controlling or possessive. When betrayed, your Mars will seek revenge. The key is to find someone you completely trust.

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius has an insatiable desire for knowledge and learning. Just as Sagittarius loves to travel, Mars here loves to travel via the mind. You’re a free spirit, playful, happy-go-lucky, and you prefer your partner to be the same. You’re attracted to intelligence, honesty, and philosophical conversations. Discussing the meaning of life will connect you on the level you’re seeking if your partner can come up with an intriguing answer. You approach sex with as little inhibitions as you do with life. Everything is a fair game so long as you’re having fun. Superficiality is a turn-off. Mind-games and feeling tied down is the fastest way to send you running. Your perfect partner will have to be as adventurous and as free-spirited as you or else you will leave them behind.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars puts emphasis on your hardworking, dedicated nature. Your perfect partner will have to be as worthy and competent as you. Status holds appeal because you don’t want to be dragged down. You are focused on what will take you higher, not what pulls you behind. In the bedroom, you are still searching for that sense of fulfillment. You have a straightforward approach, and you may possibly be turned on by power plays. Sometimes you may be perceived as cold; however, that’s far from the truth. Deep down, you care with your entire being. Mars in Capricorn is driven to build lasting relationships. You will work just as hard at your relationships as you do with everything else in life.

Mars in Aquarius

Independence is highlighted by Mars in Aquarius. You desire the freedom to be yourself. You are open-minded and brilliant, and you have an unwavering commitment to causes you feel strongly about. When it comes to dating, you’re attracted to unconventional qualities. Your ideal partner will stimulate your mind and will appreciate you for all of your quirks. You like to experiment and have fun in the bedroom, but you’re not big on heavy emotions or romance. You can detach from people or situations which can make you come across as uncaring, but you are capable of passion when you approach relationships with a friends-to-lovers mindset.

Mars in Pisces

Fiery Mars turns into a watered-down version within the sign of Pisces. You’re the lover, not the fighter. Driven by your compassion for others, you possess an abundance of empathy. Your ideal partner will be just as loving and sensitive as you are. They will listen as you speak, attuned to everything you say as well as the things you don’t say. This is because a deep, intimate connection really drives you. You need someone you can relate to on a mind, body, and soul level. Keep in mind that Mars tends to be passive in Pisces. When you really want something, you have to move yourself to act or else you may let it slip by.

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