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Moon in Astrology Giving and Receiving Love

The Moon in Astrology: Giving and Receiving Love

Astrology is a spiritual and creative language weaving the story of the solar system into a dynamic and organic narrative that helps us better understand ourselves, the people in our lives, the cycles of our planet, and the divine, as well as, practical nature of human consciousness. Core to the study of astrology is the concept of the archetype, an essential representation of a concept, theme, or example.  Aries is the archetype of independent, maverick action; Taurus is the archetype of stable, persistent energy, and so on through the Zodiac.

This article will look at each sign’s archetype through the placement of the Moon in a sign. Each point in astrology manages an aspect of human experience, and the Moon is the point that manages our feelings. Thus, the placement of the Moon will let you know how you prefer to give and receive love.

Which Sign is Best for Me in a Relationship?

Perhaps one of the most common questions I get asked as a professional astrologer is, “which sign should I date?”  People asking this question almost always refer to their Sun sign and ask me which Sun sign would be best for them in a relationship.  Unfortunately, successful relationships are determined by far more than Sun signs and, truthfully, it’s not the first point I consider when helping a client with relationship issues.

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Far and away, one’s Moon will give the best guidance for relating because the Moon rules your feelings, where you are vulnerable, and long to share yourself with someone.  The placement of the Moon shows me how someone will prefer to give and receive love and intimacy from another person.  Knowing your Moon placement is far less common than knowing your Sun sign, but it is well worth your effort to find out, which means not only knowing when and where you were born but also what time.

The Moon moves through a sign approximately every day and a half, so without an exact time, it is possible to have the Moon in one sign at the beginning of the day and in another sign later in the day. I was born at 9:39 pm EST on April 12, 1968, so my Moon is in Libra.  It also happened to be a full Moon at the time I was born. See below the Moon in Libra to see how I am designed to give and receive love.

Aries Moon

Give me my freedom and I will love you forever. Try to own me or restrict me or check up on me constantly and I am “outta here”! Aries Moons can actually be the most loyal and committed but it will not look like it by way of “Hallmark Card” visions of relating.  Not only do they want to be shown love by being able to “do what they want”, but they will also extend the same courtesy to you.

Taurus Moon

Make me feel safe and secure and I will be loyal and committed until death do us part. Taurus Moons feel emotionally secure when they feel financially secure.  No joke.  Plenty of food in the pantry, money in a safe in the house, and money in the bank will be how they want to be loved and show love.  Like all earth Moons, they enjoy showing love and receiving love through touch, indulgences, and consistent routines.

Gemini Moon

Tell me everything and keep talking to me.  These Moons prefer to give and receive love by communicating and discussing their feelings while also hearing about your feelings.  They want to know what you think about your feelings and their feelings and know that you want to listen to what they have to say about their feelings and your feelings.  They prefer a constant communication feedback loop.

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Cancer Moon

Most of the Moon in every way, since this is the sign ruled by the Moon.  It is the feminine divine of the mother, so this Moon gives and receives love when you let the person take care of you emotionally.  They want to be the safe harbor you need when want to escape the storms of life.  In turn, they want to be able to show you their love by opening themselves up emotionally.

Leo Moon

Let’s play and create together.  The Leo Moon feels and gives love through recognition; “look what I have done for you”!  “Wow, look what you did for me!”  When we talk about “grand gestures” this is the sign most impressed by them and most likely to want to perform them.  This can be one of the most playful Moons, preferring to share a good time as the way to share feelings.

Virgo Moon

Pay attention to the details and let me help you with your problems.  Like all earth Moons, Virgo has a very practical nature when it comes to feelings. They love to show and receive love by doing the little things that make a relationship work; noticing you are out of shampoo and getting a bottle before you need to ask. Virgo Moons also appreciate processing feelings in practical ways; what do you need that I can do.

Libra Moon

Let’s make decisions together. Libra Moon individuals like harmony and balance in their relationships and they want their partners involved in the most important emotional decisions. They show love by checking in and waiting for input from their partner, and they want the same in return, even if the answer is, “I will do what you prefer” or “is it okay if we do what I want this time”?

Scorpio Moon

Can we be intense together? These are the Moons that feel their love for others most and best when dealing with a crisis or overcoming some intense situation.  They show love by helping you transform and actually appreciate it when you bring transformation to their lives.  If they like you, they will keep your secrets; if they love you, they will tell you their secrets.

Sagittarius Moon

Lead me or follow me.  Sagittarius rules authority, so it shows love by taking charge or being supportive to someone who prefers to take charge.  Like all fire Moons, this Moon craves action to express its feelings and wants to receive love from passionate life explorers. They will show you love by taking you out into the world or going out into the world with you.

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Capricorn Moon

“What have you done for me lately?” Love is a goal, sharing feelings has a purpose, and succeeding in a relationship is a worthy achievement.  Do not come to this Moon in financial debt; they show love by succeeding in the world and want to receive love from a partner who is equally successful or fully supportive of their ambitions. The sentence that starts with “I want to be the best at …” will melt their hearts.

Aquarius Moon

Feelings, hmm, those are interesting; what happens if we do this with them? In many ways, this is the most detached placement for the Moon, which means they give love by experimenting and exploring outside the norms. Polyamory, monogamy, group living … as long as you are being authentic.  Love me because I am different; I can love you if you show and share your strangeness with me.

Pisces Moon

We are all one love.  Love is divine and so are you and so am I. Flow with me as I work through my emotions and what it means for me to love and be loved.  Like flowing water, this Moon sign often takes the path of least resistance and can travel the farthest distance in an emotional journey if not bottled up. Boundaries are important because it is the Moon most willing to show love by letting anyone and everyone in.

Find your Moon sign and then look for the Moon signs of the people you know and love; see if you can see the traits of their Moon to help you better understand the relationship.

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