June 12, 2024
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Sacred Soul Union

The February numeric energy vortex of the number two opened the cosmic gateway and released the light activations for the year. We have four portal openings that happen on 2/2, 2/4, 2/22, and 2/24.  Hello and Welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier, the author of Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the fifth Dimension and my 2nd book The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking.  So, what does this energy of the number two represent and how can we best utilize the opportunities being offered to us? The number two represents balance, mainly of our feminine and masculine qualities. It is during this time that I like to focus on the meaning of relationships, including twin flames, soul tribes, and soulmates. These are all terms used to describe the type of relationships that develop our heart body. Although we only have one Twin flame who is either in this incarnation or in the spirit realm, we can have several Soul Mates in one lifetime. 


It is in our true nature to desire companionship

I often hear clients tell me that they fear being alone and desire to share their life with someone special. I remind them that even the word alone stands for “All One.” We are never truly alone on our spiritual journeys because we are entangled in the cosmic web of universal intelligence which states that we are all connected. When the ego separates itself from the one true Source, it can give us the illusion that we are indeed alone, but we must rise above the fear, and connect with the collective truth that we are never separated from love.

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Relationships in general serve as a mirror to our own individual nature. The relationship that’s most important is the relationship that we have with ourselves. It is the relationship that we establish with our higher source first, and then, the reflection from our partners will bring clarity, companionship, and deep satisfying love.

My mentor once told me that if you want to grow spiritually on the fast track, get into a relationship. There is no quicker way to trigger your shortcomings and further develop your character strengths.

Because we reflect our true nature out into the world when connecting with another soul, we receive everything back to us in the mirror of what I like to call “mutual surprise.”


February as a sacred union

February represents the Sacred Union and the more unconditionally you give, the more support you receive in return.

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It is important to know that everyone has a Twin Flame but not everyone contracts to incarnate with their other half at the same time. Until recently, it was common to contract one flame in the physical world while the other stayed in the spiritual world.

There is a good reason for this. Because while you are here completing your karmic lessons and pursuing your life purpose, the other is holding space and helping you on the other side much like your guardian angel.

Before birth, when your soul contract is developed, you always agree to the strongest method of fulfilling your soul mission and this is done by separating the possibility of both of you coming here at the same time and getting lost in the 3rd dimensional illusion and of course the possibility of accruing more karma.

When one stays in the Spirit world it isn’t because he/ she doesn’t want to be with you but rather the unconditional bond and love you have for each other can best be served by guiding, protecting, and healing you through the powers of the Spirit realm.

On the other hand, if you and your twin agree to incarnate at the same time, you will find each other when you are spiritually advanced enough to share a life purpose together. Otherwise, this magnetic relationship will test your true nature and force you to evolve spiritually and if you refuse, you may lose the opportunity to come into alignment of power within the twin flame Unity.

This means that by agreeing to unite in physical form, you are bound and capable of working through your limitations, connecting with your life purpose, and are ready to evolve at a super-fast potent frequency rate.

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As with most souls who are destined to meet, there will be an electrical charge between you and the other twin. When you unite with your twin flame, there is an electrical charge that occurs. This spark is undeniably stronger, brighter, and magnetizing.

Because the reason for incarnating together is about fulfilling your life mission and not to comfort your loneliness, your twin could be different from you in the physical realm. This includes and is not limited by your gender, age, geographic location, financial status and more.


The power of Twin Flames

When Twin Flames incarnate together, their birth chart life purpose number will be the same. They don’t incarnate together purely to experience True love with one another but rather in addition – to serve a greater cause because of their love together. You don’t necessarily need to physically be together to serve a higher purpose but if both of you are willing to clear your karma, rise above limiting beliefs, and are compassionate enough to help each other grow together, then your undeniable electric bond will accelerate whatever you both came here to do – together.

The motto for twin flame relationships is “Heal Thyself” and not “Heal each other.” You must be selfish and selfless simultaneously to make this Sacred Union work.

Now what is not often discussed is the topic of Twin Flame incarnation separation. What happens when you do not incarnate with your twin flame in this incarnation?

I always knew that my Twin Flame did not incarnate with me in this lifetime. We agreed that I would be born in physical form and my twin would stay in the higher realms to guide me toward my life purpose. Even though my other half is not with me physically, we still work together tirelessly to help others find their life purpose and evolve into their personal ascension. I see my twin in my dreams and visions and I carry a timeless sort of sadness that words cannot describe.

I know his name and touch from memory, and I connect with him spiritually at any time and this is most comforting. But for the most part, my life has consisted of several unfulfilled relationships that never lasted. I never married because I knew that I could not compare my love here on earth to anything that would resemble what I have with my twin flame in spirit. So, for those of us that will not have the privilege of connecting with our twin physically in this incarnation, all hope is not lost. Knowing this information has helped me not to waste my time and energy by searching all over the planet for someone that is not here. It has strengthened my capacity to self-reflect and work on the one thing that I know connects us, my life purpose.


The importance of soulmates

Now soulmates in love play a very important role in your life because they help prepare you to receive your Twin Flame and Platonic Soul Mates also play a crucial role in preparing you for your Ascension.

Since you contracted before birth to meet these people at a specific time and place in your life, your Soul will recognize their energy.

There are different types of Soul Mates and the ones you meet in this lifetime depend on your soul contract. You left clues to your Soul Life Agreement within your Birth Date and Birth Name. Some Soul Mates are called transient. Meaning they come into your life to teach you certain lessons and move you forward on your path to spiritual evolution and then leave. They were never meant to be long lasting.  These connections only last for brief periods of time While others may last a lifetime. Soul Mates don’t necessarily have anything to do with physical intimacy; rather, soul mate connections are purely based upon strong emotional connections.

You will just know that you resonate with this person on an energetic vibration or spirit essence connection. The more you raise your energy level, the more likely you will attract a Soul Mate of a higher caliber.

The precise reason why so many people struggle to find “The One” true love in their lives is because of their lack of self-knowledge, understanding, compassion, and love. Many people carry the belief that someone or something else outside of us will “complete” then, when all along the answers lie within us. Soul mates just help us to realize this by opening our hearts through the power of love.

We all can find soul mates, but we don’t always have the capacity. How can I understand what a soul mate is if I don’t yet understand the soul? How can I experience the unconditional love of a soul mate union when I continue to dislike myself and other people?

Of course, I’m not saying that you have to be perfect or enlightened to find your soul mate, but you do need to be actively undergoing the process of spiritual evolution. Our mindsets and values determine our reality.

Attracting a person into your life who is genuinely compatible with you requires soul work. How can you discover who your soulmate is without first knowing who you really are, why you came here, and what you are meant to do with your life? Until you can answer these questions, you’ll always be scrambling around in the dark and frankly, attracting everything you don’t want in hopes of finding the answers to these questions.

When you attract your Lifetime soulmate, he/she is the one that allows you to be your true self and feel comfortable in a way you probably only felt when you were a small child. This Soulmate lets you be yourself and helps you be your most authentic being. You meet each other precisely when you’re both ready, and not a moment before or after. The expression “timing is everything” is especially true with this kind of Soulmate.

I’ve found this to be true over and over in life, especially in regards to relationships. Just when you’re about ready to give up – when you’ve had enough of dating and begin to settle in with being single, your tired of the games and heartbreak, not a moment too early and not a moment too late – at that very time, when you’re truly ready and open for anything, the right person steps into your life.

Nothing is written in stone, and we all have free will. There may be instances where you or another Soul mate do not show up on schedule, due to the many worldly and outside distractions. When this occurs, you may feel a temporary void or lapse in your life purpose because of what was planned… did not happen.

The Universe will intervene but nonetheless, there will be a void until your guidance and angels return your life to balance. The best thing you can do is stay centered, open, and willing to move forward by following your intuitive compass.


Between pains and benefits

KARMIC SOUL MATES are the most powerfully painful but beneficial relationships that most of us have or will experience in our lifetime. These connections were pre-destined to happen for us to work through past life karmic lessons left over that did not get resolved in previous lifetimes. They are actually gifts because we set up another opportunity to get it right this time.

There is usually a strong emotional and even sexual attraction that occurs when we meet this person. Karmic relationships can be platonic, romantic, or biological.

A Karmic relationship is a romantic bond that is formed with someone in your soul group, and it is a relationship designed to heal past life lessons, pain, and unhealthy patterns.

They’re generally challenging and heartbreaking. Signs that you are in a Karmic relationship include intense passion, obsessiveness, jealousy, negative feelings, control issues, substance abuse, selfishness, one-sidedness, emotional or physical abuse. They are difficult, emotionally taxing, abusive and manipulative.

Oftentimes, they start out with fireworks, and it feels like love, you feel like you’ve known this person forever. Karmic partners will feel a little too intense and it is this intensity that draws you like a magnet in order to heal past wounds and eventually grow.

Each person in the karmic relationship is in this partnership to break a pattern that has transcended centuries. We all have unhealthy patterns, ways of thinking and ways of viewing ourselves that we form in our lifetimes and in a karmic relationship, your partner is your mirror.

These relationships are here to teach us to love ourselves through worthiness. By coming together, they are teaching one or the other person that they are worthy of meaningful, peaceful, and joyful love.

They are the opposite of peaceful love – they are chaotic, violent, hot and heavy, emotional and stressful. This is because karmic relationships are fueled by centuries of passion and unhealed pain. It will be through learning what true love is not, that the karmic partner can find what true love really is.

Through the unhealed pain, you re-enter a karmic relationship with a person from your soul group. Pain is everywhere and when expressed, old ties, soul bonds, and contracts are brought up to the surface, realized, and then healed.


A karmic relationship

Most people will enter a karmic relationship in the years prior to meeting their actual, real soulmate (not their karmic one). A person who is going to value, love, and respect you come after you heal a karmic bond. Only after you have experienced a relationship filled with unhealthy karmic love, which ends up really being controlled and manipulated, will you notice a relationship filled with actual love.

You are bound to this person by only karma and once you heal the karma by learning your lessons, the karmic patterns presented by this person are over, for you, forever. Karmic mission complete!

But if you jump into a new relationship immediately after getting out of a karmic bond, elements of the previous karmic patterns presented in the former relationship will repeat themselves in the new relationship. Your unhealthy patterns will repeat themselves until all the issues have been fully healed.

The next topic is your Soul Tribe. These people gather around you in your life and are not necessarily connected by blood or race, but by energy and essence. They bring unconditional love and support at the perfect times. They understand and share the same mission, purpose, or have matching complimentary life themes. They come into your life in order to help you achieve a shared spiritual objective.

Soul group members can play almost any role in life: best friend, your partner, a family member, a neighbor, a workmate, or someone whom you meet in passing. They help you to remember why you’re here on Earth, and what you hoped to accomplish.


Some helpful information around meeting your Twin Flame

Shortly before or just after you have met your twin flame, you will start seeing number synchronicity like 11:11, 222, or 666. You will keep getting little signs and symbols that something big is about to happen or has just happened.

When Twin Flames meet, there is a shift in the world. Sometimes it is even a dramatic change in weather, an abnormally large moon, or a string of shooting stars. This is because twin flames have the same or very similar energy frequency so when they meet, they literally cause a balance change in the atmosphere.

They feel familiar to each other and recognize the same energy flow that they share. Even though they won’t necessarily remember past lives together, they can subconsciously feel them. Attraction is natural and instant, it goes beyond the physical appearance, right down to the core of your soul. This type of connection goes beyond what is considered normal by human standards. This is a once in a lifetime experience that has no limits.

The meeting of your twin flame is a phenomenal connection and will change your life completely. It may be a whirlwind or roller coaster relationship depending on your spiritual soul development.

I hope you resonate with this information. If you want to research your special relationships further, please schedule a Twin Heart reading with me. This numeric chart reading explains your gifts, abilities, talents, your shared path and purpose, and the karmic lessons you agreed to overcome with the ones you love in this lifetime. You can learn more on my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org

Blessings to you, Namaste’ Sara

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