July 14, 2024
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Numerology 2024 Calculate your Personal Year Number for next Year

Numerology 2024: Calculate your Personal Year Number

When I tune into Egyptian Numerology, I am fascinated with the cycles of our lives. Cycles carry a numeric vibration that guides you through your soul’s evolution. The Universe we live in orchestrates through the balance of natural laws and without them, we lose our grounding and equilibrium. Whenever we enter a vortex caused by a seasonal equinox, we experience the veils thinning between the worlds. September and October are always a magical and mystical time in Egyptian Numerology because it serves as the conjunction where time and space co-mingle, becoming a dedicated cosmic servant in the process of the changing of the seasons energetic sequence. 


The power of 2023 starts descending and 2024 energy begins to ascend to the collective surface

The rising of the Sirian Star, activated on August 8th, marked the beginning of our new celestial year and on September 22nd, we solidified the energy with the fall/spring equinox (depending on the hemisphere you currently live in.)

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Whatever hemisphere you belong to, this is the most productive season to set your intentions for the following year.

Most of you are sensitive to energy and have already begun to feel the intensity and shifting of the Universal year energy as it swirls throughout our planetary atmosphere.

When you are in sync with the higher dimensions, you begin to rely on your higher senses and intuition above what you may have intellectually learned and relied on in the past …especially when it comes to energy and vibrations.

People who cannot yet distinguish the difference between this energetic dance caused by the transference of the universal life force…  get confused because they still believe that the new year starts in January and although we celebrate the actual change of calendar year number in January and the manifestations of our intentions start to appear around the winter solstice, the most potent time to assure fruition of our resolutions is to set our intentions for the following year in September and October.

In theory, our Personal Year Number starts at the beginning of the New Year, but the power of your Personal Year Number starts to emerge a few months prior and you begin to experience the manifestation of this energy in January.

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The vibration of your Personal year Number carries the strongest force during the 90-days around your Birth Date. It is during these months that you have the highest potential to manifest your goals, dreams, and desires.

Let’s ponder for a moment about how we use cycles to determine our present moment awareness. We live in a world of cycles daily. This includes our seasons, maturation, time, color, sound, spiritual evolution, weather, astrological events, lunar, and solar etc. we can predict an outcome by following and understanding the essential patterns governed through the laws of nature.


Two important cycles in Egyptian Numerology

They are the Universal Year and Personal year vibrations. If you can recognize and perceive these governing numeric cycles and how they operate in your life, then you can align and work with the opportunities they create.

In numerology, each calendar year adds up to a single-digit number 1 through 9, which holds a unique energetic influence and imprint. It’s called the Universal Year. This means that it is a collective energy in which everyone on the planet will experience the energy of a particular number during the entire year. 

Each number, from one to nine, indicates a set of feelings, opportunities, and challenges that all of us may encounter in the next 12 months.

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The year will feel different on an individual level, but knowing the special attributes of the current Universal Year will give you a better idea of the areas of your life that may need extra attention.

We are currently in a Universal number 7 year for 2023. You can calculate the Universal year number by adding the numbers of the current year.

For example: 2023 = 2+2+3 = 7 and 2024 will be a Universal number 8 year.

Every year your personal year vibration changes depending on the numeric calculation of our birth date, month, and the current year. This gives you ample opportunities to align with the Universe and co-create with Spirit.

Your Personal Year Number in Numerology provides deep penetration into the individual potential themes and life experiences of any calendar year.  Every personal year is part of a 1 through 9-year cycle, painting your life with opportunities, challenges, and gifts of insight.

Now, this phenomenon happens whether we are aware of it or not, but the more informed we are regarding the personal power available to us, the easier it is to manifest.


Align with your Personal Year Vibration

There are certain benefits and advantages to aligning with your Personal Year vibration including relationships, abundance, life purpose, creativity, self-reflection, healing, health, travel, re-location, selling/ buying and so on… when we are in communion with our life path and personal year energies.

The best way to prepare for receiving this energy is to be available mentally and emotionally by spending time in nature, meditating, being grateful, and clearing past wounds as they surface to be healed. Nothing happens by chance; it is all part of the cosmic grand plan. Know that you are prepared, ready, relaxed, and open to receive.

The vibrations of numbers enable you to get intimate with the deeper aspects of your aspirations and they become a predictive tool toward understanding the diverse cycles of your life.

This is such an exciting time of year energetically. Between the full moons of September and October we are blessed with the Fall/ Spring Equinox. Read our article about the Autumn Equinox 2023!

The Collective energy shifts causing a thinning of the veils. There is an intense vibratory portal that allows us to activate our creative and psychic gifts.

Your Personal year number changes every 12 months, but your Life Path number stays the same throughout your entire life. Click here to calculate your Life Path Number.

When your Personal year number aligns with your Life Path number, it intensifies your opportunities, challenges, and insights. It strengthens your motivations and encourages you to pursue your goals during the 12-month cycle by multiplying the energy of the frequency within the numeric stratum.

So, it is important to get clear on what you desire to manifest and how best to   get organized to complete your innermost desires, goals, and dreams.

Egyptian Numerology is a sacred language revealing how the personalities of numbers give you impeccable vision into your greatest Soul Potential.

This vibration merges into the folds of your life and creates a rising pressure to enhance the areas of your life that you are most focused on.

When you work with these qualities, you can better apply your efforts to create the prosperity you desire or calculate decisions that would be most beneficial to you.


What kind of year will it be for you?

I have listed a short version of the themes for each Personal year cycle.

NUMBER ONE – Attainment.


NUMBER THREE – Implementing Wise Communication

NUMBER FOUR – Self-Discipline

NUMBER FIVE – Impermanence

NUMBER SIX – Self- Love

NUMBER SEVEN – Trust in yourself, Source, and your Divine cosmic plan

NUMBER EIGHT – Integrity

NUMBER NINE – Self-reflection

MASTER NUMBER 11 – If you have a life path Master Number 11, you will experience a Personal Year Master Number 11 in your 9-year cycle instead of the number two. Your theme for this cycle is Rebirth.


I am Sara Bachmeier with Egyptian Numerology. I am the author of Egyptian Numerology: Emergence into the Fifth Dimension and “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking.”  You can learn more about Egyptian Numerology off my website at www.egyptiannumerology.org These themes are brief but represent the trigger point for your Personal year cycle. If you want to learn more about the energy dominating your life for the year 2024, schedule a Personal year reading with me.

Have a beautiful and fulfilling season full of healthy choices and joyful connections.


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