June 22, 2024
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Scorpio Dating Profile

Love and Zodiac: Here’s what you can expect when dating a Scorpio

Scorpio has a sexy reputation for a good reason! They come across as maddeningly mysterious and seductive, which is why they’re just so desirable. It’s not that often that a Scorpio is single – they deeply value intimacy and togetherness, making them prime candidates for a long-lasting bond. Here’s what you can expect with our Scorpio Dating Profile…

With that said, many Scorpios have been deeply hurt in the past, and because of this they often have a few trust issues. It takes a great deal of time for a Scorpio to truly open their heart, so be patient with them. Once their heart so finally yours, it’ll be yours for life. This sign is known of their deep loyalty, passion and commitment, so it’s worth a bit of work.

Of course, the dark side of Scorpio is that they tend to play games, so be extra mindful of any manipulative tactics and stand up for yourself when you suspect something is up. This will increase the Scorpio’s respect for you and help them to feel safer overall. Here’s what else you can expect when dating a Scorpio.  

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Dating a Scorpio

The dating stage when you’re crushing on a Scorpio is probably the toughest stage of all. This is one sign that does much better when in a secure, safe relationship. In the beginning, you may feel as if you’re being tested to see if you’re someone that they can truly trust. With that said, it’s still very exciting to date this zodiac sign. They’re passionate, intense and ever so deep. From the get-go, you’ll likely fall right under their spell and find it basically impossible to ever extricate yourself from their grasp. Not that you’ll want to. Being chased by a Scorpio – and make no mistake, they chase – is just downright thrilling. When they want you, they’ll stop at absolutely nothing to have you, whatever gender or role they prefer. Prepare to be hunted! Your dates themselves are exercises in chemistry and passion, and you’ll barely be able to keep your hands off of one another. Your Scorpio will enjoy intimate, close time with you, where nobody can interrupt you getting to know each other.

Communicating With a Scorpio

Like all water signs, Scorpio does prefer to focus on the emotional side of relationships rather than intellectual connection. That’s not to say that they aren’t the sharpest tool in the box – because they usually are – but they’re prefer to intuit your feelings and give feedback on that. So, when you do communicate with your Scorpio honey, be sure not to hold anything back. Don’t bother to tell a white lie or deceive them in any way whatsoever, because you’ll simply end up regretting it. A Scorpio can sniff out a lie a mile away, and if they do, they’ll simply cut you off. Because of past experiences where they were likely hurt or betrayed in some way, they won’t put up with deceit, even if it’s well-intentioned. When you talk to them open up. Reveal your secrets. Be a little vulnerable, even if that feels scary. 

How A Scorpio Shows Their Love

The main “Love Language” of Scorpio is most likely Physical Touch. Those rumors about Scorpio being one of the most passionate, sensual signs? It’s completely true. They do have a huge amount of self-control, however, so they won’t exactly put pressure on you right away. But, if they’re falling for you, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re eager to touch and be touched. The bedroom is the one place where you can be sure of your Scorpio’s feelings. Here, they don’t hold back.

Of course, there are also other ways that they show their love. Their loyalty, for one thing. Scorpios are intensely faithful and dedicated to their partners, and they’ll have your back in literally anything. They’ll fight your battles alongside you – your enemy is there enemy. A Scorpio will also show you their love by opening up to you and letting you see their deeply vulnerable side. Because the truth is, all Scorpios are absolute softies, and all it takes is time, trust and patience to see their inner teddy bear.

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What Turns a Scorpio Off

Scorpios can’t handle superficial people or connections. This sign needs depth and intensity more than anything else. If they sense that you’re just skirting the surface, and not interested in taking a deep dive with them, then they’ll simply walk away. Although the typical Scorpio does tend to play games, they don’t appreciate it when you do the same back to them. This is somewhat of a double standard to be sure, so call them out on it. Stand up and have integrity. This way, you’ll build trust.

Another thing that may turn your Scorpio off is a lack of physical connection and passion. If this is missing from your connection, you may notice that the Scorpio cools off quite substantially. Having chemistry is excitingly important to this sign. They also appreciate apartment who holds some mystery for them, and doesn’t let it all ‘hang out’. They like someone who keeps parts of themselves just for them – it makes Scorpio feel special.

Strengths of Scorpio

Scorpios are all just plain strong – emotionally, mentally and very often, physically too. See, their ancient, traditional ruler is Mars, planet of War and Battle. If you plan to go up against a Scorpio, then make sure to double check yourself. You probably won’t win, and this is perhaps something that will make you love the Scorpio even more, fall even harder. A Scorpio is also powerfully loyal and dedicated to their person, their work and their families. This consistent commitment is a strength that few people possess. Their depth and authenticity are also something to be deeply admired. This is one person that will always be very ‘real’ with you. Sure, they have their secrets, but they’ll keep yours too, proving that they’re immensely trustworthy.


Weaknesses of Scorpio

Scorpio’s downfall is their jealous, possessive nature. Because they may have already been hurt before, they do find it extremely difficult to trust their partner, or sometimes even just trust life itself. As such, you could start feeling a little stifled and suffocated by the Scorpio, and it’s important to communicate with them if this is the case. once they trust you fully, you’ll find that this jealous nature completely relaxes, and they’ll let you pretty much do as you like. Their other weakness is the tendency to want to ‘win’, which means that they can sometimes play games with your feelings. The Scorpio can be extremely manipulative and sometimes even downright toxic. As much as their seductive reputation precedes them, so does their reputation for being an intense, sometimes-feared partner or ex-partner. You just don’t mess with a Scorpio, mainly because you really don’t want to see their dark side come out. When their shadow takes over, they can morph into the most vengeful, cold, destructive person you may have ever met!

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Most compatible signs with Scorpio

Scorpio just adores their fellow water signs, but in fact, what’s been shown to be an amazing match in Astrology for this sign is gentle Taurus. It’s the sign opposite to Scorpio, and so the ‘opposites attract’ philosophy completely applies here. Taurus is the perfect balance for Scorpio. Calm, placid and gentle, Taurus just doesn’t do drama. They are solid, and tend to make the Scorpio feel held, safe and secure. Not to mention that Taurus is deeply loyal, a quality that Scorpio shares. Neither is prepared to leave the relationship on a whim. Cancer is also a lovely sign for Scorpio, being water and thus, sensitive and empathetic. Scorpios will find Cancer to be extremely nurturing and caring, helping them to soften and open up. Pisces is, of course, also a wonderful match. Scorpio makes Pisces feel protected and shields them from the harsher realities of life. In return, Pisces worships the ground Scorpio walks on, and helps them to access their inner sensitivity. Finally, Capricorns often make great partners for Scorpio, seeing as they’re both loyal, faithful, dedicated and ambitious. This is often dubbed ‘the power couple’.


Least compatible signs with Scorpio

Scorpio just cannot do flakiness. Signs that are whimsical and non-committal, such as Gemini and Sagittarius for example, won’t do well with this water sign. Scorpio is ‘fixed’ meaning that if they say they’ll do something, they do it. They have the power of endurance. Gemini, for example, is always chopping and changing, and they need variety in every area of life. These two will be extremely attracted to each other, but it’s likely that this connection will only result in drama, drama, drama. Scorpio just can’t handle what seems like superficiality in Gemini, and Gemini may struggle with the possessiveness and intensity of Scorpio. Sagittarius is also a tough match for Scorpio, even though their libidos match, there’s this sense that Sagittarius may just run away at the drop of a hat, leaving Scorpio feeling betrayed and abandoned. Everything is fun for the Sagittarius, whereas Scorpio takes life a little more seriously.

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