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What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Scorpio

What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Scorpio

Scorpios have a reputation for being the most sexual and passionate sign in the Zodiac. And I have to admit, the rumors are true! This sign knows how to bring the sexual intensity to another level – they simply love sex and find it is a way to connect to their partner in a deeper sense. No wonder you’re curious about what it is really like to have sex with a Scorpio – continue reading to find out more!

The Energy a Scorpio Brings To The Bedroom

Scorpios tend to be the most alluring sign in the Zodiac. They are full of mystery and intrigue and others just want to find a way to get closer to them. Their magnetism is electric and intoxicating.

Whatever you’ve heard about a Scorpio is usually true. They wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone and usually far exceed expectations when it comes to sex. They know that they are more than capable in the sack – it is as if this is what they are meant to do.

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For a Scorpio, sex is always more than sex though. It goes far deeper than most people could ever comprehend. It is a powerful spiritual experience for a Scorpio. An experience that comes close to merging their soul with another.

Scorpios are intense lovers, they are very passionate and they give it their all in the bedroom. They lay their soul bare when they are making love with someone. They just love the drama and intensity of it all. It makes them feel alive!

Kinks are definitely favored by Scorpios. They typically love delving into BDSM or any other fetishes. They are pretty open-minded when it comes to sex and they like exploring as much as they possibly can.

Anything that can add to the intensity ticks their boxes! They often also experience deep healing or psychological benefit when exploring their sexual fantasies. They learn to love their taboos and embrace them instead of repressing them.

Scorpios are usually quite private about their personal affairs, but when they trust someone they are open with all of their wants and desires and enjoy talking about what turns them on and what they would like to do in the bedroom.

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They love learning about sex and exploring different avenues when it comes to pleasure. You will often find Scorpios being interested in things like shibari bondage or tantric sex. Anything that is off the beaten track is usually what is best for a Scorpio.

What Turns a Scorpio Off In The Bedroom?

There honestly isn’t much that could turn a Scorpio off in the bedroom. They aren’t into kink-shaming or making someone feel bad about their desires. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t particular about who they sleep with.

Scorpios tend to have very high standards and won’t get close to just anyone. They are very careful of who they allow into their life and especially who gets to see them at their most vulnerable during sex.

They really dislike it when a potential partner might ridicule or laugh at one of their kinks or desires. This makes them feel defensive and like they won’t be safe to express themself authentically to this person and there is nothing a Scorpio dislikes more than inauthenticity.

What Turns a Scorpio On In The Bedroom

Scorpios tend to have very dirty minds and they just love it when their partner can show this part of themselves to their Scorpio. They want to know all of your nastiest secrets and what turns you on the most.

Figuring out what makes you tick will drive your Scorpio totally crazy, even if it is totally embarrassing to tell you. The more weight riding on the “dirty secret” the better! Remember, Scorpios are all about extremes!

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A Scorpio will always get off on knowing your secrets. It gives them a feeling of control and power – two concepts they absolutely love and can’t get enough of. So don’t be afraid to show your Scorpio how kinky you can be.

And of course, Scorpios love power dynamics! They want to feel important and like you would throw everything away for them. They love anything that feels taboo and like it is a bad thing to do. The muck and dirtiness of it all really get them going and have them feeling totally excited.

Being bad feels really, really good in the mind of a Scorpio. The naughtier is always the better! And this is likely why they love a good spanking! They definitely get turned on by things like whips, chains, and paddles. For a Scorpio sometimes pleasure can often be pain.

Roleplay is also something a Scorpio is keen to explore. They enjoy dressing up and pretending to be someone they are not. It all just adds to the level of excitement they feel. Allow them to live out their fantasies and they will be forever happy!

Scorpios are extremely creative and imaginative in the bedroom. They will come up with all sorts of ideas and love it when a partner comes along for the ride without any questions. They want to be with someone who is up for anything – open-mindedness is a real turn-on for any Scorpio.

You might be surprised by this, but not all Scorpios are dominant in the bedroom. Some of them are quite submissive and like it when their partner takes the reins when it comes to sex. It is nice for them to be able to just lie back and enjoy, but most of them tend to be dominant and love being in control.

The thing to always remember with Scorpios is that they are extreme people. They always want to take things to the next level and they tend to push the boundaries of the person they are with. They want to see how far they can take things.

You might never expect yourself to be a swinger, or have sex in a public place. But sleeping with a Scorpio is going to make you get out of your comfort zone and experiment with different versions of yourself. And you might learn a lot about yourself in the process!

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