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Tarot Reading for the Scorpio Eclipse 25 October 2022

Tarot Reading for the Scorpio Eclipse 25 October 2022

The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

25 October 2022

What could this coming month’s New Moon and partial solar eclipse mean for us down here on Earth?

The Moon tarot card Rider-Waite

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot

The Astronomy

Like the Full Moon, a New Moon happens at a very particular point when the sun and moon have the same ecliptic longitude and can be measured down to the same second that it happens. On the day of the New Moon, we don’t see it at night. The moon is too close to the sun, rising and setting with the sun. The night sky is darker, making the New Moon an ideal time of the month to see other celestial objects more clearly

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The Astrology

We enter Scorpio, leaving the zodiac sign of Libra on 23 October. October’s New Moon will also be a partial solar eclipse in sun Scorpio and Moon Taurus.

In astrological terms, this signifies an intense period, opening new doors and bringing fated changes into our lives. Que sera, sera. What will be, will be.

This is not a time for making big decisions or taking risks with our wealth, health, and personal relationships. This New Moon eclipse can come with a sting in its tail…taking that chance or forcing that situation, pushing that envelope might look OK right now…but the sting will come later.

Astrology advises us to be especially careful with financial, land, and property dealings around the time of this eclipse, and for the following couple of weeks. This Scorpio sun eclipse will be followed by a Taurus lunar eclipse. The two will work together in their effects- which will be to do with our security, finances, food, and comfort at an intense time in a deeply unsettled world where aspects of the past have been coming around again, including the ghosts of the world wars.

Eclipses announce turning points. Their effects are deep, not felt at once. They make themselves felt over a longer period. This October that means the next two weeks until the following lunar eclipse in Taurus 8 November, or over the next six months until the next solar eclipse in Aries, 20 April 2023.

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Other planetary factors are also in play during the rest of October and November.

The Saturn-Uranus square

This is a big feature in astrology during the past two years and only becomes more influential throughout the rest of October and November into December.  We’ve been living with Saturn square Uranus for nearly two years, with respite when the planets have separated due to retrogrades. This big, difficult planetary square goes exact this month so will be at its most intense from now and through November, when the square starts to separate in December 2022. There will likely be a cooling off, then, however temporary, of the conflict in Ukraine.

The Saturn square Uranus influence is challenging and full of contradictions. On the one hand, there is history, tradition, duty, and order. On the other, there is innovation in technology, but also rebellion and chaos.

On a collective level, this means continuing tensions, disruption, and instability on the world stage, on our streets, and in our personal lives continuing well into November at least. The thing is not to panic, not to rush, but to weigh things up and not to do anything impulsive, however angry we get, and there is a lot for pretty much anyone to be angry about right now. Take a deep breath and count to ten.

Mars stations retrograde in Gemini

Fiery action planet Mars has been transiting airy Gemini since 22 August but it goes retrograde on 30 October. This may turn up the heat in trade and communications including politics. This will affect the city of London which is ruled by Gemini. Can Liz Truss survive as Prime Minister beyond this date?

This could be a very bumpy ride for all of us in different ways. Fasten your seatbelt, and unless it is necessary and unavoidable, avoid making avoidable but potentially life-changing decisions, and especially avoid confrontation until the timing is more favorable.  We need to avoid people who gossip. Gemini is a chatterbox but this isn’t friendly. Things may not be what they seem. Switch off the television and social media if it all gets too much.

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The Tarot

But what does this coming New Moon eclipse in Scorpio look like as seen through the lens of the oracle of the Tarot?

The reader is using a simple Compass spread and the deck is The Legacy of The Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti published in 2009.

Tarot Reading for the Scorpio Eclipse 25 October 2022

Author’s own image

General Impressions/Analysis

The Water Element

Three out of five cards are water element cards making water the dominant theme for the period between now and mid-November.  (The Hanged Man, King of Cups, and Two of Cups drawn reversed)

The water element was the key theme in the predictions for 2022 in general as published here at Ask Astrology in January.  2022 has been a tsunami of challenges. These are deep, mysterious, dangerous, and unstable times for the whole world. We also predicted a high risk of extreme flooding for 2022.

Sadly, the reality has meant catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, and also in Australia, happening now in Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania only six months after the disastrous east coast flooding in March and April.

The Hanged Man

In general terms, this card represents a time of withdrawal of solitude, and introspection. It can be indicating that we are looking at a situation the wrong way around. Maybe we need to take another look and think again. Sometimes we realize that something isn’t working like it used to. It hasn’t been working for some time now but we don’t see a way to fix it. Perhaps it can’t be fixed. Then we can either accept it for what it is and make the best of it. Or we let it go. Surrender it. The Hanged Man is doing some deep thinking.

The reader has come to associate this tarot card with President Zelensky in particular when looking at world events. Astrologically The Hanged Man corresponds with the zodiac sign of Pisces and here comes better news.  Jupiter, the giant planet of opportunity is re-entering Pisces on 28 October 2022, moving retrograde until it turns direct on 23 November 2022. It then goes direct, moving forward in Pisces until it heads into Aries on 20 December 2022.

What does this mean in practical terms? Jupiter in Pisces, even retrograde, is friendly and expansive, opening new doors. This is a powerfully positive aspect for growth and new opportunities in any area of life, especially if there was something that we started back in May 2022.  It could finally start to move forward between now and Christmas.

The King of Cups

This court card is representing the zodiac sign of Scorpio itself, sitting centrally in the reading. This is a curious coincidence, given the focus of this reading which is the eclipse in Scorpio, but then again, that is just typical of the Tarot.

This figure is deep, he isn’t particularly talkative but he can be relied on for sound, calm advice. In a personal reading he will often represent a father, husband or mentor.

Additionally, the King of Cups followed by the watery Two of Cups reversed shows that Scorpio subject President Biden is in for a tough mid-term election on 8 November and the Democrat Party may be weakened in Congress.

The Two of Cups

In Ukraine we have a temporary pause, de-escalation and standoff- (The Hanged Man) But only temporary. What will be the final outcome? What seems likely is that Russia will escalate again, but end up with far less than Putin was aiming at he started this war. But that Hanged Man can’t discount the possibility that Russia may still end up getting more than it rightfully should.  When? The Hanged Man suggests that there could be an end to the Russian attacks on its neighbor 2023- late February-late March, but this does not mean the end of the consequences which will be politically very far-reaching.

The Two of Pentacles could mean a ceasefire in late December. The cards seem to agree with the astrology that things could generally calm down somewhat in late December, but these are indisputably dangerous times, this second half of October month especially, although the cards have not shown a nuclear catastrophe.

The Two of Cups reversed correlates with the first decan of the zodiac sign of Scorpio= the first ten days of Scorpio. This reflects the fact that President Zelensky is not ready to engage in talks with Russia, though President Putin has recently made a few noises to the effect he might be open to talks via third-party mediation.

For us personally, what can be achieved between now and mid-November? Deep changes are happening now, whether these are personal or professional. The Hanged Man and the King of Cups are visionary cards. This might not be the time to act on them, but something is stirring, and when the time is right, big changes will be happening, some driven by circumstances beyond our personal control but others, definitely created by us.

So these were the water cards. Now let’s take a look at the other cards.

Three of Wands Reversed

This is fiery Mars energy. The Three of Wands is great news for global business or launching an enterprise, but the card has been drawn reversed. There could be snags or delays with exports, imports and deliveries, whether we are sending them or expecting to receive them. If we’re going off on foreign travels around the time of this eclipse, we had better treble check every single travel document and take out comprehensive insurance cover just in case.

Any renewal of escalation in Russia’s aerial attacks against civilians in Ukraine would seem most likely to happen around this time, 23-30 October and the following few days, but this does not mean that it WILL happen.

Tarot shows the human weather conditions but no reader will claim to see ‘the future.’

What the cards do is detect, reflect and project past, present and possible future events and the reasons for them, glimpsing hints of the most and least likely possibilities.

Two of Pentacles reversed.

This card is about juggling finances and options and is talking about the continuing global economic situation which seems likely to continue more volatile than usual until Christmas (Capricorn).

Personal Guidance

The Hanged Man

This card requires us to recognize that we are not in control of some situations. There are times we just need to go with the flow. This is a time to watch, wait and reflect. This is not a time to push an issue. If in doubt, as always, it is probably wisest to do nothing.

The Two of Coins reversed

We probably need to take things a bit easier this month. We’re rushing about juggling time, energy and finances. We are spreading ourselves too thin, and need to reconsider our priorities. This also means looking for where there is money wastage e.g.; with standing orders and subscriptions we may have forgotten that we even had, looking for easy ways to reduce financial wastage and tighten the budget.

The King of Cups

This king is the court card associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio but more generally stands for any mature man born under one of the water signs, Pisces Cancer or Scorpio. Maturity demands that we learn to exercise our best judgment and self-control even when feelings are running high. That’s the best policy this eclipse season- but there is plenty of scope for enjoyment with the King of Cups. When he represents a life partner or a potential new partner, he is deep, devoted- and passionate.

The Three of Wands reversed

This eclipse is not the time to launch-well, anything really. A work or business plan or project may require more planning and research before it’s ready to go, or there could be tensions within a small group or a team at this time. Easy does it. When this card is drawn the right way up, it’s time to go for it. But right now, we need a bit of a rest. Scale back. Reschedule. Turn the volume down. Nothing constructive is likely to be achieved at this time by rushing or by getting into arguments.

The Two of Cups reversed

This card appears to be detecting the upcoming Venus in Scorpio transit, 23 October and it’s talking about relationships and money for the next six months. The Two of Cups is about love relationships and friendships. Scorpio is about passion. The card has been drawn reversed so things could go either way, or both ways. On the plus side, we could be in for a truly wonderful time with our loved one, or we could meet someone we are very attracted to. On the other hand, the intensity might be welcome or it might not. Admirers can be somewhat obsessive when Venus is in Scorpio, whether we feel the same way or not.  Be careful how much you tell people.

When it comes to existing relationships, the Two of Cups says Venus in Scorpio can bring power struggles and money concerns out into the open. (We may hear about a big money scandal on the news.)

How money is spent or invested is about to become a focus in partnerships where financial resources are shared.

This is looking like an especially profound and powerful eclipse for us all.


Wishing you a restful and Happy Halloween 2022

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