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What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Taurus

What It Is Really Like To Have Sex With a Taurus

Having sex with a Taurus is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. These bulls might be stubborn, but they truly know the meaning of pleasure and sensuality. They seem to have an innate sense of understanding what other people need to feel good, which translates very well to the bedroom. So if you’re curious about what it is like to sleep with a Taurus and what you can do to turn one of them on, then be sure to keep on reading:


The Energy a Taurus Brings To The Bedroom

There is nothing quite as erotic as a pleasure-seeking Taurus. This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of everything love and romance. Sensuality comes really easy to a Taurus, they just know how to make themself and their partner feel good.

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A Taurus in bed is slow, patient, and likes to take their time experiencing as much pleasure as possible. They usually set a scene and make the experience as aesthetic as possible. Everything is considered, from the music playing in the background to the color of the candles burning on the table.

A Taurus is very romantic and will feel like you have stepped into some kind of pleasure haven with them. Food may very well appear when a Taurus is involved in making love even if it’s just a glass of bubbly to get the mood going.

A Taurus loves an aphrodisiac and might even love food more than they love sex, so when the two come together, it makes for a killer combination and a very happy Taurus. Sensuality is vital for them and gives them the most amount of pleasure.

What Turns a Taurus Off In The Bedroom?

A Taurus is a lot more intuitive than people might realize and they can’t get themselves to sleep with someone if the energy feels even a little bit “off.” These bulls are all about steady relationships, security, and loyalty and aren’t the type of people who are very fond of open relationships or sleeping around.

They want the stability of a relationship, so if you’re expecting a one-night stand, it is better if you don’t involve your Taurus in this. It is really difficult for them to sleep with someone they don’t have feelings for, it just isn’t what they are interested in, and it makes them feel a bit too insecure.

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Anyone who triggers a Taurean’s insecurity will turn them off completely. If they feel like you can’t be trusted, you will likely never hear from them again. They must feel safe with the person they open their body and heart to.

What Turns a Taurus On In The Bedroom

There are quite a few things that turn a Taurus on. These pleasure kings and queens know exactly what they like in the bedroom and aren’t afraid to ask for it. Their prime erogenous zone has to be their neck – nothing drives them quite as wild with pleasure that someone kissing or gently licking their neck.

However, they aren’t fond of love bites, so don’t get too aggressive. A good thing to always consider when making love to your Taurus is that this sign is all about the senses and the more senses involved in their sex life, the better.

So think about everything from how soft your sheets feel, to the music they can hear in the background, to the scent emanating from your perfume. All of this is a big deal to a Taurus and can make or break how much pleasure they experience.

It would be an excellent idea to invest in things like feathers or massage oil that can help you take the sensual experience with your Taurus to another level. For a Taurus, more is always more and almost always never enough.

A Taurus is extremely material-minded, they are an Earth sign after all. So beautiful things can turn them on and make them feel sexy. A Taurus wants the best of the best like beautiful lingerie, or gorgeous silk sheets. And don’t get me started on the best sex toys money can buy. A Taurus certainly gets off on luxury.

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Your Taurus might sometimes come across as a little shy, but in the bedroom, they can become quite wild. One of the things that might surprise you is their love of dirty talk. Nothing gets them quite going like their partner expressing what they want to do to them or how good they make them feel.

Never be quiet when having sex with a Taurus because they want to hear that you are having a good time. Remember, involve as many senses as possible, and your Taurus will be happy!

Another thing a Taurus secretly loves is being tied up and submitting to their partner. They’re pretty controlling in their day-to-day life and have to make many decisions, so it can be quite relaxing for them just to put all their trust in someone else.

It forces them to explore a different side of their personality, but also, Taureans can sometimes be a little lazy, so they like it when someone else is doing all of the work, and they can just enjoy themselves.

However, a Taurus can easily take on the role of a submissive and dominant sexual partner. It depends on their preference and perhaps the energy that the other person brings out in them. But a Taurus usually doesn’t mind playing either role. They know how to do both and take pleasure in it all.

Another thing that drives a Taurus crazy is the idea of ownership. They want to be with a partner who wants to claim them and be claimed by them. It makes them feel incredibly sexy knowing someone desires them so much.

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