June 16, 2024
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The 6 Signs Most Likely To Never Be Single

Have you noticed that there are some people that are perpetually in a relationship? They can’t seem to be on their own and easily find their way into a new relationship. They jump from one person to the next and are rarely ever single. Have you ever wondered if their Zodiac sign has anything to do with this? Well, the truth is: It absolutely has something to do with this. The way you act in a relationship is often determined by your Zodiac sign. Are you curious to find out more and to see which signs are most likely to never be single? – Then keep on reading to see if your sign ranks on this list.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpios are intense and dramatic by nature and they often want to dive incredibly deep with their romantic partners. They don’t feel completely satisfied unless they are merged and enmeshed with someone else. When a Scorpio is single or unattached, they often feel the loneliness that can leave them feeling depressed. A Scorpio is very quick to get intense in a relationship, they will definitely lovebomb their partners to experience the intensity they desperately desire. They can be very manipulative and alluring, so it is common for others to fall for this trap.

It is difficult for a Scorpio to be on their own, and this is why this sign is one of the 6 signs most likely to never be single.

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  1. Gemini

As one of the most communicative and chatty signs in the Zodiac, Gemini definitely loves people. This sign might be extremely independent, but they also can’t live without their romantic connections. A Gemini isn’t good with long-term relationships, but they definitely know how to many short, intense flings. Dating apps are perfect for a Gemini because they can meet as many people as they desire and go on a string of dates. A Gemini might not be monogamous, but they definitely have interest in connecting and getting to know new people. They’re never single, but they are never fully committed either.

Let’s move on to the next 6 sign most likely to never be single…

  1. Taurus

The stability and security every Taurus desires make it quite obvious why they often find themselves in a relationship, or in the very least, wanting a relationship. As an Earth sign, a Taurus wants to create longevity and long-lasting connections. It isn’t always easy for a Taurus to open up their heart to someone new, but when it comes to commitment, they reign supreme. This sign is steadfast and willing to work on their relationship no matter what – even if it means that they are desperately unhappy in the union, unfortunately. However, this sign hates drama and will do whatever it takes to create peace. This is due to their determination, stubbornness, and wilfulness to make things work.

This is why you will find that a Taurus is one of the 6 signs most likely to never be single

  1. Cancer

Cancer is the nurturer and caretaker of the Zodiac. This sign absolutely loves having others they can take care of. This is often the reason why this sign finds themself in a relationship. They love being able to make a home with someone else as this is what makes them feel most safe and secure in their life. For a Cancer, relationships are often created out of a necessity for security. They want to feel like their life is settled and has meaning, and they find meaning through being there for others. Creating family bonds is an integral part of a Cancer’s life – they want to share their legacy with others and this means wanting to create a family with someone else.

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A Cancer is often on the lookout for the Prince or Princess charming, no wonder they can’t seem to be single – they are looking for their perfect match!

  1. Pisces

Pisces is one of the dreamiest and most intuitive signs in the Zodiac. In fact, a Pisces is downright a hopeless romantic. This sign absolutely loves love and will do anything to find their soulmate, no matter how many frogs it takes for them to kiss. They believe in that special kind of love you can only find once in a lifetime. However, this experience seems to happen over and over again in a Pisces life because they often find their “soulmate” or “one true love.” A Pisces can find romance in almost anything and anyone, and this is often why this sign can never seem to be single (the 2nd of the 6 signs most likely to never be single!). Falling in love is their favourite thing to do and it is easy for a Pisces to see the best in everyone. A Pisces will also often find love with broken birds, as they have a tendency to want to heal and fix others, but they then will forget about their own needs. This is why they find themselves in toxic and dysfunctional relationships again and again.

They can’t be single for too long as they believe in love and no matter how many disappointments they have been through, they know how to keep hope alive.

  1. Libra

It is very rare to find a Libra who is ever single and without a significant other. This sign rules relationships after all. A Libra knows that experiencing life with someone else is a lot more fun than experiencing it on their own. Libras are also often very beautiful and charming – they know how to flirt with absolutely anyone and everyone. A Libra easily knows how to attract others and frequently has a string of admirers running after them. This sign is spoiled for choice and this is why they will jump from one relationship to the next looking for that one person who is absolutely perfect for them. However, a Libra has the tendency to fall in love with the fantasy of a person. Not always the person they have right in front of them. Libras just believe in romantic love so much that they will do absolutely anything to get to experience it.

A Libra will never stay single for long (the 1st of the 6 signs most likely to never be single!), as there is always a new potential partner around the corner waiting to sweep them off their feet.

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