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Zodiac Signs and Love

Zodiac Signs and Love

Each sign of the Zodiac represents archetypical energy, the essence of energy in the psyche and the incarnated world.  As archetypes, the signs have rather definitive ways they prefer to express themselves in all areas of life.

This article will look at how each sign, essentially, wants to experience and enjoy love, as well as the shadow expression of this energy.  This article will consider only the sign and how each sign prefers to express and experience love.


Aries is the archetype for action, independence, the self, and selfishness.  Love is a personal adventure and individual expression.  Aries loves the newness of love, flirtation, the first kiss, the approach, and invitation.  In the moment of love, Aries is pure and loves presently.

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Unfortunately, love can be “easy come, easy go” or “I love who is front of me”.  If someone new crosses its path and they are attracted to the new person, then love can be immediate but very temporary for the lover of the Aries.


Taurus is the archetype for stability, reliability, foundations, and traditions.  Love is the glue that binds life together over a long time and makes it possible to be and feel safe.  Taurus loves the commitment, the sharing of resources, the home together, and the physical connection. The practical enduring in love is what Taurus craves and offers.

On the downside, Taurean love can become stagnant and predictable, more concerned with safety than passion or romance.  One can get stuck in quicksand with unhealthy Taurean love.


Gemini is the archetype for communication, curiosity, study, and interactivity.  Love is an endless source of new conversations, learning about each other, and connecting with the immediate world of other people and ideas.  Gemini loves understanding and being understood through talking and listening. The identity of self in relation to another is what Gemini enjoys in love.

Negatively, Gemini can be fickle and easily distracted, failing at depth and endurance.  Aries may disconnect after leaving, Gemini can leave in the middle of connecting, if so distracted or unable to stay focused.

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Cancer is the archetype of nurturing, compassion, caring, and vulnerability.  Love is a deep well of emotional support, the source of family, and the feminine divine.  Cancer loves to love others and be loved by them, especially by giving and receiving hopes and fears.  Being the caretaker of another’s heart and soul is Cancer’s purpose in love.

Unfortunately, this energy can smother the other person with its desire to be needed as the key to love.  Passive-aggressive interactions often happen when Cancer is operating from its shadow when relating to its lover.


Leo is the archetype of leadership, performance under pressure, creativity, and providing.  Love is shown and experienced through success and recognition in the world, acting heroically, and showing generosity.  Leo loves being appreciated for its actions and efforts, put forth to help its lover in his or her time of need or prosperity.  Being the provider for their lover is paramount to the Leo.

The shadow side of Leo’s love is narcissism and unhealthy selfishness that needs to always be praised and valued even when he or she is not contributing or, sadly, causing harm.  Nothing is Leo’s fault if his or her ego may suffer from criticism or a failure to perform well.


Virgo is the archetype of service, inventiveness, problem-solving, and physical health.  Virgo expresses love in the details of daily life, through the management of necessities, and support for their lover’s goals and ambitions.  Taking care of the body (yours and the Virgo lover’s) and one’s possessions shows Virgo how much you love them.  Making daily life run smoothly is a love ballad to the Virgo’s ears.

Negatively, Virgo can be perfectionist, and thus critical about the direction and results of love.  The smallest detail amiss can be a clear sign of failed love, which they will be happy to point out to you.

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Libra is the archetype of partnership, negotiation, analysis, and judgment.  Libra finds and expresses love in mutual agreement, teamwork, peacefulness, and harmony.  Letting Libra help you enjoy life, share your journey, and work with you to manifest what you want out of life is love for them.  This sign rules marriage because it reflects the ongoing commitment of a loving partnership.

On the downside, Libra can vacillate so much that they can cause frustration because they spend so much time trying to be fair and make everyone happy that their lover can feel like part of the crowd instead of number one.


Scorpio is the archetype of transformation, death/rebirth, elimination, and intensity.  There love is powerful and intense, shown through their willingness to protect and fight for you, being fearless with emotions. They desire to help you transform when you need to.  Love is deep, intense, and epic.

The shadow side of Scorpio’s love is possessiveness and power games.  Like its opposite sign, Taurus, it does not like to share, and can be rather hypocritical about being able to do what it wants while denying its lover any freedom at all.


Sagittarius is the archetype for belief, learned knowledge, travel, and adventure.  A Sagittarius will show you love by taking you out into the world to experience its wonders together or sharing your zeal for ideal of love.  Love is a mission you go on together into the wilds of the world.

Negatively, Sagittarius can be authoritarian and demanding that you submit to its version of love before all others.  They can easily “know what’s best for you” because they simply know love better than you do.


Capricorn is the archetype for achievement, responsibility, prosperity, and pragmatism.  Love and status go together, so being able to provide at a high level is a sign and expression of love for this sign.  Continually moving up in the world together is how Capricorn shows and wants to enjoy love with another person.  Becoming a “power couple” is the ideal.

Unfortunately, this sign pushes the “end justifies the means” when operating from its shadow.  Love can quickly become a liability with this sign if the more comprehensive or important goals in life do not support or get support from the relationship.


Aquarius is the archetype for community, revolution, future vision, and authenticity. Love is idealized in a way to achieve new and comprehensive ways to love that are open to everyone and for the benefit of society.  Love with Aquarius is done to help make the community and the world a better place.  One must be true to one’s ideals to enjoy love from Aquarius.

On the downside, Aquarius can be detached and objective about relationships, treating love as an oddity or even a problem to be solved.  You could end up on the wrong end of their “love experiment”.


Pisces is the archetype for dreams, imagination, spirituality, and vast sea of human emotion and psychic energy.  Pisces will love your spirit and want to share his or her soul with you.  There is no beginning or end to your relationship once you have professed and found love together.  Pisces has loved you in the past life, this life, and will find you again in a future life.

The shadow side of Pisces is an unconditional love that does not have or respect boundaries that are very much needed to make love thrive and survive in our incarnated existence.  When “all is one”, then you are no different, or more, than someone else in the Pisces life.

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