July 17, 2024
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Dreams as a Tool for Healing

Dreams as a Tool for Spiritual Awakening

If you have dreams, vivid and borderline prophetic dreams- you are what my friend the Shaman would call a ‘three-bedroom house’.

‘Bedroom’ Concept

There are one-bedroom houses, who are people that are ‘unawakened’. They operate on earth and only on earth, they are quite rigid in their beliefs and don’t tend to venture out of what they insist they ‘know’.

Then there are two-bedroom houses. These are people who dream, and are curious, and have some perspective. Aware that there is more fluidity in the world than what meets the eye. The Shaman calls these people ‘two-bedroom houses’ because they operate across two states of being.

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Three-bedroom houses are people who dream, have perspective and are advanced and ‘awakened’ enough to be able to utilize their dreams and work with them. These people are referred to as ‘psychic’, they are incredibly fluid.

This group have been given the name ‘three-bedroom houses’ because they operate across three states of being. In the world, a dream state, and a third party outside-of-the-body state.

Make use of it!

I’m not saying that dreaming is strictly reserved for those with a two- and three-bedroom house, but what I’m saying is people with two- and three-bedroom houses tend to be able to work better with them and utilize them.

Both two- and three-bedroom houses are capable of using their dreams to be able to heal, among other things.

So how can you really listen to your sleep stories and have them help you in daily life?

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Dreams have been studied for years by psychologists, the spiritual community, scientists of different backgrounds- and the main thing you hear about them is that it’s your subconscious’ way of speaking with you.

When you sleep, your brain waves move from the active and conscious Beta state into the alpha state, and then the theta state- before dropping into Delta.

While your brain waves are transitioning from the Theta wave to the Delta wave, your mind is most receptive to reshaping your subconscious patterns.

In other words, the concept of self-imposed limitation goes out of the window. In that state, anything is possible, you are free.

There are three main ways to take advantage of this.

1st Way to Take Advantage of Your Dreams

The first is being able to hear what is blocking you from living a more desirable life and being in a more desirable state.

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What repressed aspect of yourself is holding you back?

In this time where you are completely vulnerable and at ease, all your subconscious, and repressed thoughts, feelings and patterns will come up in metaphorical (or literal) form and grab your attention in one way or another.

When you wake up, as soon as you wake up if possible, write down your dream.

If you can’t write it down immediately- continue to think about it until you can write it down.

Once it is written, look it up. Pick out the standout parts of your dream and google what they mean. You may have dreamt about several standout things at once; for example, you were in an old house with the new residents, there were guinea pigs and snails, and you were chilling by a pond. Or to give another example, you were in a shop, and you left someone behind, and then you were chasing waves by the sea.

There are multiple stand out aspects of this dream. Look them up separately (as simple as typing it in to google) and string them together.

For example- dreaming about guinea pigs means you may feel responsible for looking after someone’s needs. Being in an old house means there’s an aspect of that time you need to bring back to your life. Being around new people symbolizes a new perspective or attitude.

All these things pieced together are pretty straightforward instructions on how to get your life to get to the next step.

It’s like unintentional soul surfing.

2nd Way to Take Advantage of Your Dreams

The second thing you can do with your dreams is put in a request to them just as you’re drifting off.

Please show me what I need to do to manifest this.

Please show me what I need to see.

Please just make me feel whatever I need to feel at this moment.

Give me ideas, inspiration, creativity. Please help me listen to myself.

Help me feel less limited. Show me why I restrict myself.

When you’re asleep, anything is possible.

I know a girl who studies animation, she recently got her masters.

As you can imagine that job requires an awful lot of creativity and imagination.

This girl was blessed with the ability to dream incredibly vividly. Her dreams would be wild, and fun, and sometimes not so fun. She has dreamt of dinosaur eggs, great expeditions, and even her own death.

She makes animations out of her dreams that make for the most wildly interesting pieces of art.

It really is amazing what you can do when you listen to yourself without limitation.

3rd Way to Take Advantage of Your Dreams

The third and final suggestion I have for using your dreams is pretty advanced.

The shaman I know uses her dreams to teach people. She can involve herself in other people’s dreams.

This is high-level stuff. It requires a person to do it because they know how- so for that reason, I won’t go into detail about it.

If you can do it, and you are meant to do it- you will learn.

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