July 14, 2024
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Angel numbers provide us with specific spiritual insight and guidance. These numbers may appear to us at certain moments in our lives to deliver a message. 6666 Angel Number is no exception.

The message is that you may be on the right path and heading in the right direction. The message will align with the ascended master connected to the number.

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Besides the 9 Archangels who provide special links to the divine energy of God, there are 9 Angelic Orders, also represented by repeating angel numbers, this time in quadruplicity.

They are ranked lowest to highest, in terms of their “proximity” to God.

Dominions, the 6th Order

Dominions are four Orders from God and six Orders from humanity. These angels regulate the duties of the Orders below them and very rarely interact with humanity.

The appearance of this number involves issues and energy related to management and leadership. Where, and with regard to whom, do you have dominion? And under whose dominion do you find yourself?

They, along with the remaining three orders, represent ideals or roles reflected in humanity and do not intend to connect with humanity in the way the first three orders can and will.

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Seeing and 6666 angel number meaning

If you see 6666, then you need to consider where and how you must act to deliver or support justice in the world. Dominions Angels help the lower angels organize and complete their tasks successfully.

These angels work to do what is right and best according to God’s Will, even if the work is difficult for humans to understand and appreciate. Thus, you may find yourself having to do what is right without recognition or appreciation.

The Domains of the Dominion Angels


Dominion Angels bring mercy to souls in trouble. They do not interact in the way Guardian Angels or Archangels might, through signs and guidance. Rather they will set circumstances or change them to bring mercy where needed.

They work to balance love and truth, which make up mercy. It is not merciful to have love without truth or truth without love.

Choice and Consequences

These Angels destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, but only after people were warned and given ample time to choose to stay or flee. They support God’s gift of free will, but also enforce God’s Justice.

If an aspect of your life is out of balance, the number they represent appears to make you accept and appreciate the consequences of your choices.

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People who have significant leadership roles, such as leading a country or corporation, receive energy from this group of angels, as well as judgment. Leaders who act with grace, compassion, maturity, and integrity will have the support of this angelic group.

The Lesser Orders

These angels work to make sure the function of each angelic group beneath them works with God’s Will and Vision. Therefore, they help execute God’s plan by helping the other angels execute their duties.

They are the great organizers, who help divinity run smoothly and successfully, as much as possible in the interplay between heaven’s perfection and earth’s chaos.

Bridging Theory into Practice

The angel number 6666 represents bridging energy, which is the energy of a vision that travels down to the actions of people at the “ground level”.

Dominion Angels provide the bridging energy present in the actions of managers who show the everyday workers and “users” how to implement the ideas of the leader of a group, company, or nation.

Serving Leaders to Serve “Customers”

In our mundane world, the role of Dominion Angels would be equivalent to the middle managers who work directly with corporate leaders and the staff servicing the customers, but not with the customers directly.

They communicate up and down the chain with the intention of getting balance and accuracy between the vision of leaders and the practical experiences of the front-line workers.

Calling on the Dominions

You can request energy from the Dominions when you know you need help acting with mercy and upholding consequences. If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to have the final say or to manage a group of people, then Dominion Angels should be your guiding example.

We are all tasked with the work to find our place in the world. For some that task is leadership and for others, it is following leadership. Some people work best outside a group, while others … most … are part of a group.

Dominion Angel energy is the “middle management” energy that rarely gets directly involved but has a tremendous impact on the affairs of the spirit and human souls.

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