June 12, 2024
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Channeling Numeric Light Codes

Channeling Numeric Light Code

Egyptian Numerology encourages you to step into your personal power and become an active participant in fulfilling your destiny.

Numerology is a true NORTH STAR navigating the light codes powered off the numeric vibration of your birth date and name.

I teach people how to identify, align, and activate the effective energy reflected off of the choices you have made. Past, present, and future.

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Numeric Light Codes

Hello and Welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier. The author of Egyptian Numerology: Emergence into the Fifth Dimension, and The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking. I also coach members on how to calculate and fulfill their Soul Life Contracts with my Mentorship Program “Manifest Your Destiny”.

The momentum of our Spiritual Journeys have accelerated this past decade and we are ever moving forward to learn about who we are as spirit beings in vibrational form and what our soul is calling us to accomplish in this incarnation.

If you feel pushed to evolve past the old paradigms, you are not alone. All Soul Seekers have been intuitively pointed in the direction called their Personal Ascension. It is a scary but exciting time in the history of spirituality to walk the Hero’s Journey and ignite the powers you hold within.

Every life path number tells a story about the contract you encoded in your DNA. It comes with an archetype or inner hero adventure that was ignited on the day you were born.

Your life path although extremely important, is only one category to explore when examining your Soul life contract.

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Your Soul Urge number, Achievement number, and your Quintessence code (time of birth) are all numeric vibrations that influence the supernatural powers you chose to install that supports your path and purpose.

In traditional numerology, your path and purpose are the same numeric calculation. But in Egyptian numerology, they are calculated through an ancient Egyptian Astrological chart that is unique and found only by Egyptian Numerology.

Your full potential points to your authentic set of circumstances carefully engineered by your higher self, spirit Guides, and angels.

When using these numeric light codes, I am able to help people remember who they are and what they came here to achieve, complete, and eventually teach others.

Every decision you have made, every thought you have entertained, and the actions you have set in motion have all been structured to encourage you to fulfill a mission so much bigger than you could ever imagine.

Egyptian Numerology weaves a silver thread through the corridors of your life and shines a light on all the dark crevices that each light worker ventures upon during their Spiritual journey.

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Your supernatural powers are revealed when the walls that contained them come crumbling down… releasing a rare opportunity to embrace and develop them to enhance your path.

If you don’t get lost in the stories of how hard your journey has been but rather celebrate the progress that both the light and dark have provided, a rare portal of opportunity arises. Behind every shadow, there is a light.

We teach you not to discourage yourself because of your dark impulses but rather love yourself despite them.

A true warrior feels the fear and is fueled by the unknown Source of their power. It requires trust and faith to win your conviction of the truth.

When you know you have nothing left to lose because you have humbly surrendered your ego to the winds of fate, you become omnipotent and a valid force of nature that yields to no person, place, or thing that does not defend the victory of the light.

When the spiritual war is over, peace, tranquility, and compassion encompass your life and guide you into service with a vulnerable and pure heart.

What is your inner hero path? And how do you encourage your supernatural powers to surface, develop, and serve your highest potential?

When you work with me in our Mentorship Program, we leave no stone uncovered. We consolidate your energy in the many ways you have chosen to express yourself so you can receive an understanding and form a perspective of just how powerful you truly are. I teach you how to align with a higher energy so that you can learn how to channel clear direction.

Many people have elevated their energy field high enough to channel information from the Angelic realms.

This type of communication requires your mind and heart to be free from the negative impact caused by your lower self or ego.

That is why I am an advocate of meditation, prayer, and positive self-talk. Because it grounds and centers your primary energetics.

It isn’t just enough though to be grounded and centered. You must consciously invoke the spirit realm through the power of the spoken word  (prayer) and direct your focus towards opening your heart to receive love and compassion.

Practice breathing in the present moment and connect with Great Spirit from this place of alignment and acceptance. Any information flowing through you from the higher realms will be positive, encouraging, and powerful.

Numbers are energetic light codes that resonate on a frequency with other elements. In my book, Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension, I list several ways that numbers resonate with the elements of our planet. When you use more than one way to connect with the vibration of numbers, you impact the outcome of your manifestation.

Let me show you how to connect and vibrate with numbers

  • Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.
  • Clear your mind and hold an empty space for a couple minutes.


  • When you feel open and ready to receive, concentrate on the number you desire to learn from and resonate with. Let’s say it is the number 1.
  • Picture in your mind’s eye, the number 1. Ask the number to tell you about its properties. Notice how it is spelled. Look at its shape and contours. Straight lines are masculine and circles or half circles are feminine.
  • Open your 5 senses including sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. When all of your 5 senses are open, you can invite your intuition to guide you into your 6th It is through your 6th sense that numbers translate information in the form of into light codes.

Without judgment, write or record what comes up for you.

Allow your intuition the freedom to explore the realm of your imagination. Don’t disregard anything that comes through for you.

Some people like to draw the impressions that they see in their imagination and other people use words to describe the feeling of the vibration. I’ve had people conform their discovery through sound or music.

Express your findings in any modality that feels the most comfortable for you.

Before I wrote my first book: Egyptian Numerology Emergence Into the 5th dimension, I channeled the numbers in this manner and then I did some research to see if what I was intuitively feeling and seeing was correct. 98% of the time, what I perceived through channeling, was correct.

This is how you can form an intimate relationship with numbers. Remember that Numbers are symbols, vibrations, light, energy, and like us, they are subject to constant upgrades in-service to the collective understanding of a higher consciousness.

The information we had about numbers even 10 ago simply won’t apply to you today and why should they? You are not the same person you were 10 years ago. You have grown with the unending tides of ebb and flow and are available to notice light codes downloaded to you on a daily basis. The universe is in constant flux…ever changing, ever evolving, and always moving in a forward motion.

The veils have been in the process of lifting one by one for decades. The new information that we have about numbers actually stemmed from ancient wisdom from so long ago that it is surfacing now as new information.

But, if you find that you feel safer believing and following in the old constructs, paradigms, and definitions of numbers then that’s okay because it means they are still serving you on some level.

Consciousness is like a ladder you climb one rung at a time. You cannot miss a step, or you will eventually have to go back and repeat it. The old ways serve a purpose. They are placeholders for those on that level of consciousness.

Everything has a reason and purpose.

We must graduate from levels of consciousness and master those dimensions before moving onto the next one because the Universe works in a forward motion.  You cannot get to the 5th dimension unless you evolve through the 4th and so on.

This is why channeling is so important. It keeps the information new and flowing as it upgrades and offers you the direction you need and have been waiting for. Don’t be intimidated by new concepts. Allow yourself to expand, express, and experience what intuitively feels right for you.

Channeling your Higher Self is natural and easy. In fact, many people channel without ever realizing it.

When you practice letting go of the busy mind and open your heart, you effortlessly open a portal to the sacred realms.


I’d love to hear about your channeling experiences.

Visit my website at www.egyptiannumerology. org to learn the many ways you can connect with me and learn through Egyptian Numerology.

Have a magical month … with all my blessings, Sara


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