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How The Zodiac Signs Handle Stress

How The Zodiac Signs Handle Stress

Life is full of stress, and there is no going around that. And some have more stress than others, but if they can manage it well, they will have a decent mind frame and health. Some people can utilize stress-reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation, and others may find it helpful to journal so they can vent their feelings unfiltered. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who are unable to handle the stress they face, and as a result, they are the ones who suffer the most. So how do you handle stress? Let’s go over that based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Stress Angers Them

Aries, you are highly passionate and energetic and know how to blow off steam when dealing with work pressure. Yes, it angers you, but you can do so by working out and playing a sport. However, when you face too much stress, whether from work, family, or other unrelated things, you become angry to the point of having the urge to punch a wall or throw something.

The best thing you can do when you are in that state is to keep working out, as that will help you blow off additional steam. A boxing glove and a punching bag are excellent investments.

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Taurus – Overindulges

Taurus, you are a hard worker and tenacious, and that stubborn trait you have worked in your favor for that reason. Also, if you put your mind to something, you will focus on that and even find a way to deal with the obstacles you face. However, since you do not like to leave your comfort zone otherwise, you will not be able to handle stress well, such as a move or so many things happening that cause you to break your beloved routine.

You will overindulge, such as overeating, drinking too much, and sleeping too much. That is the way you can cope. Journaling will help you a lot more because it gives you a way to get your anger and frustrations out.

Gemini – Health-Related Issues

Gemini, you are versatile and witty, which is why you attract many friends. You are stimulating and enjoyable. You need to be busy; a busy life does not stress you out. Or even if it does, you find a way to keep yourself busy. The one thing that stresses you out is seeing that you have nothing to do or are stuck with boredom. If you are working at a 9 to 5 repetitive job, for example, the monotony of it will get to you. And you will become stressed.

Even though you love to communicate, you will not talk too much about the stress you face. Instead, your health will suffer as you end up with digestive issues, skin problems, and even weight gain due to high cortisol levels. Venting would be one of the best things you can do to handle the stress.

Cancer – Isolates

Cancer, you are highly emotional and very nurturing, which is why you care so much. It does not take much to stress you out, unfortunately. You also don’t like burdening others with your pain; instead, you isolate yourself when you are under tremendous stress.

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You keep away from others, and you worry about what could go wrong in addition to that. Therefore, when you are stressed, the best thing you can do is talk to your loved ones about your worries, listen to your favorite music, and enjoy some herbal tea which will help relieve some of the angst you feel.

Leo – Can Be Overly Mean And Rigid

Leo, you not only love to be in the spotlight, but you need to be in control of everything. And the problem is that many issues happen beyond your control. And when that happens so much, that stresses you out immensely.

When you are incredibly stressed, not only are you mean and can hurl sarcastic remarks at everyone, but you become more rigid and obstinate. Others will not find you pleasant to be around when you get that way. If you could work on going with the flow, you would be much less stressed and happier.

Virgo – High Chances Of Burning Out

Virgo, you are highly analytical and can become obsessive about perfection as it is. When you are overly stressed, it takes a toll on you, and it does not take much to stress you out since you are the type to be high-strung as it is. When extremely stressed, you do not talk to anyone as you bottle up your feelings. It takes a toll on your physical health and affects your mental health, and you are at a high risk of burning out.

And when you are burned out, you must remember that you cannot possibly pour from an empty cup. The best thing you can do is rest and delegate if you do not need to manage specific responsibilities. You are only human!

Libra – Tries To Fake It Until They Make It Until They Can’t Anymore

Libra, you are the diplomatic type, and you also need balance. At the same time, you dislike confrontation. And you cannot stand those who like to strike up arguments or ask you something that makes you uncomfortable. When you enter their energy field, you become very stressed but do not let that on. You pretend you are OK with them asking you awkward questions or starting a conflict.

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Deep down, you hate it, but you appear to be easy-going and cooperate with them. You give them answers that they like even though you don’t. Therefore, you will keep putting up a facade that accepts what they are putting you through until you can no longer. That causes a lot of stress to the point that you will have a meltdown. Remember, it is OK and healthy to get into respectable arguments. You will feel better too after.

Scorpio – Lashes Out And Has Health Disruptions

Scorpio, you are intense and mysterious, and passionate. Therefore, you are good at hiding your emotions. However, one thing that stresses you out is not trusting someone you believed you could trust. If you think someone is betraying you, that causes stress. However, you do not talk about it and allow the pressure to fester because you are not open about your feelings.

But as the pressure builds up, you lash out, especially at those you feel are betraying you. You also end up with intestinal issues because your body cannot handle the pressure of being stressed. It is a challenge for you to communicate, which is understandable, but you need an outlet for your stress. Invest in boxing gloves and a punching bag to help release some of that.

Sagittarius – Physical Repercussions

Sagittarius, you are generous, and you are also the one to see the glass half-full. You also love your freedom and independence. The one thing that brings you a lot of stress is feeling tied down or making commitments. You don’t like it, but life will not make things easy for you if you don’t make any commitments. You have to face some responsibility. And if you feel stressed, you do not express it.

You pretend everything is OK and will mask it with positivity. However, stress will physically make you ill. It may cause unintended weight loss and hair loss, loss of appetite, and loss of energy. You need to prepare yourself for the strong possibility that you may have to commit, and once you accept it, it will not stress you out as much.

Capricorn – Shut Down

Capricorn, you are responsible, and you take your work seriously. You will never produce anything less than excellent. Like Virgo, you dream about perfection, but you know it is not realistic or attainable, so you strive to be the best you can be. However, you also will not stop working if you are dead set on reaching a goal by a specific time to the point that it can stress you. And you will ignore the warning signs that stress is causing you, such as being in poor health, isolating yourself, and being highly irritable with others.

You will let it get bad to the point that you entirely shut down. You become apathetic, and you don’t care about your goals. You shut down, so you will not eat or get out of bed. The best thing to do is to allow yourself to indulge in some retail therapy to help you heal again.

Aquarius – Self-Sabotage

Aquarius, you are the type that usually does not allow things to get to you, which is why you don’t usually suffer the consequences of unmanaged stress. You march to your drummer, and you are independent. However, even though you don’t show your feelings, you are more empathetic than you realize, which is why you have a lot of humanitarian traits.

The type of stress that will get to you the most is through a collective level. And you can absorb the pressure from others like a sponge. That is when you become depressed and battle issues subconsciously, which can cause you to self-sabotage. For example, when you want to meet a goal deadline, you will not let it happen through self-sabotaging behaviors. The best thing to do is to ground yourself often by spending time in nature or envisioning a protective light surrounding you so you don’t absorb so many stressful emotions from others.

Pisces – Like Capricorn, Shuts Down

Pisces, you are artsy, dreamy, intuitive, and overly kind and give people the benefit of the doubt even if they do not deserve it. You are highly empathetic, and you will absorb the energies from others, which will stress you like Aquarius. You also tend to be too compassionate to a fault and give your time to those who don’t deserve it and appreciate it, which causes additional stress. Therefore, when it gets to you, you will isolate yourself, get lost in your thoughts, struggle to eat, get out of bed, and not answer calls, texts, or emails. Your room will be messy, and you will not care. You will shut down.

You cannot stay there, so you must get into something you enjoy, such as the arts and therapy if necessary. That could even mean reiki healing.


I don’t have to tell you that stress can be destructive and place a lot of strain on you. You may find yourself responding to stress more so through your moon sign than your sun sign since your moon sign represents your emotional response to external stimuli. The point is that regardless of your zodiac sign, you need to find methods to help you cope with stress. A little pressure is good for you to stay motivated and stimulated. However, when stress becomes unmanageable, it is time to get some help for it.

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