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BL_NUM_243_What is Your Destiny A Step by Step Guide to Finding Out Your Destiny Number

What is Your Destiny? A Step by Step Guide to Finding Out Your Destiny Number

Wouldn’t you like to know your destiny? Well, numerology might be the thing that can help you decipher it! Since the dawn of mankind’s reign on this earth we have been mystified by the idea of destiny and fate, and while there is no hard and fast answer as to whether either of those things are real, there’s also no proof that they aren’t. In numerology one of the foundational numbers of your chart is your Destiny Number, which gives you insight into what the vibe of your mid life from ages 30 to 50 will look like. So let’s learn about our Destiny numbers and find out what the future has in store!

Step 1: Your Full Name

There’s some debate here amongst numerologists as to what constitutes a full name. Some say that you need to use your legal name, but I think that only you can really know what your true name is.

For instance, if you go by a nickname exclusively, to the point that no one ever calls you by your legal name it would probably make more sense to use that name instead. Also, if you have adopted a new name but have yet to go through the process of legally changing it (because it’s a hassle, let’s be real), then there is no need to use an old or dead name.

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Bottom line is that if your legal name isn’t your real name, don’t use it!

Also if you took a spouse’s last name, you’ll want to use your new last name instead of your original one. I would suggest going through this step by step process twice to calculate your Destiny Number for both your current and original names in order to compare and contrast how your future has shifted. This process can also be used as a good deciding factor if you’re unsure whether to change your name or not.

Step 2: Find Your Numbers

Each letter in the alphabet has a corresponding number. So this next step is about turning your full name into a sequence of numbers.

The alphanumeric system is a basic pattern of the numbers 1-9 sequentially. Meaning that A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, D is 4, E is 5, F is 6, G is 7, H is 8 and I is 9. After that the pattern starts over with J being 1. Check out the chart below for the full list of letters and the numbers ascribed to them.

BL_NUM_243_What is Your Destiny A Step by Step Guide to Finding Out Your Destiny Number

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Step 3: Addition

Now that you have all the numbers associated with the letters of your full name it’s time to do some basic addition. I suggest breaking it up into different equations based on how many names you have. For instance if you have a first middle and last name then it would break down to three different equations.

For example, the name Anna Nicole Smith in numbers is 1551 593635 14928. Now just put some + signs between the numbers and start adding! Per our example, 1+5+5+1=12, 5+9+3+6+3+5=31, and 1+4+9+2+8=24.

You should have a sum from each name. From our example we have 12, 31 and 24.

Step 4: Adding Down

In numerology we have a process called “adding down” which is when you add together the numbers within a 2 or sometimes 3 digit number in order to get a single digit one. Single digit numbers in numerology are called base numbers.

There is an important rule when it comes to repeating numbers such as 11, 22 and 33. These are called master numbers and any time your calculator adds up to one of them you will halt the adding down process and leave the master number as is.

Now let’s go back to our example. Anna is 12, Nicole is 31 and Smith is 24, so now we need to add down these 2 digit numbers until we get a single digit base number.

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So, for 12 it’s 1+2=3, for 31 it’s 3+1=4, and for 24 it’s 2+4=6.

Step 5: Adding Down, again!

You may need to repeat the process of adding down multiple times. For instance when a name equals 19 and you add 1 to 9 you get the double digit number 10. So once again you’ll have to do 1+0=1 to get the single digit base number.

Once you have all the base numbers for your names you’ll add those together, once again adding down as needed until you have the final single digit base number.

From our example we got 3, 4 and 6. So the equation would be 3+4+6=13. Since 13 is a double digit number we have to add 1 into 3, so 1+3=4 meaning that Anna Nicole Smith’s Destiny Number is 4!

Step 5: What Does It Mean?!

Now that you have your Destiny Number let’s talk about what that means for you!

1: The Individualist

You are meant to live an authentic life. A lot of new things come to fruition between ages 30-50, so don’t ever feel like your life is over when you turn 30 because in reality, for you it’s just beginning!

2: The Lover

Your personal relationships come into focus between ages 30-50. You are likely to meet and marry the love of your life during those years. Learning to trust your gut when it comes to others is an important lesson you’ll learn.

3: The Thinker

Socializing, communicating and creating are what you are going to spend your life doing from ages 30-50. You’ll be living life as a vibrant maximallist, always creating space for more art, education, friends and adventure.

4: The Homemaker

Family becomes the most important thing in your life from ages 30-50. This could mean buying a home, starting a family, taking care of your parents, but it can also show up in less traditional ways. You may find yourself being a “parent” to those who aren’t blood relatives; to you this time is about community support.

5: The Freedom Lover

Change is the staple of your life from ages 30-50, which can cause a bit of chaos but the ultimate goal is true freedom. This Destin Number often belongs to people who spent too much time people pleasing in their youth, so it’s time to heal your inner teenage and rebel!

6: The Caregiver

You’ll find that you have a calling for helping others in your midlife. You are deeply empathic and have a gift for healing others. There are many different healing gifts and you will find yours at this time.

7: The Philosopher

From ages 30-50 you will be drawn to either spirituality or science, different ends of the same spectrum which searches for the big answers to life’s greatest questions. This is a period of time in your life where you will be searching for meaning and purpose.

8: The Powerhouse

All things come to those with an 8 Destiny Number. This is the number of power and manifestation, so success often comes to you in abundance between the ages of 30-50.

9: The Wise One

You are likely to pursue world travel or a higher education between ages 30-50. You will crave experiences that push you far outside the bounds of your comfort zone.

11: The Inspirational Leader or Teacher

Your midlife is one of the constant teacher and student. You will come into your wisdom and find that others are hungry for the knowledge you have to share.

22: The Master Builder

You will be drawn to aspirations that will leave the mark on the world. People with this Destiny Number often start businesses and begin large endeavours during their midlife, to much success in their 50s and beyond.

33: The Master Healer

Your midlife is focused on healing in a big way, whether it be physical or spiritual. You are a hard person to forget since everyone feels safe, seen and cared for in your presence.

11:11, 22:22: The Meaning Behind Repeating Numbers

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