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How To Best Resolve Conflicts Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The one thing you need to do when you are in a disagreement with someone is to hash it out with them. If you do not do that, you will become resentful, translating to passive-aggression. At some point, if you do not express why you are upset with someone, then you will explode and say things you regret. That is why it is best to resolve conflicts head-on. Conflict Resolution Day is on October 19th, a day to remind you to always look for ways to resolve a dispute to find peace or a compromise if a disagreement arises. Let’s discuss how to best resolve conflicts based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Faces The Conflict Head-On

Aries, you are not the one to shy away from conflicts as you are fiery and passionate, and you want imbalances settled immediately, which would count as disputes. You are not the one to hold a grudge because you do not allow yourself to that point since you would immediately discuss any problem with someone.

Because you are fiery by nature, you may raise your voice if you are truly upset, which will only cause the other party not to cooperate or clam up. If you can hold off on getting into a heated argument but a constructive discussion about what upsets you immediately, you can settle any dispute quickly and then move on.

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Taurus – Tenaciously Encourage You To See Their Side Or Agree To Disagree

Taurus, you are stubborn as you stick to whatever opinions and stances you have. Therefore, you will unlikely change your perspective with the one with whom you are having a conflict. The problem with your nature is that you do not like to start conflicts as you are more likely to hold a grudge as you keep your grievances with the other party to yourself until you explode.

However, if the other party approaches you for the conflict, you will not back down and defend your stance tirelessly. You will try hard to get the other party to see your side and agree with it. However, the best way to resolve any conflict is by insisting that the party agrees to disagree with you because you will not change your mind and perspective.

Gemini – Be Clear With Communication

Gemini, you are communicative but indecisive, prefer avoiding conflicts, and would rather deal with it later. Therefore, if a friend or a partner says, “We need to talk,” you will say, “Can it wait til tomorrow?” But when you get into a conflict with someone, you get overwhelmed with it to the point that you are not clear with what you say, and that is because you do not like conflicts. The best way you can resolve a conflict is to not only face it as soon as possible but to be clear with what you are communicating so the other party can have an opportunity to understand your perspective.

Cancer – Do Not Assume The Other Party Does Not Care

Cancer, you are highly emotional and fiercely show how much you care for others to the point that you ignore your needs. However, there is an issue. You also want the others you care for to show you gratitude, and if they don’t, that will cause you to get angry, and you can get extremely angry if you think someone does not care about you or takes you for granted.

The best thing to do is to immediately not assume that the other party does not care if they appear not to appreciate what you do for them. If you are hurt, take them aside and calmly ask them if everything is okay, and then explain why you are hurt. That will positively impact them more than you losing your cool.

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Leo – If You Know You Are Wrong, You Own Up To It; Otherwise, You Defend Your Stance

Leo, one thing that you want more than anything is for others to like you, and that means, on some level, you do want to make others happy. Therefore, if someone is upset with you, and you see they have a good reason to be, you will apologize and own up to your mistake. However, if you are upset about something that someone else did, you will immediately call them out on it, and if they don’t see the error in their ways, you will defend your stance.

The last thing you will want to do is force someone to apologize if they are not sorry, as you may tend to do that (all because you do that). Make them aware of why you are angry and leave it at that. Also, if someone approaches you, but you don’t feel you did anything wrong, you will not apologize while defending your stance – as you should.

Virgo – Listen, Then Contemplate Your Role In It

Virgo, you are methodical in what you do, and you are also a perfectionist. You may conflict with others because they may not meet your expectations. Sometimes, you have a good reason to end up in a conflict if you are dealing with genuinely poor service, and you will explain why you have a legitimate complaint. However, in other situations, you need to ensure that you do not start a conflict with someone because of having high expectations.

If you see after complementation that you had very high expectations, you should apologize. However, if someone approaches you because they are upset about something you did, listen to them; wait to defend yourself until you hear what they say. You may need to contemplate after the dispute so you can analyze your role in the situation, and if you feel you were right, you can tell them you are sorry they are upset, but you defend your stance.

Libra – Looks For A Compromise

Libra, you are a natural peacemaker, so you do not want to face confrontations, but you know that sometimes you have to settle a dispute to create balance, which you always crave. You do not want to get into heated arguments as you would rather discuss the troubling situation that is causing you and the other party stress to find a compromise.

And if someone confronts you about something you may have done to upset them, you will own up to it and apologize for hurting their feelings. However, if the issue they don’t like is essential to you, you will talk to them in a way that helps them see your perspective.

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Scorpio – Needs Time To Process How They Will Address The Issue

Scorpio, you are intense and secretive and don’t like conflicts. You would be the one to hold in anger, which could become a slippery slope to vengeance. However, you will not do that if it involves your professional life, loved ones, and friends. You want to ensure that you settle the dispute in a manner that the other party can accept.

That is why you will not address the conflict immediately, as you will need time to figure out the best way to settle it. You can be excellent at problem-solving when you have the time to do that. You also want to ensure you say something to make them see your side of the issue without being overtly manipulative. You will address the issue once you feel ready to discuss it with the other party.

Sagittarius – Address The Situation In A Gentle Manner

Sagittarius, you are optimistic and want to have a good time and check out all the fun things in the world, making you the least aggressive of the other two fire signs. Therefore, you don’t like conflicts in a similar way to Libra.

You would rather avoid a confrontation, but if you are in a situation where you cannot, whether you are upset at the other party and need to settle the issue they caused or vice versa, you will approach it gently. You will address the other party’s feelings of being upset and tell them to take a few deep breaths to talk about it calmly, and you can achieve resolution by doing this.

Capricorn – Asks Advice From Trusted Loved Ones About How To Handle A Dispute

Capricorn, you are goal-oriented and ambitious, and you are sure of yourself when it comes to what you want regarding your goals, whether they involve business, health, relationships, or self-development. However, the one thing that you need to learn is how to handle disputes, and you struggle to trust yourself more to do that.

That is why you will call up a trusted loved one or best friend and tell them a situation has come up, and you need help to address it appropriately. It could be a parent, a sibling if you are close to them, a best friend, or anyone else you trust in your circle. Once you get the advice you need, and if it feels right, that is how you will resolve the conflict.

Aquarius – Has No Problem With Seeing The Perspective Of The Other Party

Aquarius, you are a free thinker and progressive with a humanitarian touch. Like the other air signs, you do not like conflict. You would rather walk on hot coal barefoot than have a dispute with anyone. And you may do what you can to avoid it until you no longer can. When you are in a conflict, you will do what you can to see the other party’s perspective and put yourself in their shoes.

You may address any conflict right away if you are the one who is upset over something that someone else did. However, even then, you would not have a problem putting yourself in the other party’s shoes because everyone has a reason for doing what they do. You will still gently tell them to find a way to rectify the issue.

Pisces – Needs To Understand The Reason For The Conflict

Pisces, you are empathetic, artistic, dreamy, and intuitive. The only thing you struggle with when it comes to intuition is understanding why there would be a conflict if someone approached you with a situation you were involved in that caused them to become upset. You will not understand where the issue comes from, and you will have to ask them to help you understand it because the last thing you want to do is upset anyone.

Once you understand, you will use your intuition to help devise a resolution for them and you. However, if you are the one who is upset by what someone else did, you will need to take the time, like Scorpio, to figure out how to best approach the other party about your grievance.

Conflicts are part of life because others will cause you problems, whether intentional or not. The worst thing you can do is not to address the issue for two reasons. One reason is that the anger you feel towards someone upsetting you will fester to the point that it will turn into resentment, and it can affect how you negatively deal with others. Secondly, the other party will never know about their mistake and how they could rectify it or defend it if they did something not out of malice but upset you because they believed in something. Even though conflicts are uncomfortable, they are necessary. Conflict Resolution Day is on October 19th, which will give you that message. Therefore, how the zodiac signs handle conflicts relates to their personalities and nature. Some are more comfortable than others, but conflict resolution must happen if situations arise.

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