July 23, 2024
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Lions gate and Soul Life Path messages

Lions Gate Activation for Universal Number 5 month of August

We have a lot of energy coming through in the Universal number Five month of August. The number five responds to movement, action, adaptation, and transformation. All of this is par for the course as we have already entered the portal of the Lions Gate Activation code.

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier the author of “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the 5th Dimension” and “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking.”

This article is bringing the Life Path messages from Egyptian Numerology for the month of August. The Lionsgate opened on July 26th and is actively the strongest until August 12. The peaking point is on the 8th day of the 8th month.

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During the 88 portal, the star Sirius moves closer to our Planet Earth and aligns with Orion. We can expect energetic showers of light codes to stream onto Earth and we have the opportunity to use these codes to bring healing and spiritual activations into our life.

In numerology, the 8th day of the 8th month is a famous portal used to transport your spiritual evolution and establish new paradigms.  The Lion’s Gate is a period of increased cosmic energy flow between the physical and the spiritual realms. We can tune into and connect with this magical and mystical energy.

So, what is the Lions Gate?

Every year, the Lions Gate grants us the opportunity to raise awareness and facilitate the uprising of our collective consciousness. The number 8 equates with the symbol and the meaning of infinity and represents the “Eternal Consciousness.”

The number 8 and the star Sirius are both associated with DNA activation, abundance, power, freedom, and a super high realm of awareness, making the Lion’s Gateway an impressive time to clear, activate, and open yourself up for receiving.

The Lions Gate is not just about numerology. This alignment is called the Lions Gate because it occurs when the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo (the lion).

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As a Zodiac sign, Leo is associated with the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine.

Lions gate and Soul Life Path messages

This Leo energy is the supreme phase to anchor the ascension codes of higher consciousness broadcasting through the star Sirius which is one of the brightest stars in the sky and known as our Spiritual Sun.

While our earthly sun is responsible for illuminating our physical world, especially when it is ruling in the sign of Leo, Sirius our spiritual sun is responsible for igniting the Truth of our eternal soul.

Lion’s Energy Gate and ancient Egypt

The Lion’s Gate is connected to ancient Egypt and for thousands of years observed and honored as a time of great energetic influx and activation. This gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius.

As Sirius rises in the sky, Orion’s Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza. Sirius rising in the sky at this time of year was considered a sacred occasion and marked the beginning of the new year in many cultures.

Great Sphinx

In Ancient Egypt, they aligned their pyramids with this rising star and some theories point to the pyramids acting as transmitters amplifying the energy of Sirius to channel and download messages with greater consistency.

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The Great Sphinx with its lion similarities also aligns with the Leo zodiac during this cosmic time of year. This spiritual sequence is believed to benefit the receiving of divine messages from both Isis and Anubis, the Egyptian gods associated with Sirius.

This is why the opening of the Lionsgate 88 Portal is important to our spiritual journey. It can trigger awakenings, lift our consciousness to new heights, download light codes, encourage self-mastery, align with levels of activations, and provide opportunities for progression on our ascension path.

The Lions Gate activation is ever-powerful under the energy of the Universal month number 5, bringing movement, action, change, and transformation.

If you are holding onto any resistance, the Universe will shake things up in the most unexpected of circumstances. It demands that we remove the illusions on our path that make us feel safe, anything that we are hiding from, and most of all, the things that keep us “Small” and hidden.

The number 5 is like fire, it can be constructive and destructive simultaneously. This is where the rubber meets the road and your need for adaptation comes in.

Keeping grounded and balanced is of utmost importance if you desire to wield the magic of the 8/8 Lions Gate driven ferociously by the Universal month of the number 5.

Lions gate and Soul Life Path messages for August 

SOUL LIFE PATH 1 – Illusions

The current cosmic energy is bringing to the surface any hard-core thoughts that you have bought into for most of your life. Now is the time to examine your beliefs and let go of what is no longer serving you.

You will know if they are not serving you – if they are not producing and supporting a positive flow within your everyday circumstances and bringing a sense of peace or heart solutions to your life.

Banish the illusions by examining the areas of your life that cause you to discomfort and make you feel ill at ease and acknowledge that they no longer ring true for you because whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. Even by altering one pesky thought, you are shifting the consciousness of all humanity.

SOUL LIFE PATH 2 – Codependency

You have served many people selflessly in your life and this creates confidence in your ability to maintain a sense of control. Disappointment May arise when you discover that not everyone in your soul family agrees to serve you in the same capacity.

Codependency comes up this month as a window that allows you to view your interactions with others in a more truthful way. Make sure your good deeds are unconditional or they will always set you up for resentments and disappointments.

Honestly ask yourself if you are enabling others by making them dependent on you. How can you freely give what you don’t have? The next time you are willing to sacrifice your own well-being for the sake of another, pause and ask your higher self for divine directions.

SOUL LIFE PATH NUMBER 11- Procrastination

Sometimes fear and doubt can hide in the most unlikely places. It is difficult to catch their tail when they disguise themselves so effectively.

This month, they are likely to hide under the rock of procrastination. Examine your intuitive insights against your gut feelings. If your intuition is telling you to move forward, but you feel a twinge of fear that stops you from moving forward, it is most likely an attack of procrastination.

Don’t get discouraged, send yourself a blast of white light and be open to the truth of what your inner guidance is trying to show you. Tune into the power of the Lions Gate activations and this will help you remove the habit of resistance in the face of fear.

SOUL LIFE PATH 3 – Productivity

Your inspiration and passion have led you toward divine productivity. All your previous efforts and attempts to attract abundance into your life have embedded the confidence and faith you needed to receive multiple gifts from the universe. They are rolling in faster than you can acknowledge.

You are now moving forward at high speed to align with your path and fulfill your life purpose. These are exciting times for you, and it is important that you practice being grounded, balanced, and fully stabilized in the present moment.

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself by taking on more than what serves your peace of mind and heart.

SOUL LIFE PATH 4 – Safety and Security

You have carefully cultivated a life that contributes to your safety and security. Nobody knows how to design, implement, and execute a routine supporting success in health, finances, and relationships than you.

Although you have built a life that establishes substantial flow, expect the unexpected this month. New ideas and openings toward spiritual advancement are coming your way.

Keep your eyes and will open to receive. An opportunity long awaited will arrive at your door and you must believe that it is true in order for it to get your attention and accept it with deep gratitude.

Otherwise, it will slip away undetected. Recognize and invite the magic into your life and allow it to transform you completely.

PATH 22 – Leadership

You have a tendency to get distracted within the busy moments of your life. The time just goes by leaving you bewildered and restless.  This month, focus on one thing that you are interested in and let the rest go.

Become a master of achieving just one thing fully and then be a teacher or leader in that field. Intuitively you know what you need to do in order to advance your spiritual directive. Don’t Delay. Make it happen.

Jack of all trades and master of none simply won’t apply in the description of your personality anymore. Ask yourself if there is any fear behind your distractions and if so, use the power of our Universal number five energy to transform it into an open doorway.

PATH 5- Listen to the Call

The universe has been sending you messages through signs, symbols, and synchronicity and because you have been a witness to this divine intervention, it has been leading you forward to build a more productive life.

When you listen to the call within the ancient winds, you receive the answers to your most pressing questions, and it serves as a GPS guiding you to reveal the secrets of the Universe.

Spirit is subtle and can be found within the elements of nature. This month, continue to develop your intuition. It is getting stronger and louder. Make sure you follow through with what the spirit messages are telling you.

The more you listen and act on this guidance, the more frequent and profound it will be.

PATH 6- Move locations, occupations, relationships

If you’ve been looking for the right sign and opportunity to change your location, career, or relationships, this is the month to move forward.

You will have incredible support backing your decisions The doors that perhaps were once blocked… are opening to move you forward with grace and ease.

It is important to tune into your own inner guidance system and ignore the advice of others this month. Remember that nothing changes if nothing changes and with this understanding, have the courage to take a leap forward.

You will be glad you did.

PATH 33- Patience & Tolerance

You have been in a healthy rhythm or grove lately and may not notice Lion’s gate energy sneaking up on you. It will appear forceful at times compared to your current creative surge.

Anchor yourself in patience and tolerance because you will have to find a way to integrate these transformative blasts of power. This is not the first time that this has happened to you.

This whole year has been one big source of energy flow … grooming you to grow, integrate and adjust. Become a window and allow the energy to flow through you rather than at you.

Absorb what you can to utilize your passion and creative self-expression and let the rest go. It will come around again soon enough. Take it piecemeal at a time and it will be more manageable.

PATH 7- Form Partnerships

It would not be uncommon for you to be thinking about romantic getaways or platonic reunions that bring you inspiration and trigger your playful nature.

There is a cosmic magnet pulling you forward and encouraging you to let go of your serious outlook on life. It is time to adjust your sails by allowing the winds to carry you in a different direction this month.

Be mindful to not tip the boat or get off course by ignoring this opportunity. Go with the flow of this light and carefree nudge. It will offer you a new perspective to explore your higher self and bring joy to those you love.

PATH 8- Remove Judgment & Fear

You’ve been heading toward new horizons and landscapes that fortify your passion and creativity. You can be more productive this month by balancing your peace of mind before diving into hard work and labor.

By directing your intentions from a place of equanimity, you will provide yourself and others with an effortless path toward manifestation.

The restlessness you create through self-doubt needs to be appeased and redirected towards faith and gratitude. Once you do this, you will manage your energy and time effectively.

PATH 44- Utilize the Opening

The powerful energy created by Lions Gate activation will create an opening for change. If you tune in with your intuitive strength, you can direct this immense shift toward monumental freedom and leadership.

You are recognized for your dedication this month whether it concerns your health, career, or partnerships. Whatever direction you have been focusing on, your hard work pays off two-fold.

Coat your accomplishments with humility and a newfound momentum to respect yourself and others. This action in and of itself will broaden and expand your future success.

PATH 9- Create a Potion

This month suggests travel and adaption involving friends and family. When you find a creative and playful way of integrating others in your daily routine, the weight of past challenges easily slips away.

Dowse yourself in the light and love that enters your heart when you let go and let live. The Lions Gates cosmic surge creates a magic potion that allows you to feel and know that you are not alone.

You are loved and appreciated on all fronts instigated by your kindness and love for yourself and others. If you don’t plan on traveling or visiting with loved ones, join a like-minded community that supports your spiritual directive and adds flavor to your creative passions.

This concludes the Monthly updates from Egyptian Numerology’s Life Path messages. You can learn more about Egyptian Numerology with my Free ebook called “Introduction to Egyptian Numerology” when you subscribe by visiting my website @ www.egyptiannumerology.org  I offer various services and they are listed by individual links in the resource area.

Have a spontaneous, passionate, creative month…


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